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The Mass Grave We Call Collateral Damage


The Mass Grave We Call Collateral Damage

Robert C. Koehler

“Lot of killers. We’ve got a lot of killers. Boy, you think our country’s so innocent? You think our country’s so innocent?”

We have carnage and we have irony.


Not just collateral damage, Mr. Koehler. Does the name Michael Hastings mean anything to you? (Just to name one.) How about the Phoenix Program? The Hotel Palestine in Baghdad? Hm? But I do agree, in a sense, with the media and government hypocrites on this question. Indeed there is no moral equivalency between the US and Russia on this question. The US has far, far more blood on its hands.


Out of the mouths of baby killers


"Collateral damage." I first learned that term when I was in elementary school years ago, listening to the evening news reports about the Vietnam War. It often referred to the mass deaths of innocent villagers. America doesn't kill innocent people, we just cause a lot of "unintended consequences."


"A Walking Maelstrom . . . " That's a good one!  My Merriam-Webster Wörterbuch defines a Maelstrom as 'a violent whirlpool.'  Rather difficult, even for a Navy SEAL to swim across - much less walk upon - in my humble opinion.  No wonder the nation is succumbing to a tsunami of 'Alternative Facts'.  Nonetheless, like the war in Iraq, the Yemen Raid was an indisputable Suck-Cess!!


No. The history of the US only goes back a couple hundred years. Roughly one million Russians died in Stalin's gulag alone. Bringing us up to today, the US is only one of, I think, nine nuclear-armed countries.



Rhetorical puke.

What a wonderful chance to call out all the killing the US does routinely, in all the wars the US wages, and loses, and expands, continually, and wrap it up with the warped perverse snit of the so-called president; what an opportunity squandered.

Squandered through pandering to the reading audience.

One can hear them now: "Please do not tell us the bad news! Please! Spare us! We are victims of our comfort zones!

Rhetorical puke.

There is no excuse for crap like this. None.


I thought Stalin was responsible for the death of around 20 million of his fellow USSRians from starvation in the Ukraine and also the numerous purges? But Stalin and his aparatchiki were no more than the USA's administration is the USA. The history of colonial expansion in the USA was to the detriment of those who were here already; I have heard the figure of 90 million mentioned but whether this is true I don't know.


I'm with George III. If you want to start reaching back into the past, the native genocide, the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, and so on, the US is still #1. By a lot.


Depending on the historical marker, and I'm just putting the mark since the ending of WW II, the US has been the direct and indirect cause of more deaths than any other country. In SE Asia alone the figure is between 3-5 million just during the 'Nam. Kissinger should be brought up on crimes against humanity along with all the administrations since Truman. I find it screamingly hilarious that the one truth Trump told, out of all the lies, is the one the generated the most howls of protest from the media. It just shows the hypocrisy of the MSM knows no bounds. Yes collateral damage is alive and well as long as there's a military to carry it out.


As pointed out in the article the vast majority,(of weapons) is in the US and Russia; we don't know how many Israel has, at least not publicly anyway. The is a big stockpile about 25 miles from where I live in NM.