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The Magazine Covers Trump Defense of White Supremacy Have Wrought


The Magazine Covers Trump Defense of White Supremacy Have Wrought

Common Dreams staff

Remember when President Donald Trump was famously called out earlier this summer when it emerged there were fake magazine covers featuring him posted at some of his private gold clubs?


The magazine cover that is still missing is the one with “Christian” extremist leaders doling out charity with their white hats on. Watch the sneaky hand that supports corrupted governance with monies from devoted church goers and TV watching faithful.
Sleight of hand knows no limits in the Untied States of America, where irrationality has become the pervasive rationality.


Citizen Koch and cabal, in the wings, itching with glee. No, seriously get the documentary - found it in my library. We have a LOT to be keeping in mind these days.
Hugs to all the cartoonists - mmmmmm good.


As Elizabeth Brockway wrote for The Daily Beast, the statements of such artwork "is anything but subtle."
Good, this will mean Trump will be able to comprehend them.


As usual, art and satire are great vehicles to call out hate and ignorance. That one with the sailboat is pretty clever.

Expanding on Edmundo’s post, where are the Christian churches and organizations condemning the filth we witnessed in Charlotte? They can’t even show up for a slam dunk involving white supremacists and the KKK. Wonder if it has anything to do with republicans granting them - illegally - a seat at the government table. And of course, the money that comes with it. A disgusting Faustian bargain - we’ll look the other way as you screw over millions by dismantling the welfare state, while you funnel us money, advocate for hierarchy and appoint judges who support our medieval agenda.


I think you must mean Charlottesville, VA. And if so then there were quite a few members of Christian churches and organizations there in person counter protesting the Nazi’s. They were actually among the first ones attacked by the Nazi’s.


So where were the other so called CHRISTIANS. The fundamentalists that all think they will be going to heaven, good luck there. Some of them were on the Nazi side of the fence and one actually spoke, with face covered, to someone that recorded it.


Money Religion and Politics is a toxic and dangerous combination. Right now, in order to keep things from spiraling out of control, we might end up with a Whitehouse essentially directed by the military (with the best intentions) or if Trump is impeached or resigns, we get Pence and a nascent theocracy. He has already stated Bible before Constitution. I don’t even think the constitution comes in a close second…


Watch him go ballistic a push the red button.


Well, I tried to find the organization labeled in this comment “a sail shaped like a Klu Klux Klan hood.”, but I could only select Ku Klux Klan from my online search at a wiki page…