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The Many Ugly Faces of Climate Science Denial

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/21/many-ugly-faces-climate-science-denial

They are like little children ,that’s what humans are mostly ?

The toddlers of the universe offering only denial as the planet literally burns.


It’s OK, God?(Trump?) won’t let anything bad happen. While people all over the world can look out their windows and see the world on fire.

While the author points out how the mainstream narrative is reinforcing our own self destruction, he does not provide a clear cut approach on how to counter this threat to our human existence except for some small steps at the local level.
To change the narrative we need to challenge the narrative at every turn. When FOX for example makes some outrageous comments (as they do every few seconds!), the people need to analyze, dissect and counter the argument so that people understand how this false narrative plays into the goals of the Establishment. We also need to reform our educational system from the grass roots explaining to children why they are fed lies and misinformation 24/7 from the corporate media. Until communities can reject out of hand the propaganda that is destroying our futures, we really can’t move to the next step of reclaiming government for the people.


Laura, “Eva Braun”, Ingraham is such a kkkvnt.