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The Many Ways Women Are Beaten Down in America


The Many Ways Women Are Beaten Down in America

Paul Buchheit

In 1955 Mrs. Dale Carnegie, whose husband wrote the best-seller "How to Win Friends and Influence People," advised her fellow housewives: "The two big steps that women must take are to help their husbands decide where they are going and use their pretty heads to help them get there. Let’s face it, girls. That wonderful guy in your house – and in mine – is building your house, your happiness and the opportunities that will come to your children."


Just as a sociological aside here, its interesting to consider the rise of one of the organized games played by the audience wives and couples of Dale Carnegie ladder type. A card game known as Contract Bridge. Intensely competitive, at a table of four- two partner teams, meeting weekly sometimes with numerous tables, scores of participants and national and international competitions. Skill in 'counting cards' communicating with the partner through 'bidding' to establish what suit is 'trump'. Arguably a conceptual container, gambling with power as prize, playing the hand that is dealt. The epitomization of the 'win' as competitive western 'identity'.


I hate articles about being a woman that are written by men, and there are a lot of them on both sides of the spectrum. Usually the author inserts his foot directly into his mouth, but in this case Bucheit is simply supportive. Thank you!

He completely won me over with his reference to Margaret Sanger, a great American visionary. See "To Mothers--Our Duty", published in March 1911, before women had the vote. Sanger could not have envisioned the advances women have made to date, at the time she was raising the nations's consciousness. Were she here today though, I'll bet she would be raising holy hell over these audacious attempts to demote 21st century women to the second-class citizenship with which she was so familiar. And while her work affected society in numerous positive ways, she would count the further entrenchment of capitalism as an abject personal failure.


In "the Handmaids Tale" written in 1985 by Margaret Atwood , not only did she write about a theocracy taking over in the USA after a staged attack blamed on "Islamists Terrorists" followed by an erosion of liberties but declining fertility rates due to exposure to chemicals and pollutants lead to this same Government asserting total control over the female body. In that dystopian world the Woman's womb was owned by the state and her only role was that of a sexual playmate for the men and as a breeder.

It seems there are many that think that just as with Orwell's 1984 , the type of worlds outlined in those novels are exactly what they want.


Thank you, Mr. Buchheit for caring about--and covering this issue. To too many educated males, women's rights are still regarded as irrelevant or not worth the time, effort, or conversation.

What is missing from your account, however, is the enormous violence ALSO projected at women; and a lot of it comes from Hollywood, the video gaming industry, Rap "music," and pornography. The depictions of females too often involve shows of violence. "Law and Order Special Victims' Unit," one of the longest running series in television history featured female victims at a 10: 1 ration to male victims.

The constant imagery of beaten, battered, raped, murdered, and even dismembered female bodies saturates the collective unconscious and then society's least balanced males ACT out on those images.

To the degree media features these damaged depictions of females is the degree to which an unconscious "blame Eve again syndrome" is projected. With the rise of Christian Fundamentalism, many people unconsciously identify with an undeclared mandate: that of punishing the female ... particularly if she is independent, her own person, challenges male rule, or Goddess forbid, is sexual!


A woman's work is never done

Being devalued


That is a truly powerful story. I think it's the only book that I have given to each of my daughters. I know that, like me, they all regard it highly.


...not to mention if she should have the temerity to be of a minority...


But yet you give the pope a free ride.


"The Handmaid's Tale" is a rip off of the Genesis story of Abraham and Sarah. Sarah was barren and she gave her female slave to Abraham so that he could reproduce. Reproduction was absolutely crucial to ancient cultures because death rates were very high (famine, disease, constant war, high infant mortality rate, etc.). Any population biologist will tell you that when death rates are high, reproductive rates must be high or the population will collapse. It is not surprising that 3000 years ago, adultery was considered permissible if it would allow the species to survive.

But not just adultery. After Yahweh destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot and his daughters thought they were the only people left on earth. Lot's daughters got old Lot drunk and had sex with him so that the human race would not go extinct. Even incest is permissible to save the species. Interestingly, Lot's daughters had more brains than Lot because apparently Lot wouldn't do the deed unless he was drunk.

Females are subjugated in patriarchal societies because a female's role is to produce children. Contrast this with hunters and gatherers where there is gender equality because both sexes contribute to the food supply. The worst thing for a male is to expend energy raising children who are not genetically related. To prevent being cuckolded, males must control females.


You would make a lousy scientist Siouxrose. If looking at violence and sex in the media made males become violent, then you would expect males would exhibit less violence against females before there were movies and TV. Haven't males always been violent toward females? I dare say that armies in ancient times raped and brutalized captive females much more than armies do today.

What we observe in the media is simply a mirror of what we are. The media do not cause us to behave in any particular way.

Do you think we were better in the bad old days when there was strict censorship of what could be presented in movies and TV? Norman Mailer had to write "fug" instead of "fuck" in his novel "The Naked and the Dead." This made the novel silly.


I must ask: why do you "hate" articles about being a woman written by men? It makes no sense whatsoever to me.