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The Loser’s Way (or What Do You Do When Your Politics Suck?)


The Loser’s Way (or What Do You Do When Your Politics Suck?)

David Michael Green

What do you do if you’re a freakin’ loser?

Oops, sorry – I don’t mean you. I mean ‘you’ as in your ideas and your party. And, actually, I probably don’t mean ‘your ideas’ and ‘your party’ for most people reading these words. So let me rephrase. What do you do if you’re a regressive Republican, and nobody’s anymore buying the insipid and insanely destructive myths that you’ve been peddling for decades?

What you do is you lie, cheat and steal.

Welcome to the Republican Party, USA, ladies and gentlemen.


Antonin Scalia: see champion of dystopian troglodyte paradise.


Well, if public response to the obscenity of growth-at-any-cost-expansion-of-empire is a wave, then the surfboard riders of abuses might want keep in mind that even a > 12 year old can learn how 'wipeout' gets played - and see it through from start to finish. and families cheer...
wait - even younger! heres a 6 year old


Yes indeed ! Spending a few months in one of the bluest cities in one of the bluest states in the US recently, I had no problem finding boatloads of GOPbots who wear their hypocrisy as a badge of honor.
With full knowledge that the GOP breaks the rules whenever they can get away with doing so, they laugh at those of us who support the concept of democracy.


Great writing. But don't forget all the Democrats that either colluded or figured out just how many votes they'd need to look like they were against things or just passively stood by or voted for the justices and judges.

Scalia used fancy words and forcefulness that gave the impression that he knew what he was saying and that he was right. When, as you say, he was actually jiggering everything completely against what he swore he was defending.


The reason the SCOTUS has been so right wing for nearly 40 years is because the right wing timed the retirement of SCOTUS justices to stack the court.
Thurgood Marshall, appointed nearly a half century ago by LBJ was the last truly progressive justice appointed and he retired a quarter century ago. Right wing timing meant that Jimmy Carter was the only full term president that never appointed a SCOTUS justice. Bill Clinton's two appointees have been so centrist that when Gerald Ford appointee John Paul Stevens retired from SCOTUS in 2010 he was considered the most left leaning justice, and would continue to be when you consider that the two Obama appointees are also centrists.

The last time SCOTUS was centrist or center-left was before Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were out of diapers.


Thank you for the right-on rant, Mr. Green.

And while I've been stating for some time that these creeps win through various forms of cheating, I had no idea that the results of gerrymandering were THIS high:

"But – under the guidance of that great friend to democracy, Karl Rove – Republicans raised the practice to a fine art and precise science following the Democratic wipe-out of 2010, in which the GOP picked up 675 state legislative seats across the country, giving them control of the legislative bodies doing the redistricting for states that account for forty percent of seats in the House of Representatives. The result was that they created a 33 seat majority in the House in 2012, despite actually losing the combined national popular vote for all House seats. Nice trick if you can pull it off. Unless, of course, you happen to give a damn about that whole democracy thing."

Few people in this forum understand the network of think tanks (or who funds them) and how influential they are over U.S. policy.

It wasn't just the Koch Brothers' who funded these entities. They brought all sorts of billionaires together to do the following:

"Hayek, who was then teaching at the London School of Economics, told him that for people of their beliefs getting into politics was futile. Politicians were prisoners of conventional wisdom, in Hayek's view. They would have to change how politicians thought if they wanted to implement what were then considered outlandish free-market ideas. To do that would require an ambitious and somewhat disingenuous public relations campaign. The way to do this, Hayek told Fisher was to first start "a scholarly institute" that would wage a "battle of ideas." If Fisher succeeded, Hayek told him, he would change the course of history."

(page 79-80 from "Dark Money" by Jane Mayer)

The Conservative-Republican-Libertarian takeover of our nation's courts, media, academe, and political discourse (and actuality) was done by stealth over decades.

Money was only part of the calculus.


A Kos article today featured an interview on Obama's likely nominations for SCOTUS. "Moderate Conservative" was chosen as the most likely to get the Republican Congress' imprimatur. Obama as always, rolls over and tries to please his conservative detractors, shying away from the demonized "L" word.

Should we wait and hope that Bernie gets to do the nomination? Maybe not. Moderates have become conservatives, but we can't take a chance of getting another fascist in the court.


It's really satisfying, on very rare occasions when a bone headed adversary really has it coming to him or her and gets the living crap kicked out of him or her, whether literally or figuratively. It's only occurred to me a few times in my life but I've got to admit I perceived absolute joy in the experience. I know how you feel.

One other thing. Hofstra University received a terrible mark on it's reputation when it allowed, with no noticeable objection from anyone appearing to occupy a position of authority, to have candidates Stein and Honkala arrested and cuffed to chairs to prevent them from arguably both fairly and rightfully participating in a 2012 presidential debate.


Yes, excellent tirade by Green, but i choked on his reference to "Bush's total economic meltdown."

Hopefully Green would acknowledge there was strong bipartisan cooperation in cooking up that mess during the Clinton administration..


There were mathematicians and physicists doing some pretty sophisticated work in fluid mechanics and electrodynamics in the 1800s that most folks alive today don't have clue about -- especially those folks who spend so much time texting on (the aforementioned) cell phones that they never bothered to learn where Mexico could be found on a map. So your point is well taken.

But I love David's writing, so in making a leisurely stab at a defense, I'd say David was simply making the point -- in a humorous fashion --- that it is silly to expect a set of laws laid down in the 1700s to apply without amendment in 2016 -- and if that isn't obvious then there's no point in explaining further, except to say "Get over it" ...


Too often the application of the term "bipartisanship" is the corporate media's effort to set up false equivalency -- one bad Democrat doesn't atone for 99 horrendous Republicans (two very unequal wrongs don't make a right) -- kind of the point of the article ...


Your reaction has very little to do with my position, or with what i wrote. Here is the core of the bipartisanship during the Clinton administration that i refer to:

  • The Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 (aka the Graham-Leach-Biley act, which revoked the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 separating retail banks from investment banks and other financial speculation);
  • The Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 (deregulation of financial derivatives, which along with the repeal of Glass-Steagall set in motion the speculative frenzy that led to the 2008 financial meltdown).

Both signed by Bill Clinton. i saved the 1999 front page of the NYT with a beaming Clinton surrounded by happy Republicans, for many years.

That's in no way a false equivalency, it is simply historical fact. You should hate it, not me.

EDIT: Well as i was writing, you edited your post to be less personal toward me. Thanks!


You're welcome. I'm no great fan of the Clintons' "Third Way" centrism that produced repeal of Glass-Steagall -- which is why I'm supporting Bernie. But the sins of Clinton pale in comparison to those of Bush -- another example of false equivalency ...


I'm not gonna let this broken society's dictates allow me to feel guilt over Scalia's passing. I prescribed to the Munchkin doctrine of grief: Ding dong the judge is dead, the wicked judge; hi ho the merrio! Enjoyed this piece.


Another poster who takes the horrors of our times and sets them on the shoulders of all citizens rather than upon the specific actors who instituted them.

In case you missed it, the U.S. is the most heavily armed nation in the world. And by that I mean, countless MEN in uniform patrol the air, waterways, city streets, rural towns, highways, and byways.

Many people are hanging onto jobs by a thread and it sure isn't fun to go homeless in a nation that is the only one among "civilized" nations that has eviscerated its own safety net... in order to make endless war and the maintenance of 1000 bases around the world possible.

Apart from the canard of Obama CARE, millions have no health insurance. That means the risk of being hit with a taser, or beaten up, or tossed into jail could have lasting medical impacts.

This is also a Stasi state where employees are told to snitch on those who say strange things or behave differently. At a major Texas airport, the intercom repeats ad nauseum that if you see anything strange to report it.

And then there's a massively influential mainstream media that LIES to the public added to the insistence on the part of leaders that the U.S. is the one indispensable nation. This messaging makes a mockery of the far better living conditions present to inhabitants of Europe's Social Democracies.

And before I forget, lots of prisons just waiting for anyone to "step out of line." Heck, there are 2.2 million incarcerated and millions more on probation and/or parole.

But go ahead and blame the poor schlep who can barely get to work and back and start the same deadening routine the next day without Prozac or alcohol or pot.


Brilliantly written satire. David Michael Green is a modern-day Jonathan Swift (remember the guy who suggested the English eat Irish babies). David Green exposes the Republican party's anarchy--its machinations designed to overthrow the legitimate social order, in order to impose a fascist state run-by and-for the oligarchs who have all the money and political power--and the will of the people be damned! Hitler used the same tactics to destroy democracy in Germany and create a death-machine that killed millions.


"But don't forget all the Democrats that either colluded or figured out
just how many votes they'd need to look like they were against things or
just passively stood by or voted for the justices and judges"

Along about the time the Dixiecrats swapped their white sheets for Armani suits some of the "old line business Republicans" started searching for an ideological home. They had to suffer through Regan and then "discovered" Bill Clinton who is a real compassionate regressive, who saw a way to get bug money to support a democratic candidate. yes, it meant giving up the core principles of "promoting the general welfare" and substituting promoting the agendas of the 1% as long as some of it went to the selected few "moderate" Democrats. The result of this strategy was first Bill Clinton, then Barack Obama and now Hillary Clinton. These individuals would have found happy homes in the Republican Party of the 1950's.

Now we see the consequences of the struggle between the ultra-rich oligarchs and the pseudo-religious would-be theocratics.

I recall an quote from a GWB operative that went something like this: "You saw we ignore reality, but we make up our own reality and make you believe it".

When youe epistomolpgy is "whatever I want to be true is true" there is no limit except hubris.


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"Get over it." What makes you think they have any intention of doing that?

Take a look at your litany of their crimes. Do they seem to care if they get caught anymore? No, they knew back in 1970, when the Powell Memorandum was written, that if they control the propaganda and the messengers, most people will never even realize what is happening. When all the Anointed Ones agree that something that is happening in politics or the economy is correct, citizens themselves end up removing themselves from the power-wielding decisions.

So you get the Republican history of horrors of the past 45 years. Now the Republicans are claiming that they have no obligation to review Obama’s appointments to the Supreme Court, even though that position is blatantly unConstitutional. Yet the MSM seems to have no problem with that position, and treats the matter as a “he said/she said” equivalency. Apparently there is nothing that the Republicans in Congress can do that the MSM will not excuse, and the American people will not accept.

After all, who’s to stop the GOPPlutocracy Congress? They do not listen to the President. They need not pay attention to the Supreme Court. They won’t try themselves for treason. Since the GOP controls most statehouses, they even control the National Guard.

All they need is a GOP President, who controls the appointment of the Attorney General, and they can seize the entire country without even a peep. Even if you can see what's coming and you manage to emigrate, they will still come after you. After all, they will have control of the entire military of the United States, which nine times larger than its next rival, and which consumes 60% of our nation's Federal tax dollars.