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The Mass Killer and the National Security State


The Mass Killer and the National Security State

Karen Greenberg

Imagine that you’re in the FBI and you receive a tip -- or more likely, pick up information through the kind of mass surveillance in which the national security state now specializes. In a series of tweets, a young man has expressed sympathy for the Islamic State (ISIS), al-Qaeda, or another terrorist group or cause. He’s 16, has no criminal record, and has shown no signs that he might be planning a criminal act. He does, however, seem angry and has demonstrated an interest in following ISIS’s social media feeds as they fan the flames of youth discontent worldwide.


I do not condone the murders of Roof, but lets put this in perspective, Roof is not really in the same ball park as a mass killer as the U.S. military. They are the REAL mass killers! And have been purported to have slaughtered and murdered somewhere around 1,455,000 civilians in Iraq alone.


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I’m sorry but this article seems incredibly naive!! She thinks our corrupt government wants to do anything to help anybody but it’s Wall Street puppet masters?[/quote]

“Our Government” outwardly is an aggregate of 545 men and women and inwardly 1000s of lobbyists. Your angry denunciation actually applies to a consistent theme or direction in the trend of decisions made by a thousand horses each pulling in their own direction.That trend is evil and the US seems locked into it. But it is not a rational Cabal. The Vulcans do their evil and their plans fall through. Look at Iraq.


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There are other countries in this world that do not have anywhere near the number of mass shootings. Perhaps their model should be looked at?

The fundamental problem with a “Government Fix” to these issues is that the Government in the USA is hopelessly compromised by monied interests. So as example if it found that one primary cause of all these mass shootings is the shooters being on prescription drugs, the Drug lobby will make sure the study never sees the light of day.

What is broken is that Government does not serve the people. It serves Mammon. If that not addressed there can never be a solution as profits will always come first.


… an interest in following ISIS’s social media feeds as they fan the flames of youth discontent worldwide …

I don’t think much of the world’s youth gives a monkey’s about ISIS. They are discontented by countless other things like not having a chance to work and earn a living.

In any case, why yet more focus on mass killings and the big cardboard bogey-man - terrorism? Even on the day of 9/11 there were, if I am right, statistically more people killed on the world’s roads than in the twin towers. Ain’t that more worth talking about? It happens every single day. Hands up everyone who drives a car.


I got the impression Shantiananda was simply pointing out that, compared to the US military, Roof is a crass amature as are all these wacks who gun down their innocent fellow citizens. The US military can do in 10 seconds what the whole lot of them take a year to accomplish. Or let’s take George Bush (please, take him) for instance. His relaxation of environmental rules for coal-fired power plants resulted in 18,000 extra deaths annually from lung diseases throughout his presidency (144,000 in eight years). The 9/11 boys are penny-ante next to how many George could take out on a good day.


George’s people DID 911.


i would have called this article “the Mass killer and the Mass Killers” to remind people that the C.I.A. is the #1 terrorist organization in the world (more than 6 million killed since 1947). they are funded partly with our tax dollars and the rest with the Whore On Drug money (look it up). these are the people who planned the attacks on 9/11,Iraq,Afghanistan and all the wars and “police actions” since 1947.

so whats a person in search of a successful exciting role model to do? do what your country does best:kill maim wound destroy etc and never look back. go to church if you have a tiny conscience a la the mafia and confess,say hail mary and reload.
dont forget a la the CIA - ALWAYS pick on the weakest third world country. on the home front that translates to any convenient,disrespected,misunderstood minority who displays different cultural attributes. Always use the “military” approach,never try to understand or …gasp…relate to THEM as one human being to another…why you may not feel like shooting them or …gasp…feel like you need to buy a gun at all (2nd amendment traitor!!).
Psychologists and social workers etc never take into account the enormous pressures society places on us and therefore miss some of the real background reasons for sociopathic behaviors. try figuring in this countries history of bloodletting,assasinations,attacks on innocent peoples (vietnam.laos.grenada.iraq.afghanistan et al) as a most powerful and influential ROLE MODEL and you will get closer to understanding the real issues affecting people. when you include the pretense of freedom,“democracy” , christianity,etc. you begin to see the forces that can tear one apart.hypocrisy is a most potent creator of alienation,disillusionment and finally,anger, and while we are no longer #1 in anything meaningful anymore, we are #1 in that,plus the worldwide percentage of armaments (40+%),the number of people in jail,and the size of our military budget. these are the current american realities , so whats a few (million) less members of some old near eastern countries,or at home,the deaths of his most disliked minority here?


I would suggest they were not so much “Georges people” as George was someone elses lackey.