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The Man-Child in the White House Reels Wildly Out Of Control


The Man-Child in the White House Reels Wildly Out Of Control

Eugene Robinson
An administration with no credibility cannot possibly lead.
"Regarding foreign policy, how can other nations take seriously anything Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says when he is subject to being countermanded on Twitter at any moment?"(Photo: Mike Licht/Flickr/cc)


My grandfather was a sweet but dim man. He also had a hair trigger temper and was ready to fight at the least provocative. I also understand that he was quite randy in his youth. He believed any crackpot thing he heard. I remember him watching Big Time Wrestling on television yelling at the wrestlers and arguing with the referees. I just keep thinking oh shit those dumb fucks elected Grandpa President. At least Grandma had the sense to never let him have more than five dollars or the keys to the car.


Hey, only three more years to go!

“We would rather be ruined than changed.”
-W.H. Auden


i really think trump has a personality disorder. he may pass tests but there is something wrong with the way he acts


Greed, avarice, stupidity, narcissism, arrogance, racism, and dishonesty are all ugly traits. But all of them put together in the same person are dangerous. Add the power of the most powerful leader in the world, with the largest nuclear arsenal and the largest military, it is absolutely frightening. Add the fact that 1/3 of the country’s 350 million citizens worship the ground he walks on despite all of the above - we should all be shitting in our pants.


yes he is dangerous but ask anyone who voted for him, they don’'t care.


“…we effectively do not have a presidency at all.”

That about sums it up. From what I can tell Trump doesn’t read anything of substance and spends most of his time watching TV, playing golf, and tweeting. And flying being DC and Palm Beach. Obama left a vacuum that nobody is filling. Trump’s view of the US from the White House only seems to include people who voted for him. All other Americans are apparently enemies as if they lived in foreign hostile country. Many of his supporters are completely paranoid. They either fear the white race could disappear because of government policies or the New World Order is trying to enslave everybody. So they are fighting to save the white race or defeat the New World Order and are apparently willing to use any means necessary to win against their perceived enemies who are behind their wild conspiracy theories.


Exactly. And they don’t care that he is stupid, or rude, or a rapist, or a sexual predator, or a racist, or a white supremacist, or that he is dismantling all of the democratic norms that were the bedrock of our country, or that he is a colossal orange douche-canoe of epic proportions. That alone is terrifying - that 1/3 of this country’s citizens are that stupid/blind/inclined towards fascism.


Agreed. And I’ve read quite a few pieces that posit those millions upon millions of Cult45 nutjobs would need very little convincing by Dear Leader to commit violence for him, in the event he overtly or covertly called for it, was removed from office, or even loses the 2020 election legitimately. People keep wondering how Germany descended into its fascist hell in the 1930’s, even today, but they don’t seem to understand how little it takes to get the masses behind a demagogue, and to commit atrocities for him. Formerly rational, articulate, and intelligent people bought the Nazi BS utterly and although many just kept their heads down and said nothing (bad enough, it itself), millions wholeheartedly joined in and followed Hitler steadfastly. It is truly frightening.


Tweetle-Dumb is just a symptom of the downward spiral of our public schools – and thus the average citizen’s lack of awareness and inability to think for him- or herself – which has been going on for several decades. The majority of D’Uhmericans will get exactly what they deserve.  Unfortunately, the rest of us have little choice as to whether we’ll be swept along in the coming flood of “christian patriotism”.


So well stated, as always Uncle. The destruction of a critically-thinking electorate has always been by design.

“When the rulers fear the electorate, there is democracy. When the electorate fears the rulers, there is tyranny.”


This is spot on and is the crux of the Republican strategy for maintaining control and power – their biggest threat is an educated and well-informed electorate. As a result, they have systematically destroyed the public education system and now have their sights set on secondary education.


I personally disagree. Some will always support him true but more and more are beginning to regret their vote, or at least they try to justify it by being fooled by Trump’s populace talk during the campaign trail.


Agreed. I don’t believe for a second the results of the health tests. Why should I? He already surrounds himself with sycophantic yes men, why would that be any different to those who “diagnose” him.


Actually, there is a disorder that has been defined for psychologists and psychiatrists to classify disorders. The category is “narcissistic sociopath.” That means an “I-me-mine” narrow focus. For example, the bill that Trump just helped to write that would benefit him personally. And of course with no focus at all on the consequences for others. Sound Trumpish?


Its way beyond personality disorder. The fascist Insane non-prez is the most dangerous depot in history! Other despot didn’t have a nuke button.
Evil to the core deranged; and brags about nuking those who he tweets about!


Cool story Knickers.


I am shocked, shocked I tells ya, that the white house staff hasn’t yet figured out how to ‘hypnotize’ ol’ Twitler via Faux Snuz. Ryan and McConnell, John Kelly are truly dumkoffs. /s


I think the group that voted for him hoping any change would be better than what they had are beginning to realize that change can be for the worse. But Trump still has many people who will stick with him, particularly two groups, one believes that America is for white people and that this is being taken away and the country is being overwhelmed with minorities and the other is a group, largely Evangelicals who believe America should be a Christian country, land that is being destroyed by secularists. Based on the Declaration of the Independence and the Constitution these supporters of Trump are unAmerican, But they don’t care. To them America is white or Christian and preferably both. Those people will stick with Trump no matter what because of what they are fighting for. These Trump supporters believe they are fighting to take their country back regardless of the views of the Founding Fathers. They think the liberals has stolen their country. It seems impossible to convince them otherwise.


What do the Democrats have to offer? What’s their plan to mitigate the staggering wealth inequality in this country? How are they going to deal with the millions of Americans in poverty who are struggling to survive? How are they going to undo the massive transfer of wealth to the top one percent orchestrated by Obama? What are the Democrats detailed plans?