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The Making of Donald Trump, As Told by a Journalistic Nemesis


The Making of Donald Trump, As Told by a Journalistic Nemesis

Kathy Kiely

Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter David Cay Johnston isn’t happy with the way the press has been handling Donald Trump. “The coverage has been extremely poor in my opinion,” Johnston, who at 67 clearly still enjoys making trouble, pronounced at no less a lions’ den than the National Press Club on Thursday night in Washington.

So Johnston, as he is wont to do when he sees something going wrong, decided to tackle the problem himself.


Clinton and Trump supporters are 100% faith based and 0% fact and evidence based, so even if both of these highly flawed candidates are locked up for life between now and November 8,,. their respective bases will continue to support them.

Murkin exceptionalism at its best ?


Without the help of the MSM, Trump would have been out of the picture a long time ago.


"Vindictiveness is a point of pride for Trump, Johnston said. “His personal motto is ‘get revenge,"

This is why Trump should never have authority over the CIA and FBI. Never be commander-in-chief. And certainly never be able to order the launching of nuclear weapons. We have witnessed his vindictiveness over and over again. There is no way on earth this guy should be president of the United States.


Not true. Clinton supporters believe climate change is happening and is mainly caused by humans. Trump supporters do not believe climate change is real or are supporting a candidate who claims climate change is a hoax involving China.


So I am waiting for David Cay Johnston's companion volume on Queen Hillary (between his more important magnum opus of rewriting the US tax code). Somehow, I do not expect it to happen nor do I expect that if it did that Kathy Kiely, alumna of USA Today, National Journal, the New York Daily News, and the Houston Post would cover it with the gleeful relish she devotes to David's newest book.
It's not as if there wasn't more than enough embarrassing material for such a book, or that Queen Hillary, child of privilege, and all grown up queen of nasty doesn't qualify, it's just that, well, see, the Reps owe the Dems for the twelve years of Reagan and Poppy Bush and it IS her turn now, and...


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There needs to be a book about the media shaping this election? I wonder what the fallout will be after Nov. All the people who wanted real change and we will get a doubling down by the elite.


These characterization of Drumpf appear to apply to many of the run-of-the-mill denizens of the vile, raptor Wall Street crowd. His major sin is his critiquing and lampooning them. Don't cross the mob.


I'm puzzled by anyone on the left that, on principle, is against this kind of reporting against Trump.

The guy is a fucking jerk, period.

And I don't have to qualify my remarks regarding Clinton. I've proven myself around these parts.