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The Mad Corruptions of Trump Inc.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/17/mad-corruptions-trump-inc


Always a pleasure to read your work, Jim. Along with the Late Great Molly Ivins, you make it possible for me to wear my Texas heritage with pride. So many of us that love that land suffer the fools who rule. Here is to hoping for change.


Thanks Jim; ever stalwart!

How very true" “a president who’s clearly out of his mind” - and that mind wasn’t ever any damn good for anything except to “con the rubes” - the corrupt and evil world of “business”. .

A pathological liar and very tiny mind.that has no real intelligence or education or wisdom or empathy or common decency - only a depraved malignant narcissist that has surrounded himself with the most reprehensible group of evil scum ever to disgrace the WH that know how to manipulate (no trick to feed fish to a seal tho) the orange bloviator to “roll-back” damn near everything of worth this nations politicians have accomplished for the Common Good ever!

I am infuriated to the point of psychic enervation as every day (at least) the evil cretin commits yet another atrocity of some sort, murdering even his feeble efforts with the vocabulary of a two year old. Repeating lies and slander or utter “tremendous” nonsense does not add to their veracity!


Trump is “draining the swamp” it being drained from Washington DC into the White House.


“I am infuriated to the point of psychic enervation…” Very well said!!


From the article:

“Homelessness is ‘a phenomenon that started two years ago,’ Trump explained to the clueless Carlson, calling the problem ‘sad.’ Our billionaire president showed his usual grasp of history and social awareness by adding, ‘We never had this in our lives before in this country.’”

That would come as a surprise to D.C.'s Community for Creative Non-Violence, founded in 1970 as an anti-VietNam war collective, which, upon the withdrawal of US troops from Southeast Asia, took up as its cause–wait for it–homelessness.

For more details, do a search for Mitch Snyder, whose name is no doubt unfamiliar to the Pwesident. The late Mrs. Guild and two friends had the honor of being jailed with him in the D.C. Metro lockup, for the crime of unfurling protest banners in the Capitol rotunda.

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I don’t know if it’s true, but some claim Trump used to label himself as a democrat, if so, he has found his true tribe in the gop. Almost every piece of legislation they produce, much like Trumps ramblings, are the exact opposite of what they truly represent.
My dream is to make sure Trump never becomes homeless, by providing him a jail cell for the rest of his life. I dream big, how about a glass cell in Times Square, so everyone passing by could laugh at him daily in his orange jumpsuit.


In case this might help the release valve let off pressure

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Excellent article, but Mr. Hightower could work on his ecology. He talks about “invasion of weasels,” but weasels are native to woodlands, not swamps. Google to the rescue! Their answer to “evasive swamp creatures” was “swamp rat” (technically copyu or nutria), that, according to Wikipedia, has become a major threat to the environment and the economy … just like Trump’s appointments!

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And in the TrumPutin lexicon, “swamp” is an acronym: Straight White American Male Privilege

Draining that swamp only makes the swamp rats easier to spot for, say, appointments to cabinet positions, etc.

I was just watching trump live, what little I could stomach. Your “con the rubes” comment is sooo right on. They just don’t see the ruse.

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