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The Many Ways to Help Standing Rock


The Many Ways to Help Standing Rock

Sarah van Gelder

The timing couldn’t have been more awful.

The day after Thanksgiving, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers told the Standing Rock Sioux tribe that people camped at the Oceti Sakowin Camp would be considered trespassers on that federally managed land after Dec. 5. With thousands of people, it is the largest of the water protectors’ camps. Next came the snow, which is piling up across the camp as I write. North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple ordered an immediate evacuation allegedly out of concern for the well-being of water protectors in the “harsh winter weather.”


"Banks are risk adverse", except if they are too-big-to-fail and know that a lucrative taxpayer funded bailout awaits them if any risks go sour.

The too-big-to-fail banks that controlled 25% of US bank assets when they crashed the economy in 2008 will control 50% by the time Obama moves out of the White House. Congress put US taxpayers on the hook for more than $20 trillion in bailout schemes for these banks after the 2008 crash and the taxpayer commitment will be exponentially higher the next time they crash the economy.


This is great. Thank you for putting out all the ways we can help!!! We all need to work hard from where we are by using these links, etc. at the bottom of this piece. ACTION. That's what we need. We can keep reading articles and posting but this give us the chance to actually DO something positive to help this horrible brutal situation.


I have sent a message to Barack Obama recommending the pipeline be re-routed, to the original plan, which I understand, will bypass Sioux lands.

One never knows - it might help.

To everyone at the historic confluence of the Cannonball & Missouri Rivers - all the best !

From Calgary, Alberta


Rerouted is an option, i suppose. But the real point is that there should be no new pipelines. New infrastructure just reinforces what the fossil fuel industry sees as their mandate to keep supplying dirty energy. NO NEW EXTRACTION. NO NEW INFRASTRUCTURE. (And, yes, I am shouting).


Great information Sarah. Emails sent, snail mail letters written. Will make calls tomorrow.



Rerouting would be better than nothing - and far better than a tragedy at Standing Rock - it would give you a much needed "win" !

Much has been accomplished already at your encampment.

Many steps have already been put in place over the ten years I have been an environmental blogger. The World Bank commissioned their "Turn Down the Heat", the International Energy Agency reversed their denialist stance and calls for as rapid as possible weaning from fossil fuels - the Vatican and Pope Francis produced an entire encyclical "Laudato Si", calling for the same and much more - humanism.

And the rerouting is possible - even now.

I reminded Barack Obama of the movie "Midway", where Admiral Bull Halsey says to his new commander:

" When you are in command - command ! "

Here in Canada we have pipelines being approved which make no environmental sense, but apparently they make political sense at this time - when most people are still just waking up to the reality of a world without clean water, air, oceans, and soil being washed into the sea.

This war will not be won in a day. I shudder to think how close we will come to disaster.

Live to fight another day - if possible.


It is hardly “my” encampment. I live in upstate New York where we have out own fights with pipelines, compressor stations and gas storage.

Re-routing the pipeline would be a win for Energy Transfer Partners and no one else.

Elizabeth Whitehouse
Saving the earth one heap at a time


And I have sent a message to Obama that no rerouting anywhere. Keep the stuff buried in the ground.


Upstate New York ! That's home to James Howard Kunstler isn't it ?

I was born and raised in Montreal, and of course I have visited New York State and City on several occasions.

You have more problems than pipelines and compost heaps - you have the Indian Point Nuclear Facility.

I don't understand how rerouting the North Dakota pipeline could possibly be a win for the corporation emplacing it ?

It would be, in my view, a rather major win for the Sioux - and all supporters. The human being that I am, and presumably I have lots of company, about 7.3 billion - is highly symbolic - often irrational, thank the fates ! - and getting this massive bureaucracy and corporate psychopath to move - that would be a signal - both to environmentalists and corporate America - that "the times they are a changin" (Dylan I believe).

Even Geronimo finally turned himself and his small band of warriors, women and children in - but far from losing - he won.

Winning is important - but there are more than a few ways to win - not all of them make sense at first.


Good - I am sure Barack Obama will take both options under consideration.

As I see the situation, however, the chances of eating 3.8 billion dollars just now are as close to zero as is possible.

I hope I am wrong - fervently !


Kunstler (who I had never heard of) is in Washington County near Saratoga. I am more than 200 miles south. New York is a BIG place!

I have a heard time seeing how the pipeline - any pipeline - is a win for anyone except the companies building it.

In response to this Common Dreams piece, I have written and emailed the following letter to all the people mentioned:
“The situation at Standing Rock is an embarrassment to the United States.

It is appalling on many levels:

· The Paris accord calls for a lowering of greenhouse gas emissions. Building new pipelines perpetuates the status quo and foes nothing to help the US meet its commitments

· Pipelines under major waterways are a disaster waiting to happen.

· All the arguments that applied to the Keystone XL pipeline apply to the DAPL as well.

· The US is once again ignoring its treaties with indigenous peoples and the sovereignty over their tribal lands.

· Perhaps worst of all, peaceful protesters are being subjected to brutal treatment by local law enforcement and PRIVATE security forces.

As a very recently naturalized American, I find this unacceptable.

Elizabeth Whitehouse
Saving the earth one heap at a time


No because the syndrome NIMBY ultimately means that one does not give a damn about one's neighbor let alone the planet. Fossil fuels need to stay as fossils--in the ground and we must collectively move toward deconstructing this so called 'civilization' that has consumed this planet to keep itself alive.


He has considered yours which I would hope--but don't expect--he will reject. My demand is not even on his radar. Too bad for our common home planet and the future of our kids. No to any pipelines, no compromise to the detriment of Mother Earth. Ho!


To Giovanna-Lepore:

Here is something for you on a Calgary morning, where the Chinook winds are blowing, keeping winter at bay for a bit !

It is an article just published in "The Guardian" (in the United Kingdom), by Stephen Hawking.

It speaks directly to all of us on this planet, and I for one am mightily impressed by the humanity of this man.

There is a link at the bottom of the article to a new website - founded by Stephen Hawking it seems, which I intend to investigate further.

I think "questions" - at this time - and compromise - are more important than dogmatic beliefs.

Ciao from Calgary,



I thought under Bismark was the original plan and nobody in Bismark was happy about it. It would be good to scrap the whole thing but I am not going to put that burden on the Native peoples of our continent. They are trying to safeguard their drinking water and stop encroachment on never ceded land. I say it was up to the rest of us to assist them and when that's done we can all work to expand it to no pipeline/s anywhere.