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The Mean, Rough Legacy of George H.W. Bush


The Mean, Rough Legacy of George H.W. Bush

Christopher D. Cook

The triumphal and counter-factual celebrating of President George H.W. Bush as an “honorable” leader who evoked kindness and “civility” raises a potently crucial question: What does it mean to be civil and kind in person and in word, yet brutal in policy and deed? Despite the gentlemanly veneer, even a cursory recalling of Bush 41’s record shows a legacy of war, criminality, and venality that belies the media’s amnesiac heroizing.


For a man with an “impressive” resume, Bush was remarkably out of touch with the people. Price of milk? No idea. How to purchase said milk in a grocery store? No idea. How can one value people if one cannot identify with them at such a rudimentary level? One cannot. The detachment of the rich makes them wholly unsuitable to represent the people, with few exceptions such as FDR to name one. As long as money stays first and foremost in the political machinations of this nation we are doomed to suffer the rich fools whose only true interest is to further ossify their class’ position in the hierarchy of privilege. WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!


Well, if you want to annoy republicans, remind them that Bush Sr. had expanded the WIC program by making Medicaid recipients automatically income qualified to receive WIC benefits. That increased the WIC case load by millions of recipients. So, much for smaller gov’t by republicans. Dare I say, “republicans can be so full of shit.”


The Sociopath that was George HW Bush and that is in fact the majority of the 1 percent now running the World acted as Sociopaths do but how is it they remain in power and gained power?

The economic system called Capitalism is one of the pillars upon which their power built, and the other is the exercise of violence against others deemed a threat to their power through the use of Police forces and the Military.

This raises the question. Why are those that commit war crimes on the orders of the one percent still seen as heroes by the Public at large?

During the time of the “highway of death” it was men and women dropping the bombs slaughtering the poeples that fled. I distinctly recall a flier boy wearing shades leaning against the wheel of his fighter jet being interviewed and with a grin on his face describing how he was observing the people trying to get away and how it like shooting fish in a barrel.

These same guys bombed Water treatment plants that lead to the death of hundreds of thousands of Children via cholera and other such epidemics.

George H W Bush could not have acted without those willing minions.

In Gulf War two there were dozens of missions Australian Pilots refused to complete because they observed children playing in the areas targetted for bombing. (This not to excuse the Australian Military for their particpation in a war crime). When the US authorities questioned whether US Pilots subsequently completed those missions instead , the US authorities refused to answer.

What do YOU the reader think the answer was?


He was in Dealey Plaza, Dallas TX, on November 22, 1963, while working for the CIA.


What is most troubling is the glorification of this man in the media and in the public. It is almost as if he were a saint. I am not saying that all americans mindlessly follow the agenda, but I’m afraid many, many do. The truth and history are victims. Anything can happen because there are no real principles or integrity. It is all just a mighty play but in this one the blood is real. It is easy to feel very lonely or isolated in this country because you realize that you are living among a vast group of people who are either brainwashed or just don’t care. Try having an intelligent conversation. It is troubling. But this is a nation where they are still executing people in electric chairs. It is a really, really disturbing place and it is difficult to see any light at the end of the tunnel.


I have heard about the lionizing of George H. W. Bush a few places, about what he had done. I have heard about the crimes he had committed in articles like this and on Democracy Now. I still haven’t heard anyone mention something I remember hearing about at the time, that there was a war (in Iraq I guess) where they were using bulldozers (I suppose) and burying people alive, which I always found particularly horrific. Haven’t heard that mentioned by anyone yet. Was that on Bush 41’s watch?


See the post above by SuspiraDeProfundis regarding the “highway of death.”


he is pictured in front of the depository! one of the photos that e howard and the plumbers were looking for!


Almost a week of primetime MSM coverage to burying this two-faced, so-called good family man. Remarkably bogus, really. He was given the lipstick treatment, but remained a pig to the end.
Bush as VP was certainly a disaster for C. America. This is just the tip of his destructive personal iceberg, too. A war criminal in the 1st Circle of Crazy & Dangerous.
He should make all of us sick and ashamed. I detest this man and the whitewashed send off he received.


For a moment I felt bad for Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter in the company of front row war criminals at the funeral, but then remembered he is a top level Freemason.


Freemason or not, Bush screwed all of us with the October surprise in 1979. There also might be less dead military personnel, and probably less special operations personnel in the military, due to the botched rescue attempt in Iran.


There is much information at Consortiumnews.com, and Fromthewilderness.net on the Bush family follies.


You expressed my feelings more fully and succinctly than I could have done. Well said.


Here is one…speaking to the atrocities of 41.

“the brutal practices that were used to suppress leftist peasant uprisings in Central America in the 1980s.” - “supporting El Salvador’s right-wing security forces, which operated clandestine “death squads” to eliminate both leftist guerrillas and their civilian sympathizers”

“The insurgencies in El Salvador and Guatemala were crushed through the slaughter of tens of thousands of civilians. In Guatemala, about 200,000 people perished, including what a truth commission later termed a genocide against Mayan Indians in the Guatemalan highlands. In El Salvador, about 70,000 died including massacres of whole villages, such as the slaughter carried out by a U.S.-trained battalion against hundreds of men, women and children in and around the town of El Mozote in 1981.”

The victims of the legacy of 41’s and others vicious repression and slaughter in Central and Souhe America are fleeing the violence the US created by supporting training and arming the dictators and death squads…the “migrant issue” is one of our own making and now we doubly victimize the victims of our criminal contempt for their lives!

Making a saint of a vicious scum does not further the truth or justice!


Well said, if there truly is sainthood, one of my votes goes to Robert Perry, IMHO a great reporter and American. So sad to see him go, we need reporters of his caliber more than ever now.


Well put. I wonder if this is how the awake, “good Germans” felt in the 1930’s in Nazi Germany!