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The Man Who Saw Trump Coming A Century Ago


Toni, here is the Trump “Task Force” report on privatizing the US Postal Service. It was headed by Steven Mnuchin, the venal banker who threw thousands of Americans out onto the streets during the housing collapse. It also repeats myths about the USPS being in the red this past decade, failing to point out the GOP created this shortfall intentionally by requiring the USPS to pre-fund 75 years of retirement liabilities within a 10 year period. In other words, Steve Mnuchin’s report is lying crap. And, unfortunately, Mnuchin is a very wealthy Jewish investor, the type which seems to be running the show these days. Trump is a figurehead, the people behind him, the ones with the power, seem to be mostly Jewish: Mnuchin, Weisselberg, Cohen, Stephen Miller, the Kushners etc.



Mike, I flagged Ed because we have a history and he knows EXACTLY what I am getting at. He speaks out of one side of his mouth and toxically implies out of the other. He refuses to cede my point which once again and for the last time, I addressed today. All he has to do is leave the word “Jewish” out when he’s talking about money and power. I won’t indulge him again.

Your observations are correct, IMO, and your choice of words, appropriate. I happen to oppose Israeli policies vis-a-vis Palestinians, I’m sick that Nutenyahoo won the election, and I lament the power AIPAC has over our deluded or sellout politicos, as I lament BigPharma, NRA, etc. It’s also sickening to me how Ilhan Omar has been vilified.

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That opens that up for me. Thank you for your response. I can see now where you are coming from. I think you are right on.




Thanks, Mike. It’s nice to be understood and better yet, validated!

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Thank you Toni- he also called me a coward for not using my “real” name. Ignore him, but continue to be aware of all of the prejudice of by this type of person. He has also used deragotory comments about women in the past also. You are right- we have bigger stuff to concentrate on- we have given him too much attention. Are the Waltons ( of Walmart) Jewish? Nope. Are the Kochs? Nope. Instead of a uniter this type of person is a divider. Continue to ignore. BTW I dig your posts!



I’ve got the same views as you, and I will validate you any time!



Me too! Enough of having a person who is prejudiced on this forum- having a problem with people who have money and equate that with being Jewish is ridiculous. Perhaps he’ll like this: The DNC has said ( yep) that Bernie is too Jewish to win! Bernie happened to grow up with poor immigrants in a little flat in Brooklyn. Yes, he did grow up being Jewish, but that is not his focus - his focus is on people! We all know that the more we engage in a positive manner , the more we will prevail. This is the 21st century, and people who live as if it was 1872 will not get past this. Also, these types of people are often Holocost deniers - absolutely disgusting. Perhaps he should read about the Klan - yes that one who still load their hatred against African Americans, Jew, and now immigrants. ( and let’s not forget unions).