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The Loudest Voices Make the Greatest Changes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/13/loudest-voices-make-greatest-changes

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The Squeaky wheel gets the grease?

So let’s squeak more


Wow, that was an amazing interview, and I will have to buy that book. " IT’S ALWAYS LOUD IN THE BALCONY." A whole wealth of black history that I knew nothing about. I love the title too as the balcony might not have the best seats but they have insights into the real picture of life. : )0

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God hears the humble not the boisterous

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Here is something I found that is somewhat quite, yet profound. My Octopus Teacher


God shows no interest in equality, thus those seeking justice and equality speak, not to an apparently disinterested god but to those with their knees on our necks.

Hi fern:
Thank you! I went to the site and signed up for more stories. Wow, the octopus is an amazing creature. They have a brain in their head and one in each tentacle, and they are so intelligent. THANK YOU. : )

Welcome!. Me too. I thought it was incredible. Really a sea change. Glad you liked it.

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