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The Long Road to Surviving Trump Begins With ... Rejecting Neoliberalism


The Long Road to Surviving Trump Begins With ... Rejecting Neoliberalism

John Atcheson

So, no sooner is Trump back from his disastrous G7 meeting than he starts mugging the press. Nothing new here—simply another distract, discredit and deceive tactic—something every would-be despot does. But Trump and his Republican allies could be facing a moment when the reality of their corporate-friendly, rich-folks-first policies get too grim to hide.

We saw what could be the bow wave of this dynamic when Greg Gianforte, the Repulican who just won a special election in Montana, body-slammed reporter Ben Jacobs.


Uh, you realize that banning fracking, hell banning everything, is identity politics if you listen to rightwing radio and FOX. Liberals want to ban everything fun and give tax money to "illegals," conservatives are for freedom.


"But with the Republicans needing control of only two more states to convene a constitutional convention..."

This should terrify everyone. Is anyone watching Kris Kobach as he makes his plans to have the Reptilian Congress legislate federal voter cross-checking? If passed, the Reptilians will win across the board in 2020 granting them one more decade of gerrymandering to bring about their fascist regime with the first amendment as the first casualty. To hell with the shiny objects being held up in DC, progressives and liberals need to concentrate on winning back a few state houses to keep this Freddie Kruger event from happening.


"But don’t bet the ranch on it. It would require them to put the people before the economic elites and corporations, and as long as the party remains dominated by neoliberal apparatchiks, that will never happen."

So Biden and Clinton are revving up . . .


It is almost like which came first the chicken or the egg. Did Trump's election and the total victory of the Repubs push the weak kneed Dems into irrelevancy? Or did the weakness of the collaborationist Dems over the long term create the victory of the Repubs and Trump's unethical autocratic oligarchy? Consider how the Repubs were helped back into power by the Obama administration! Just where were the Dems as gerrymandering abuse first became so obvious?

Trump/Repubs are trying to change the country for the long term. Call it the Gorsuch Gambit. They want to make such deep changes in our democracy ( for the long term like appointing such a young justice like Gorsuch ) that the corrupt Dems will spend most of their time explaining why they are now powerless to do anything about the changes Trump made!


Have been waiting for this kind of analysis and prescription from "pundits" for a long time. Am grateful for this article; share your sentiments entirely. I promise you, no one over on Democratic Underground will post this article or even refer to it. And that, my friend, illustrates the depth and accuracy of what you say.


Your feint towards lesser evilism will lead us down the same slippery slope.


This is fine up to the conclusion, where Atcheson concludes that Democrats will not take advantage of the ravages of Trumpism, notably on the visible issue of healthcare, to win back seats because it "remains dominated by neoliberal apparatchiks," as though a certain clique of out-of-touch professional politicians is the problem. No, that's not what's wrong here. The problem is that we have a system, locked into place by SCOTUS (long before Gorsuch got near it) in which winning election and reelection is almost entirely a matter of having enough money tor lots of ads, and to pay professionals to run focus groups and polls to determine what strategy will win the seat. It actually increases the odds of a Congressperson holding onto a seat if he or she sells his or her constituents down the river--because when you sell people, you get paid for them and then you use that money come the next election. Even with the issues people care about most, how many investigate how "their" representative voted? And how many of those remember maybe three years later when the next election comes up? In other words, it isn't some clique of people who happen to hold the reins of the DNC right now; it's a SYSTEM that guarantees that people like that will hold control.