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The Long Road to Impeach Trump Just Got Shorter


The Long Road to Impeach Trump Just Got Shorter

Norman Solomon

The momentum to impeach President Trump is accelerating.

On Thursday, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) filed a “resolution of inquiry” that amounts to the first legislative step toward impeachment.

A new poll shows that registered voters are evenly split, at 46-to-46 percent, on whether they “support” or “oppose” impeaching Trump. Just two weeks ago, the pro-impeachment figure was 35 percent.


Just as lying to Congress about getting a blow job in the Oval Office got William Jefferson Clinton impeached, Donald Trumps lying to the entire United States during the primaries, saying he would divest from all his businesses, stop corruption in government, drain the swamp by stopping Banks and Corporations from influencing legislation, and on and on, this corrupt bigot Royale has his just desserts coming to him.


If the Democrats were to win--a big "if"--back Congress, I'd argue for holding off on impeachment. Pence would be a far more troubling opponent to face, I suspect, than an extremely wounded Trump. If Ginsburg doesn't retire, it'll be imperative to take the White House. Obviously, I stipulate this is all premised on the now, and not how shxtty things may get in the future. Impeachment may be what has to happen.


Add to this a > MoJo report that Flynn is and has been lying about his correspondence and history with Russia.


If not impeached Trump will continue to clash with the judiciary. He thinks the President is The Boss, a ruler whose dictates must be followed. That is manifestly not the role of the President defined in the Constitution. Congress makes the laws, not the President. Unfortunately the supine Congress has allowed one President after the next to assume more and more dictatorial powers.

If Congress doesn't yet have the stomach for impeachment I suspect that as Trump issues more and more imperial edicts that end up in court their appetite will change. For the time being it appears a sure thing Trump's edicts will be contested in federal courts, slowing the ongoing train wreck a bit.


In re the possibility of a "president Pence"--If Trump were to be given the heave-ho from office, and we were faced with Pence as next up, wouldn't this be from frying pan to frying pan?--Not necessarily, as the above article notes, the Repubs would be seriously split over impeachment, assuming some or any of them participated, and Pence himself is not Trump, though his positions, especially his nutjob stuff about "forced conversion" and his Fundamentalist crap, none of which has much of any support in the national electorate at large, are egregious--We have to remember that Pence was facing the political abyss when he was chosen for VP, he was on the way out as Gov in Indiana, and there was nowhere for him to go--"Nowhere" is synonymous with Vice-Presidency usually (see Nance Garner quote) unless, like Gerry Ford, you get to be the next guy up--At least Pence was on the ticket that got voted on, nobody voted for Ford--Pence is much closer to the mainstream Republican Party than Trump has ever been, and he is likely, post-impeachment to move very cautiously, much more slowly than the speeded up spectacle we've seen of Trump in these past three weeks--Pence would be much more observant of limits of the office than Trump who does not know there are limits!--I could be wrong and Pence could Hulkize himself, but the political landscape after impeachment really would be quite different than it is now--Pence is bad, but he would be more controlled and controllable.


What William Jefferson Clinton did while in office, while it was just plain disgusting, was not nearly as horrific as what Donald J. Trump has been doing since he's taken office, however.

I'm afraid that if impeachment of Trump happens, we'll get Pence, Bannon, or somebody else who's a little saner, a little smarter and more dangerous.


They are all evil to the core; but, the orange anus could throw a fit, and push the nuke button! He is that out of control. He Must, be removed, unfit for office, 25th amendment.


The Republicans should be forced to take the lead on impeachment. He's their problem. Trump's unpopularity is a boon to the left. It's radicalizing the country. What's the big rush to get rid of him? Trump's premature impeachment would mainly help the right, which would then have the more malleable and inoffensive Pence to work with. The perfect situation for the left going into the 2018 midterms would be to have an unpopular, wounded and ineffectual Trump draped around the Republicans' shoulders like an albatross. Impeachment is a fine idea, but it would be counterproductive to get it done too quickly.


I have to disagree with the author here about the chances of impeachment improving. While a Republican Congress may not be thrilled with Trump, that same Congress only rigs the system in favor of the 1%. Trump is doing that at a break neck speed. Almost every corporation prefers to deal with a corrupt Congress and Administration rather than an honest government that considers the public interest when weighing a bill or an executive order. Now American multi-nationals have their dream candidate in office even if he is rough around the edges and they want four more years rather than an impeachment. I suspect the 'conflict of interest' uproar will soon be ignored by the MSM (they haven't delved into it that much anyway!) as the same corporate overlords will instruct their subservient media to enable Trump in any way they can.
The government safety valves have all been compromised after years of corporate sabotage. The ability to reign in this corporate era of abuse is now gone.


The GOP has zero incentive to impeach Trump and every incentive to keep him in the Oval office while Democrats don't have the power to impeach. The distractions Trump provides give the GOP cover to check off everything on their sinister bucket list with very little light being shed on it.

Rather than spending too much time pushing for impeachment, attack Trump and the GOP Congress' specific actions hard, or there won't be anything left to save in 2018.


On Democracy Now, just now, Vince Warren, the Executive Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights just said, "This country doesn't have a problem with Radical Islamic Terrorism, this country has a problem with Radical Narcissistic Presidency".


Nicely put!


I tend to agree. Even many of the neolib Dems are severely compromised. Trump is like the froth on a powerful ocean wave of relentless corporate buy-out of our legislature. He's full of sound and fury, signifying nothing much but distraction for the media and the public.

As he yammers on with his nocturnal tweets, our dear legislators will be busy satisfying their corpo-lobby supporters and giving the rest of us the giant finger. And that includes many of the Democrats who are getting a little too comfortable with this bizarre status quo that has encouraged the heck out of Wall Street.

Elizabeth Warren just threw a screw into the works by garnering a quarter of a million dollars in campaign donations the other night. That got their attention.

If the corpos can buy them out, maybe so can we. And that may hold a brighter future for progressives than trying to coax an impeachment out of a severely compromised Congress.


I'm in favor of impeachment. Pence is god-awful, but he's not bat-shit crazy and not nearly the megalomaniac and narcissist that Trump is.

Trump is under the spell of Bannon, but Pence probably isn't. Trump favors the use of violence--most likely by way of police force--to get his way; this strategy is less likely to be used by Pence, who is much more of an establishment figure. Pence would probably back off of the idea of building a wall on the southern border, whereas Trump will pursue it out of spite.

Pence has experience in politics and is much more diplomatic as can be seen in his attempts to "clean up" after Trump--i.e., after Trump has made egregious statements. True, Pence would be awful on issues like LGBTQ rights, abortion, and marijuana, but his views are so far out of the mainstream that he might not be able to do permanent damage.

Really, this is all speculation, but I'd rather take my chances with Pence than with Trump.


This reminds me of something I thought of. Don't you think the election of Trump is possibly a devilish plot by the Democrats (In collusion with their corporate co-conspirators the Republicans) to make sure the majority of 3-rd party voters in the recent election, as well as the Bernie Sanders supporters who refused to switch allegiance to Hillary, NEVER EVER think of voting 3rd party again. Because now they all think "Oh my god!" We didn't realize how bad it could get! Robert Reich was right! Next time, we vote for the democrat!"


I made the opposite point today, but also buy your point too. I guess that what you do when you are faced with terrible and god awful as your options.


No. The Right has been more cohesive than the left for a long time. That's why Republican donors will pump money into the Green Party during elections. Dividing their opponent is the easiest way to win.


You raise interesting points. To this point, I'd considered Pence a danger greater than orange because he's slick, knows the political ropes and tricks, really believes the sh** he espouses (orange just spouts off--the only thing he really believes is that he's the greatest king ever), etc. I didn't realize what you're saying about Pence having been on the waning side of having support; the fundamentalist rightwing nut jobs 'feel' powerful to me. Thanks for giving me some more concepts to consider.


Pence is so far out of the mainstream? What makes you say that?

I think Pence would push, along with a craven bunch of power-hungry, shortsighted repugs, for a theocratic state, and even undoing the Constitutional separation of church and state. Women's rights, GLBTI rights, immigrants' safety and rights, minority religions' rights, etc. are the "collateral damage" that Pence and the OC (Orange Cabal) wet-dream about. Then add in the power of Wall Street and company, the MIC.....