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The Mass Murder in Orlando Was a Hate Crime



Excellent article and one that makes clear the twisted reality in which most of our so-called leaders live and from which they manipulate this outrage rather than commiserate with true compassion for those lives destroyed.


From the Richard Fowler op-ed cited in the article:

"Homegrown extremism can only take root in a society where hate has fertile ground to grow. When the GOP presumptive nominee talks of building walls; scapegoats the Muslim-American community by proposing a ban on Muslims traveling to the U.S.; uses hateful language against communities of color; and urges an impartial judge to recuse himself because of his heritage, we have created a fertile ground."

True, but imagine this statement:

"When the DNC presumptive nominee uses this tragedy as an opportunity to call for escalating the disastrous US war that has already killed millions, and escalating the already outrageous spying and loss of civil liberties at home and abroad, we have created fertile ground."

Seek differences between Trump and Clinton on using this tragedy to expand the US world war, from the report posted on CD this morning:

"We should keep the pressure on ramping up the air campaign, accelerating support for our friends fighting to take and hold ground and pushing our partners in the region to do even more," she said. In addition to "efforts...on the battlefield," Clinton also announced support for "an intelligence surge to bolster our capabilities across the board with appropriate safeguards here at home."

Trump took advantage of the Orlando tragedy to double-down on his call for an immigration ban on Muslims while vowing, if elected, to increase the military response against the Islamic State and erect an unrivaled surveillance network. "As President, I will give our intelligence community, law enforcement and military the tools they need to prevent terrorist attacks," Trump declared before a crowd in Manchester, New Hampshire on Monday. "We need an intelligence-gathering system second to none. That includes better cooperation between state, local and federal officials—and with our allies."

The only difference i see is that Clinton makes rhetorical reference to "appropriate safeguards here at home." Anyone feel safeguarded?


Mateen exhibited violently anti-gay behavior in front of his father. It turns out that he was also hanging out with drag queens two weeks before the shooting.

Certain religious denominations have strict shunning or worse for the LGBTQ people who exist within their denominations. Sometimes this religious or political pressure produces schizophrenic lives.

For centuries the religions have challenged people's right to be LGBT and/or Q. Maybe now we should challenge religion's role in trying to force people not to be LGBT and/or Q. (Yes I could add more letters, but bear with me, I'm not that cool yet.)


Please read the article. You've entirely missed the point.


Did you mean homophobia?


"Hate" refers to the motivation for the crime, as I'm sure you know very well. Watch who you call a fool.


Hate crime doesn't fit the MIC/MSM grander agenda and necessary political meme. So it always goes


No, queequeg hates fags. In addition to hating all "Americans."


Wow, you're a special fucking idiot aren't ya? Sure are trying to make up for your latent homosexual tendencies in a twisted manner. The fact that you give a shit what sexual preference someone else is says everything needed to say about you; you're mentally deficient, a half wit, maybe a case Wernicke Korsakoff Syndrome. Enjoy the caliphate ya rube.


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I find it more then a little hypocritical that these are the same people ( the GOP) that demand people show an photo ID in many States to VOTE are also outraged when sane people recommend that maybe just maybe it's a good idea to do background checks before allowing someone to purchase a deadly firearm and even reject blocking the sale of such weapons to known or suspected terrorists.


"he called 911 to declare allegiance to ISIS on the eve of the attack"

That sounds like a deliberate attempt to associate what happened with Islamic terrorism. I am not quite buying it, but even so,:-

Let us consider the wisdom of supplying ISIS in Syria with weapons and Toyota pickups over several years using convoys across the Turkish border in order to overthrow the Syrian government. The consequences have not just been millions of refugees fleeing to Europe, and ISIS invading Iraq, but may well also have been 50 people dead back in the USA.


It's refreshing to see that there are still people out there who think that the government is capable of pulling off something like 9-11. Most people i know have zero trust the government can do anything right. I mean, have you visited the DMV lately, or the Social Security Administration?


The article you linked exposing the FBI "informant" provocateurs interactions with the murderer is very significant and those interactions MAY have played a, or the, major role in pushing the shooter over the edge.
We will never know the truth of what any FBI "informant/agitator/provocateur said or encouraged the killer to do to "build a case" or try, as is their usual MO in many cases, to get someone who is often mentally ill and "thinking" about an act to actually do it.

ALL other police agencies and any politician that really gives a damn should follow the evidence of FBI involvement and/or incitement all the way - chances of that are slim to none though.......


Yes, "we have to understand what it is and why it happened." - Because this is the basis of coming up with the appropriate cure: objective oberservation and reasoning to understand, without ideological blinders.
Yes, it was a hate crime against the LGBTQ community in Orlando. Before this incident, it was the Boston bombing against marathon runners and their spectators - a hate crime against people enjoying sports and peaceful communal events. Before that it was the shooting in a rock club in Paris - a hate crime against people enjoying rock music and dancing. Before that it was the attempt to kill people on a TGV train from Brussels to Paris. On Monday it was the stabbing of two French policement to death - hate crimes against the liberal French society and culture. Tomorrow it may be a deadly assault on a community of catholics, or protestants, or atheists, or children in a kindergarden... Out of hate. Hate against everything that is an intrinsic part of our Western society, tradition, religion, freedom, atheism, sexual liberalism - whatever you like. And the human beings who commit these hate crimes are certainly not exclusively, however, they are in significant numbers coming from islamic environments and families. Environments where imams and hodshas preach ideas which contradict the foundations of what we believe: The equality of all human beings, the equality of men and women, the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion AND the freedom of NO religion or quitting a religion, the freedom to express my own sexuality in the way IIIII prefer. Etc.
We ALL deplore and grieve about these horrendous deeds and we ALL weep about the loss of human beings no matter if they were Christians, Jews, Buddhists, atheists, homosexuals or heterosexuals. Yes, it was a crime out of hate in Orlando. However, we are lying to ourselves if we refuse to observe where these murderers come from. By the way: It would also be lying to ourselves if we refused to observe where the weapons and ammunition the Orlando murderer used was manufactured and where and under which conditions it was purchased.
I grieve with you in Orlando. With best wishes from Germany.


On C-Span and C-Span2, I watched GOP Reps and Sens as well as DEM Reps and Sens, which provided a microcosm of the reason Congress is so completely dysfunctional. Across the board, not ONE GOP elected official referred to the massacre in Orlando as a hate crime and focused solely on their idea of a terrorist plot with ties to ISIS/ISIL whatever. Not ONE GOP rag uttered the LGBTQ acronym...only referring to a nightclub massacre...no mention of it being a HATE CRIME against the LGBTQ community...the only offering of condolence or recognition of the suffering of the victims, their families and friends was an empty, sterile 10-second moment of silence on the House floor. On the other hand, the DEMS including, Shermer, Durbin, Murray, and Reid (Senators) prefaced their remarks by expressing their condolence for the slain and their families/friends and said the killings were first a HATE CRIME against the LGBTQ community (their words) and that the act was one of terror placing the emphasis away from the terrorist plot aspect that the GOP championed. The DEMS called for legislation to ban assault rifles and multi-round clips, expand background checks, and other gun control while the GOP spouted their rhetoric about seeking professional (NRA) advice on assault weapons (in the words of Mitch McConnell) and spewing offal about Second Amendment rights. Rep. Jim Himes (D) of Connecticut walked out of the House during the moment of silence in protest of the GOP persistent denial of the massacre being a hate crime. Rep. Himes was erudite and compassionate in his answers to the press afterward.

Once again, the GOP reveals how out of touch they are with their constituencies (excepting the NRA, the Gun Owners of America, and weapons manufacturers) and just how homophobic they really are. The fact that Trump is their standard bearer comes as no surprise as they are obviously as devoid of caring, compassion, and a sense of connectedness to all life as he is.

My heart goes out to all the victims, their families, and their friends and I pray for their comfort and solace during this very sad, tragic time in their lives. Blessed be.


It's not for us, the distant public, to analyze the crime scene. And our ignorance does not support a conspiracy theory. Please stop.