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The Man Who Would Be President: Mike Pence, Corporate Theocrat

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/05/man-who-would-be-president-mike-pence-corporate-theocrat


Nobody has died pretending they have Covid. More likely that the faux virus theater is a tactic to give Trump a graceful exit and facilitate Pence being crowned Christian Ayatollah.

Boeing’s announcement last week that they will end 787 production in Everett WA and produce 100% of 787s in South Carolina was not only timed to help Lindsey Graham’s re-election, but also give Nikki Haley a huge competitive advantage in being appointed VP by POTUS Pence and in competing against the Biden/Harris ticket, seeing how the biggest feather in then SC Governor Haley’s hat was bringing Boeing to SC in 2009.


Thankyou Norman. I was wracking my brain trying to think what could be worse than Trump and here he was staring at us the whole time. I guess we’ll have to vote LOTE in 2024 as well, huh?


The wealthy corporate oligarchy that actually owns and runs this country couldn’t care less about the religion part of Pence’s life. Outside of the DeVos family and a couple of others, the truly wealthy are not really that religious. They worship mammon more than any God. This applies to BOTH political parties. They are both owned by corporate interests, and do their bidding, not ours. You’re kidding yourself if you think that will significantly change under Biden/Harris. The competition between the two major parties deep down is as fake as that between the Harlem Globetrotters and the Washington Generals, or any pro-wrestling rivalry. It’s theater for the masses, while they loot the treasury behind our backs, and have their minions pass laws to oppress the masses. The only way we ever get a government for us is to kick all of the corporate tools out of office and only vote for people who will absolutely refuse to take their money. That has to start this year, this election, with the Democratic Party. Sit it out or vote third party. #NeverBiden.


Being as they both most likely had a vaccine before this virus even hit our shores, their chances are close to nil of dying.

But, lightning could strike.

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Good ole Pence: poster boy for Dominion Christians ( Dominion theology (also known as dominionism) is a group of Christian political ideologies that seek to institute a nation governed by Christians based on their understandings of biblical law.) and of course their wish to have Armageddon happen in our lifetime…


News Flash !

God only cares as much as humans care, that means if humans choose to end Life on this particular Planet she will let it end .

Life and God are the same thing since we are part of Life there is no separation. All is One .

The greater the blasphemy the higher the truth .


And 2028, and 2032, and 2036…Always focusing on one race at a time, symptom by symptom.

As the disease metastasizes.


One thing we have to know for sure: Trump surrounds himself with corrupt scoundrels pretending to be patriotic, Americans and Trump choosing Pence for his vice president tells me Pence must be one of the worst of the whole crooked and corrupt bunch.


Pence is the leader of the Evangelical, christian, fascists. These Bible Trumpers are very dangerous as they use their interpretation of the Bible to brainwash their ignorant acolytes!


Norm actually criticizes his party frequently.
He tries to reform them from within, too.
At that, he fails dismally – Biden/Harris is your latest proof.
Then he holds his nose and sheepdogs and votes for them anyway.
He may actually believe that this time it’ll be different.
Which is the truly sad part of the story.


At the rate things are going now, Hitler could beat Trump. (sarcasm)

Biden doesn’t need to exit his basement, he’s in the bag.

Instead of focusing our rage on the persona of one destructive leader, we should remember that corporate domination provides an endless supply of destructive leaders. While they come and go, the system of corporate power remains—and we must replace that system with genuine democracy.

vote2020 supression, in your face.

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OR, Vote for Trump. Why dont you just say it?
Is that your best recommendation for changing the world?
More status quo?
Nothing about finding a way to change the system?
Nothing about educating your fellow homo sapiens?
You are fine color commentator.

And he publishes here every week essentially preaching the same vote LOTE sermon.
Well, on the bright side, next year he can sermonize on the evils of launching a third party.
That’ll be fun.


Where have the Democrats been?
The Republicans were pursuing voter suppression long before Trump.
It didn’t take a Nostradamus to realize they’d be doing it now.

No, you just ignored the previous three or four sentences before that of my reasoning.

Instead of focusing our rage on the persona of one destructive leader, we should remember that corporate domination provides an endless supply of destructive leaders.

Incorrect, Norman. Wealth, whether it is controlled by “corporations,” or kings, or communists, or any other kind of human, provides an endless supply of unscrupulous, ruthless leaders and power mongers who trample others.

This is why we have been having revolutions for almost 1200 years, maybe more if you go back to Rome, but in Europe it’s been about 1170 years, where we take down those in power and start all over again, but this time we’ll be “fair”; and we’ll be “just.”

Yeah, right. Not going to happen.

That’s the (false, fairytale) belief that never works out. Instead, we cycle between vicious oppression, and (usually violent) revolution.

We would have problematic people if we didn’t have wealth disparity, but they wouldn’t be so powerful.

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“Do NOT vote Trump. Why not say it?
Is that a recommendation for changing the world?
More status quo? Nothing about changing the system?
Nothing about educating fellows in fellowship?
Nothing? You are a fine color commentator.”

Saving grace. What was said was not so meant.
We have only life ahead. We have everything to bring.
We have left behind horse-drawn wagons we loved.
Far beyond they too couldn’t reach fast enough.
We resorted to robotic machinery.
Oh sure, self-driving cars on call.
Also Space TOURISM !! Yeaaa!!
Elon Musk sucks.


Thank you Jesus for striking down your worst money exchanger in the Temple, DJT#45. May he die, period. Will another replace him? We drive cars too much, okay?

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