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The Many Ways Congress Could Mess Up Net Neutrality


The Many Ways Congress Could Mess Up Net Neutrality

Candace Clement

Now that the FCC’s historic Net Neutrality rules are out in the world, the real drama in Congress is about to get underway. In fact, anti-Net Neutrality mania is taking over Capitol Hill for the rest of the month.

Here’s a quick rundown of the biggest threats we see coming in Congress.

The Internet Freedom Act

Who introduced it: Rep. Marsha Blackburn


Thanks for this article. This is exactly why Obama/Wheeler supposedly “approved” net neutrality. They know full well that net neutrality is doomed, eventually, one way or another. There is too much money to be made all around. But this way, Obama gets to look like a good guy. This is just one of many scams he has going to make it appear he was a “progressive” president and that the Dems are a “progressive” party as his presidency winds down. Yet, all the faux-liberals are celebrating as if something was actually accomplished. The sheeple never learn.


“The sheeple never learn.”

This blame-the-people for graft, deception, and corruption in high places is–as I often feel moved to point out–the NUMBER 1 meme pushed on this site.

Millions of people are fighting the corporations. And while Obama has often spoken in the language of Progressive values, he just as often ACTS in opposing fashion. THAT part is not a surprise.

Wheeler may mean well.

Corporations never stop fighting and they wear citizens down since corporations, given their financial resources, can sue people who try to stop them. THAT is what the TPP is really about.

People are working on MANY fronts to oppose the corporate takeover of a New World Order that puts war, policing, and surveillance before human welfare, freedom, and basic well-being.

Pushing the Frame that the people are gullible has NOTHING to do with corporate malfeasance.