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The Many Faces of the Radical Right and How To Counter Their Threat

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/28/many-faces-radical-right-and-how-counter-their-threat

With the peaceful protests being invaded by extremists, how about considering a worldwide petition, signed by billions, that would get great press coverage and show all those who administer and govern our lives that we want peace and consideration of all life and our planet Earth. The Golden Rule Project has such a petition and possibly if more and more people shared it progressives and the people would have added strength. The Golden Rule from throughout all time is our Measure of what is the right action to take. It might help.


Their common core seems to be fear of other. Their worker bees are amygdala driven, often almost like in a programmed state to respond instinctively to code words. They are dangerous because such code words can be used to initiate stochastic terrorism, where the initiator(s) can hide under the cloak of plausible deniability. Most of us here know of many such examples. Many such are all too recent. What the worker bees offer the upper echelons is power–both over their reactive base and those who truly seek peaceful coexistence. History is replete with examples of where the latter went to the barricades. The radical right’s worker bees work against their own interests in almost a Stockholm Syndrome state. Psychological warfare is an ugly thing indeed.


The psy-ops are pervasive in social discourse. The far right relies on hate and fear of “the other”, the out-group of their chosen ideology. It’s quite effective too, hence the easily mobilized mob that shows up wanting to do violence to those deemed ‘lesser-than’ the chosen groups identity. Just a modern iteration of tribalism. The real trick is to avoid engaging with these far right extremists. The real antifas are there to protect the peaceful protesters from far right violence. There is another faction of leftist hired goons under the banner of antifa that are anything but. They sow discord and end up subverting the whole peaceful disobedience protests. Do I have an answer? No. This just helps clear a few of the nasty issues facing demonstrations these days.


It is nearly impossible to reach radical right individuals with logic. Logic is foreign to them. What they have is a warped belief system that feeds on information rich in everything that appeals to the lower instincts.
I have given up communicating with such people. My time is valuable.
But I will gladly help someone along who hasn’t yet fully grasped the fact that Fascism is the ideology of hatred and fear…


There’s only one place for the Radical Right.

Right Down The Toilet.


I 100% agree.

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This is good, if academic, information, but I must disagree on one point: The article accosts Alex Jones for being a 9/11 “truther”. There are many of us on the left, MANY, who are convinced of the truth of U.S. government formulation of, involvement in and subsequent cover-up of 9/11.


You spoke of psy-ops and then introduced the idea to us that some “leftists” join the protests to foment violence.

You mentioned the amygdala. Wherever our current times lead us, as a people, I think that in the future, it should be a required course for children to learn how to notice when they are being tempted to use their primal, unconscious at to also learn how to supersede that by employing the conscious mind (cerebrum).

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9-11 WAS an inside job. It’s a conspiracy, NOT a “theory.” The evidence is overwhelming. Thousands of architects, engineers, pilots, and citizens with brains know without a shadow of a doubt that the official narrative is absolute BS. Start with the Project for a New American Century and building 7, then go from there. (And for the record, I am NOT an Alex Jones fan!)

As for the radical right, they’re the most UN-Amerikan lot in the country, which was founded on FREEDOM OF RELIGION! True patriots fight for the rights of ALL, not just the privileged zionist few. Personally, I can’t wait til their savior comes to pick them all up and take them to “heaven.” I hope they take all of the patriarchal religious governments, as they seem to be the most aggressive, destructive force on the planet. Between the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, their religious “theories” are the single biggest force of evil on Earth.

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Thanks! It needs to be said over and over:
“9-11 WAS an inside job. It’s a conspiracy, NOT a “theory.””

LEt’s see…,There ARE many, like mad face, stupid face, killer face, dominionist face, gun-fetish face, pig face, ass face, and dick face.