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The Looming War Against Iran


The Looming War Against Iran

Eric Margolis

President Donald Trump and his neocon advisors have been trying to provoke a war with Iran and Syria for many months.

The neocons are echoing Cato the Elder’s cry, ‘delenda est Carthago!’. Iran must be destroyed.

So far, Tehran and its ally Damascus have refused to respond to US naval and air incursions or Israel’s growing air attacks in Syria. But the war of words between the US and Iran has now reached a critical phase.


I would expect the war to trigger guerilla style attacks across the entire Shi’ite crescent. They will proceed for years to come.

Also, the US will need an occupying force–once you break it, you bought it.


The damage that sanctions do to a country alone is as bad almost as war. Sott.net writes today about what sanctions and the end of the USSR did to Russia.


Iran must not be destroyed.

The War Machine must be destroyed!


“President Donald Trump and his neocon advisors have been trying to provoke a war with Iran and Syria for many months”…

You omitted the primary player that drives ME/NO wars of regime change and destruction, Israel, often using lap-dog proxies, like the US and Saudi’s.

Diversion of world attention from Israeli racist expansion via ethnic cleansing, war crimes, murders or unarmed protesters, savage brutality against the Palestinian civilian population, the cultural genocide of Palestine, and mass illegal colonization of The Occupied Territories by Israel is the goal of their racist supremacist mythology!

A pre-meditated pattern of pre-meditated sniper-murders, collective punishment, intentional targeting of journalists, EMS ambulances, and first responders, use of banned and indiscriminate weapons, theft or destruction of Palestinian infrastructure, agriculture, education, health care, homes and water resources are crimes against humanity! Zionism IS Racism! BDS!



of course these countries are scared of us, how many have our troops in them now? the ones we know about and those we don’t? we sit back and watch Israel decimate an entire culture while we provide them weapons, we are complicit. you don’t want to use your tax dollars to feed children, i don’t want mine killing them. they are trying to desensitize us to all we see and damnit it all, it’s working.


Nothing seems to have changed since the time of Tacitus, only the modern narrative: PEACE THOUGH STRENGTH.


Aside from what I consider Trumps phony trade war where a few of his cronies will benefit, Iran and the Hundreds of millions France’s TOTAL Oil have invested in Iran’s southern fields is a thorn in Trumps big oil friends toe. Even that aside the Jews of Iran have a rich history of two thousand years invested in the Nation and not just in yellow diamonds by the running of the government itself, with at least one Jewish member holding a chair position. Trumps saber rattling could even destabilize the Bacu Caspian Basin, not to mention the transfer stations in Nagorno. Trumps foolishness if he proceeds with this inflammatory rhetoric could destabilize even Armenian. All this is just a distraction in my book, The utmost objective of the US military industrial complex is the Arctic, now with transit routes open and Chinese rigs being towed into place led Russia to target Nato Radar in FInland in a mock attack. The US imperialism to control Space especially over the Arctic is paramount over Iran. As for Israel, a failed power grid that can’t compete with Iran’s new dam. Any conflict would quickly be resolved with a direct hit on Israel’s aging nuclear reactor. That’s my two cents, I ain’t got a dog in the fight, and what I know could fit in a thimble.


Iran is NOT the ultimate prize and much like Stalins deal with Hitler wherein Poland divided between them , Putin has to know that any divvying up of Iran has Russia as the ultimate goal.

Stalin knew Germany would eventually turn on the USSR as the German State openly expressed its hatred of the Bolsheviks and its deisire to gain “Lebenstraum” in the East. That same sort of rhetoric against Russia happens today in the USA as the US follows the playbook detailed by Brzezinski to breakup Russia and have the US and the West dominate the heart of Eurasia.

Iran is KEY to this Strategy due to its Geographical location on Russia’s Southwestern flank.


An occupying force in Iran? Not bloody likely. A US force wouldn’t even make it through Iraq. The Viet Nam War? An historic disaster and waste of human life. Iraq War? An ongoing catastrophe. A war with Iran would be worse.


Jesus, it’s always about Russia with you people. Russia, Russia, Russia.


As the article says (and I have been carping on about years), Iran is very mountainous. Bombing the crap out of them would be the only military mechanism to effect action. Then what? How would Empire’s fuckwads secure means by which to safely extract Iran’s resources? That would require a land invasion, which has not proven to be a tour-de-force for the US military in the Middle East. Immoral as such action would be, it would prove militarily to be every much so the farce. These chickenhawks need to be fricasseed with the white sauce of their imaginary supremacy.


cute!, but with us people it is all about ending war, and the neoLiberal plans and deceptions (such as Russia, Russia,Russia).


Er, no it always about Russia with the United States of America. Just turn on the news. See NATO.

See Obama putting in missile defense systems in Poland claiming they to intercept missiles from Iran.

See that past 200+ years of History with Germany, France , the UK all looking to Russia to expand territories. Do you really think the USA spends a trillion dolars a year on its military and why the UK and The USA helped finance the rebuilding of Germany after WW1 , and why the Cold war happened was because of Portugal?


The writer seem confused, the Iran he’s talking about was in the 1990s and the new Iran has the weapons and means to destroy israel and house saud at the same time they’re being attacked. I feel soory for any us aircraft carrier that might be close by.

I doubt that israel, us and Russia have made any deal. Russia and Iran are becoming close friends and share a common enemy, Amerika.


Indeed. The “peace” of the grave.


A war on Iran would probably be the end of Trump’s popularity. He would wind up even more unpopular than George W. Bush and the Republicans would be tossed our of power. So far Trump has not been able create any reason to go to war with Iran that he could sell to the American people. He would have to come up with something like the weapons of mass destruction that Bush and Cheney came up with and there is no way he work in a pay back for 9/11. It makes no political sense. It would likely derail his his entire white nationalist agenda. I think there is still a lot of support for the war on terrorism. But where is the support for a war on Iran? I don’t see it.


These chicken hawks need to have their heads removed, then thrown to the hogs for them to finish the job.

Their legacies will then emerge hours later from the small waste exits of the porcine diners.


The only thing that has substantially changed is that we have more advanced weapon to kill more and more people, including a global holocaust.


It is not actually about Iran. Their real target, as usual, is Russia.
Therefore, in the case of Iran i suspect they would be wiling to forgo the usual pillaging in favor of simply leveling the place in order to prepare for the “greater prize”.
As for why they have been so intent on destroying Russia for multiple generations i can not say.
Perhaps the legion of nazis that defected to America during and after ww2 never forgave Russia for defeating Hitler.