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The Meaner Trump Gets, the More Kindness We Feel


The Meaner Trump Gets, the More Kindness We Feel

Steve Klinger

"When someone stands up to violence a force for change is released. Every action for peace requires someone to exhibit the courage to challenge violence and inspire love."
— Thich Nhat Hanh


Very few people around the world have their hands so profusely dripping with the blood of innocents. GHW Bush’s betrayal of his duty to protect the public during the AIDS epidemic, something he did because he was a bigot, cost the lives of millions around the world. He did it knowingly and purposely to protect his political career and the career of his family.


… we recently grieved the loss of a very human and dedicated public servant, George H. W. Bush, even as many of us acknowledged our deep disagreements over policy. A couple of years ago some of us might not have been quite so moved at his passing, or that of John McCain, but now we mourn them as an all-but-vanished breed.

I understand what the author is attempting to say, here, but his use of the all inclusive “we” is way over the line. I DO NOT mourn the loss of any war-monger American imperialist and never will.

As for a vanishing breed, anything but. Trump may be more unstable and loonier, but Washington is filled to the brim with Bush/McCain style war hawks with both parties solidly represented. Some good points in the article, but if the author is channeling Bush and McCain to cheer me up and feel more kind, not going to happen.


A human and dedicated public servant? GHW Bush? Humbug.


Bush was a butcher, McCain an addled fool. Susan Collins is not a great moderate, she is sold out to the dark side. CommonDreams should help us avoid these shallow platitudes.



And to all a goodnight.


Kill Trump with kindness and love?


I think of this guy as the “Singuarity Quartet”- wowzie - hes good!