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The Makings of a More Human Economy

The Makings of a More Human Economy

Winnie Byanyima

We must now forge an ambitious but common-sense design of an economy purposed to benefit the 99 percent, not the one percent.

The more human economy is closer to day to day reality than the wiggly fingered manipulations by the fraudsters. One gift of the failure of the success of the mafia/pyramid model is that it piggybacks the residual inequities that are colonizer /colonization methods. They cannot exist except for legitimate trade that is part of everyday life.

So the “middle class” is obsolete? Who gives a damn. Its a wannabe name “branding” package wrapped up to serve a predatory class. Lose those shackles and explore COOPERATIVEs Its just that people need a little time to taste the actual freedom inherent in being released from the “American Dream”, which has so regularly and cogently been noted in these threads - 'cause you have to be asleep to believe it.

The ‘effete’ (formerly called ‘elite’ - 'till we caught on the scam) are terrified to a degree commensurate with the stealing of value from the lives of others.

The bureaucrats are perhaps a segment of the population that really needs concerted study and understanding of their motivations - 'cause they’re going to be held tight and bribed to serve as body armour by the effete.

I would submit that we’re also looking at more of a North-South conflict extended globally and the days of northern extraction at the cost of genocide, ecocide, ethnocide and other '-cides. People have had it to the hilt and the more the effete try to extract the more emboldened are those who are witnessing and being subjected to the tipping point of effete legacy abuses and degradation. Problem being that those of that class are willing to kill for anything, but die for nothing. If thats the way they want it - its their choice.

The rest of humanity already has diverse models and interactive civic creativity readily available to replace the sclerotic effete impositions and poseurs.


Sounds like a great new job. Congratulations.

I hope you are able to devise a fun based economy that heals Earth and provides a prosperous life for a gently declining educated population using less and less per person.

Permaculture does this, actually–insofar as it is actually implemented. It’s worth checking out.

What is needed is world socialism and the end of the profit system and exchange economy


Let us remember, on a finite planet that is a limited sphere, we can’t sustain constant, increased population growth. No one likes to talk about it, but LESS IS MORE on planet Earth.


Too many people:
too many dumb people;
too many lazy people;
Too many, mentally defective, or ignorant people;
too many aged and unproductive people;
Too many greedy people,;
Too many mean to women male animals,
Too many naturalist who drink fine wines while eating veggies aboard aircraft and stay in fine hotels and vacation upon the taxed wages of downtrodden women who have mean mates that beat rape and keep getting them pregant.
OXFAM members are not elitist in the least and had to fight off advances by mean males, while supporting themselves on 7$ a day while attending non elitist universities.
The degreed are not elite, not at all, and they will gladly manage those who will exist on the liveable wages at the same wage scale.
The degrees will insure no one has more than let’s say a half child until we repopulate to when they can more easily manage us.
We must all ride bicycles with proper air in tires, same speed capability and paint job in order to defeat jealosy, same goes for size of and color of our energy efficient cubicles.
No one will do physical work so gym time will be mandatory and of course obesity is a no no.
We will all have what is called bonding time, where we leave work to spend time with fellow living wage workers
AND EVENTUALLY we will most likely be brains dead and receiving our commands from human AI wall plugs.

I’d like some of what the author is smoking…

We need a cooperative economy; not a competitive one like we have today.
We need democratic work places; not hierarchical ones like we have today.
Resources should be public and the profits generated from them should be distributed; not private.
Utilities like water, sewage, electricity, internet should be municipal; not privatized.

Are you saying permaculture is a form of government and economy? Please expand on your insight.

I think I’ll start drinking…

No less than a “global economic transformation” is needed today.

I agree with that but think about why so many people in democracies vote in governments who at least turn a blind eye to the falling value of wages and to corporations evading tax.

People vote for them because they want jobs and it makes sense to them that we need a growing economy to provide those jobs.

It is the need for jobs in order to have decent incomes that is driving the over-exploitation of natural resources. Why do we not all join the protests against further oil exploration? It is because many of us believe it when we are told it will provide jobs which mean either income for ourselves or incomes for the people our taxes otherwise have to support.

Money is just an accounting tool it measures the right to goods and services. Governments can issue money to anyone they think should benefit from the economy. Yes, issuing too much will cause price inflation: governments do need to tax in proportion to the money they issue. A government that values all its citizens equally, wants the economy to work for everyone equally, should issue money equally to everyone - a UBI, citizen’s dividend or as I prefer to think of it a Natural Dividend.

If the people have money the economy will produce the things the people want to buy. The money will trickle up to those who are making things for the people instead of, as at present, going to those who have shares in the companies that produce what the rich want.

Who, though, should be making the goods the people want? We need incentives to make those people want to produce. The limiting factor in production is natural resources. Governments should tax those who own or have licences to use natural resources - heavily - tax them until the licences or the land sell for next to nothing. Even the natural materials already incorporated in manufactured objects should be taxed.

The Natural Resource Taxes should in total be more or less equal to the total Natural Dividend and be seen as the “Money Cycle” not as government income and expenditure. They will quite quickly move the wealth from the rich and spread it more equally. Banks can still give people loans. The value of the official currency will be set by the Money Cycle and will be used to measure the value of the loans. Banks will no longer lend to those who own property unless they are using the property for the good of the people: only these people will remain credit worthy. Once the money is more evenly spread most decisions can be left to the market and governments should not intervene unless the people clearly support their doing so and are prepared to be taxed to pay for it.

We have to convince ourselves that income does not have to come from jobs and then we have to convince the people so that they do not keep voting for old-fashioned capitalism.