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The March for Our Lives in Pictures: Demonstrators Mourn Those Lost to Gun Violence and Condemn Complicit Politicians

The March for Our Lives in Pictures: Demonstrators Mourn Those Lost to Gun Violence and Condemn Complicit Politicians

Julia Conley, staff writer

Taking the stage on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, high school student David Hogg offered hundreds of thousands of audience members a visual representation of his reasons for helping to organize the March for Our Lives, a worldwide gun control advocacy demonstration.

"I'm going to start off by putting this price tag right here as a reminder for you guys to know how much Marco Rubio took for every student's life in Florida," Hogg said, placing a price tag reading "$1.05" on the podium.

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For the next generation fighters for justice:


To borrow from Stephen Stills, all I can say is, something’s happening here


A video PSA for your conservative gun toting reality deniers (who say “So define ‘assault rifle’ for me.”)

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This is really upside down. To address gun violence in this country is not hypocrisy, it’s just the opposite; one should clean one’s own house before looking elsewhere.


These students and supporters are receiving tons of grief while fighting the apathy, lies, and hatred from those terrified of losing their guns. Mixing the MIC into the equation would make far more people turn against them and their cause. The adults should grow a pair and demand ALL politicians answer for refusing to hold the MIC and the NRA accountable. Incumbents worry far more about bribes for their next campaign than they do about any issue that us mere peons demand answers to.

Only when they start fearing their constituents more than they fear losing bribes from the NRA and MIC will we start seeing accountability. Those politicians who have voted against the citizens without a good reason need to be voted out of office regardless of their party. Voters need to make it clear that those who support the NRA and/or MIC over the citizens will be voted out of office.


Well said Roadhead.

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Is this the new cultural revolution?


Thank you for posting this.

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“Too bad the people who take to the streets to condemn gun violence only seem to care about American lives.”

Yea, those Black Lives Matter speakers today bellyaching on and on about their ‘beloved’ brother, their teenage ‘baby boy’ - how “self-absorbed” can you get?

You should really call one of them up and set them straight.


“This is the bigger picture that main stream media will not touch and neither will this movement.”

Why can’t those black people talking about the gun violence deaths of their children see the “bigger picture,” Steven? Are they dupes of imperialism, or just stupid? Or maybe they’re counter-revolutionary, in which case maybe they deserve to be getting shot - even in advance of your proletariat taking over.

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“All lives matter. that is the real problem…Most people who create these wars are all chickenhawks.”

You know, Steven, I think you should call up the mother from Harlem that talked here in NYC today, because she evidently missed your “bigger picture” and only talked about the death of her son by gun violence in her community.

Maybe you can explain the “big picture” to her and she’ll build it into her next talk - maybe even with a personal shout out to you for opening her eyes.

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I think there is truth to your response and to Jamb’s. This is the nature of an intersectional movement: to understand that domestic gun violence and foreign warfaring and climate change and systematized inequality are all inextricably linked in humans’ brutalizing of the planet and each other. I liked seeing that Sanders spoke out more forcefully against war itself than I have heard him do yet. I think that Americans do have the compassion to look beyond our own self-absorption, and that a genuine and robust peace movement could realistically be right around the corner.


There are a number of ways that one might look at this, depending on the breadth of one’s perspective.

The friends that I learned were attending these rallies today are (and, I’m talking about people from teenagers to people in their sixties) for all intents and purposes, practically ignorant of the fact that the good ole U.S. of A. is responsible for 20-30 million deaths since WWII. One of the reasons for this is our current MSM that does not report the truth of what’s happening around the globe. What’s being reported is that “we’ve” got lots of enemies that are trying to cause us harm and take “our freedom(s)” away from us. A second is the geographical isolation of the U.S. from where these deaths are occurring. A third reason is that very few people read/watch anything but MSM outlets to learn what’s really taking place on foreign soil. – It’s almost like Americans naturally choose to be ignorant.

Back during Vietnam, body bags were continually arriving on planes; and, this was being covered by the MSM, eventually resulting in a massive anti-war movement. Nowadays, the arrival of body bags is suppressed; and, we’re given, instead, primarily news of killings within the country (unless it’s a false flag accusation of some Russian being assaulted or killed in Europe; or, some Navy SEAL’s death that can be used for internal propaganda purposes). But, then again, the U.S. now pays foreign fighters (essentially mercenaries) to fight in place of U.S. troops.

How many of these people protesting today about guns truly understand and care that our country was complicit in the more than 500,000 children who were starved to death in Iraq in the 1990s and that Madeleine Albright said their deaths were worth it (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0WDCYcUJ4o )?

To truly address the most critical problems facing our country today, one needs to look at where this trend toward gun violence is coming from (btw, I’m a Vietnam-era veteran). Our military, our federal government, and our MSM is to blame for much of this. Being a “warrior” is glorified. The military and the C.I.A. fund and provide equipment and consultation for many of the war movies being pumped out of our entertainment industry. The military has teamed up with the NFL and other sport venues to glorify itself. And, I would bet that if I dug into the funding of current and past popular, violent video games, I would find funding and consulting services provided by the military and intelligence agencies.

Face it. The U.S. is the current global hegemon that, since WWII, has been trying to rule all the nations of the world, often fomenting regime change in countries that dared to resist. But, soon this will end, as has been the fate of all empires that have never studied the lessons of history. At that point, we’ll have a lot more to protest about than a few local shootings carried out by evidently deranged individuals. And, that point, is likely not far off.


Way too true Skeptical. My husband is also a Vietnam vet, and when someone says to him “thank you for your service” (which seems like something that started when Duh-bya was prez) it is all either one of us can do to be civil – it is such a fake, supercilious, insulting thing to say to someone who wears the scars of war every day; but hey, at least the vets aren’t getting spit on anymore! *When someone says that, we tell them the best way to thank a vet is to stop the goddamned wars …


Condemn complicit politicians. Nothing could be easier! Just see which ones have a NRA “A” rating.


Amen. I hate it when they say that to me. I just want to disappear. I don’t want to be thanked for something that merits no thanks…

Your response regarding stopping the goddamned wars is perfect. Many of these people look like they’ve been hit with a brick, when they hear that…they have no idea how to respond; because, most of them have been brainwashed to believe that these wars are, and have been, just.

The weirdest one for me, though, was when all of the $4.00 yellow (and, eventually, other color) “support our troops” ribbon stickers began surfacing on automobiles. Being curious, i looked at a few of them closely; and, each said something like “Made in Taiwan”. The damn greedy capitalists even offshored those little mementos!


From this day forward I will never vote for an incumbent. I will always vote for the candidate with the LEAST amount of money, be they dogcatcher, barber, or burger flipper.
They can’t do worse even if they just vote no on everything.


You pretty much covered it all. Well said, Call. Gun control is the tip of an iceberg of worshipping violence, I think, and it won’t happen with the other things you’ve mentioned in play. It will serve to divide the US, which makes government more independent of public opinion.

I might add that the countries we fight are not all about resisting, in my opinion. In some cases, it seems more like outright genocide, given the stubbornness about false accusations and the inability of the US to stop some conflicts.
In the sense that some wars start for almost no reason, and cannot stop, I see a parallel to the BLM movement where blacks are getting shot without little or no reason, along with false information and outrageous training and policy.