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The Martians of Wall Street Have Invaded

Joe Biden is the big bankers’ friend. That’s the other reason that the National Association of Manufacturers is cutting off the Republican Party’s allowance - everybody on Wall Street already has it made for the next four years but there goes the Donald marching off to war in front of (actually behind) an army consisting of a remarkable number of Republican politicians. What? They actually fell for that junk?

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Not so much a martian invasion as a martial invasion. At war with anyone or anything that might impede investors from cashing in on the rape of planet earth.


Tesla Would Take Nearly 1,600 Years To Make The Amount Of Money The Stock Market Has Put Into It


On January 7, Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, the Ranking Member of the Senate Banking Committee, released a statement indicating that he is to become the new Chair of that Committee. The announcement came as the Democrats are set to take control of the full Senate from Republicans as a result of the Georgia runoff.

Wall Street despises Brown because he has an institutional knowledge of their patterns of crimes against the public and the regulations that they have succeeded in getting the Trump administration to gut in order to make those crimes evermore opaque and lucrative.

On November 10 of last year, Brown said this during his opening remarks at a Senate Banking hearing with the federal regulators of banks:

“We have to break up the biggest banks, and give that power to everyone else who has been denied a voice in our economy…

good read. (fingers crossed?)

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Yes, it is manifestly evident that no person prior to Big Patronage Government Heir Donald Trump at opportune moment (THE PERFECT STORM) presented the Steve Bannon tools of channeling Nationalist resentments against our New Nation’s legacy of space and resource acquisition via the brute force of better armed and supplied Settler Colonialism gone Faux Native.

When the Charlottesville, Virginia Neo-Nazi tiki torch murderous Alt White Right Wing Trumplican Rallies took the streets of that Colonial Settler College town with the genocidal and lynch-readying cries of "YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US" directed at Jews and more recent indigenous immigrants from across our land borders with the rest of the Americas sub-texts and micro-Fascist populism was arising as indeed we in the New World had not been aware of the massive displacements of peoples such a geological movement had already caused across the pond:

“You will not replace us”: a French philosopher explains the Charlottesville chant

American white nationalists may not realize it, but the fear of replacement is essential to the work of a controversial French writer named Renaud Camus.

By Sarah Wildman Aug 15, 2017, 9:20am EDT

@James_Dirkowitz “I wonder how it hadn’t happened sooner” and

It is happening all the time and cyclically in human history. If we know where to look. As for “legitimate reasons” for bloody and indiscriminate revolutions having legitimate reasons for the individual and massive violence, history is piled high enough to block all sunlight with granular detailed accounts of what can only be described as “legitimate reasons.”

Yet, what came to me in a wee morning troubled sleep dream state while tuned to either overnight BBC uninterrupted gab with academics and scholars not often given any air time on U.S. corporate-captured air waves or during a similarly alien-feeling yet welcome deep-dive discussion with Fascist historians discussing the recent audio recordings of President Trump telephone calling the Secretary of State Raffensperger and Elections Commissioner of the State of Georgia trying to shake them down into committing clear VOTER FRAUD in re-tabulating already multiply vetted and confirmed Presidential election results that found Biden beating incumbent Trump hazily recalled as a segment on home-grown DEMOCRACY NOW: The Pandemic Lock-Down sessions broadcast at weekday dawn on our local community radio station KBOO:

What makes Trump supporters of the least privileged stations in our now downwardly mobile society continue to voice and vote their support for this most selfish of well-documented heirs to a fortune who has shown not even the canny tax evaders’ skills at structuring self-serving Philanthropic Benefit Trusts or social service organization sponsorship before throwing his hat into the political popularity contests?

The answer appeared at the tail-end of my REM cycle dream and low-volume overnight Public Interest radio in the background: President Trump’s appeal
through the process of exhaustive elimination must lie in the Fetish of Righteously Justified Selfishness, an American Exceptionalism spin-off syndrome.

To his non-curious and ill-informed Q Anon Cult (including now elected and seated and insurrectionist legislators) this may be more blow-back of the Cold War Czar of Propaganda Milton Friedman’s un-opposed decades of secretly and federally contracted public service posing as a peer-reviewed academic while disseminating via his base at the University of Chicago School of Business his weaponized and ideologically service-able preaching of late-20th Century Neo-Liberal E-CON-omics targeting the COMMUNIST SPHERE OF INFLUENCE. Even as it targeted our own First World leading form of BIG GOVERNMENT as being inefficient and not up to the humane tasks of “HELICOPTERING IN MONEY WHEN THE POOR REALLY NEED IT” in Propaganda Czar Friedman’s and Chicago Boys iconic twist on Cold War weaponized Neo-Liberal E-CON cant.

With the electronically carried mass media meme of "GREED IS GOOD" supplanting the Golden Rule and targeted not only at the Leninist “Be As Radical As Reality Itself” Soviet Bolshevik revolutionaries and Mao-ist Marxists and Romantic Collectivist Poets among the New Mandarins of China, but also targeted as well as often sponsored at any Wall Street or U.S. grass roots support for Euro Third Way or Non-Aligned policies.

Third Way Euro social democratic nation-states and the Asian and Micronesian Non-Aligned resource rich if under-developed nation-states tended to view Totalitarian Communism as really being Orwellian Cults of Personality masquerading as Marxist doctrine, far removed from any social democratic programs. These Third Way and Non-Aligned sovereign nation-states (often being competed over by the bi-polar divisions of the Cold War competing for Spheres of Influence or the “Battle for Hearts and Minds”) in basically capitalist EU, Africa, Near East, Asia, Micronesia, Canada and Latin America were anxiously trying to position their multi-party parliamentarian systems to avoid the Imperial Ruins of Europe, the self-identified Seat of Human Civilization and The Church’s Convenient Doctrine of Discovery over the two World Wars and countless genocidal campaigns of the 20th Century alone!

It was either fall into a Totalitarian Soviet or Maoist or New Mandarin Kissinger & Associates client state relationship or by default fall into Market Democracy’s Inverted Totalitarian model represented by Dulles Brothers decades of Washington policies as observed and analyzed by the late great U.C.-Berkeley and Princeton Political Economist Sheldon Wolin (see him on U. of Tube at end of his life living retired in Salem, Oregon and interviewed over many hours posted as segments with Chris Hedges).

We know these mirror image reflections and witty art of pointed refraction via Jimmy Dore’s online or stand-up comedy postings as Late Stage Shareholder Capitalism of the Propaganda Czar Milton Friedman’s Cold War contracted weaponized Neo-Liberal E-CON variety.

Two dehumanizing manifestations being institutionally and doctrinaly force-fed of the Anti-Christ or Divine Image Manifest in our tragically Fallible if irrepressible Humanity.

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