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The Measure of A Man: Trump Vs. The Construction Worker Who Hung A Mexican Flag on Trump Tower


The Measure of A Man: Trump Vs. The Construction Worker Who Hung A Mexican Flag on Trump Tower

Grace Under Pressure (Or Not) Dept: When Mexican/Canadian steel framer Diego Saul Reyna planted a Mexican flag atop Vancouver's almost-completed Trump Tower as a message of "love and unity," his tone was as striking as his act. His "humble request" after Drumpf's racist insults to those who in fact built it: "Please don't call everyone I love (a) criminal," adding, "Mexican brethren, this flag was for all of us." In contrast, cue Drumpf's/Borowitz' defense of an ugly tantrum after Wisconsin's loss. “I am a fabulous loser...I am the biggest loser in this country.”


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someone once said that true wealth is measured by how freely we give of ourselves. Reyna, hands down, is wealthier than Trump could hope to be
it’s a waste of effort, I realize, to even bother with criticisms of Trump. he takes the prize (if there is one) for self-degradation, and he doesn’t even realize it.


Kill 'em with Love, wage Peace.


Beautiful gesture from the people who REALLY produce. Are you listening Mr. Drumph?


Good chance this guy will introduce Sanders at some point, at some rally.


Part of what is hard about this sort of thing, and not just with respect to Donald Trump, is that he does indeed know fairly well that immigrants are building his towers. It reminds me of a particularly aggressive furniture moving boss I knew. Protesting an employee’s criticism, he countered, “But I like my customers: they bring me money.”

It had a ring of truth. The hunters I knew had great affection for the sorts of animals they shot. The farmer seldom dislikes the goat or pig he or she slaughters. People often love their dogs in some sense and spay and cage them–and I will not argue that there may be some rationale for both, but they would not do that to their children, generally. A good few people, Americans particularly, hit their children but would not hit their wives or husbands. This is a difference of class.

The workers here are pointing out that they are human in part by pointing out that they do the work. The response of the rich is that Rover will still roll over for a belly scratch.

To generalize, the wealthy are human, too. They just do not altogether grasp that we are as well. The gestures of humanity towards these chingones are painfully appealing. But we cannot really be treated as human and respond to Master’s calls both. Let us insist on human work as well as a living wage.


Now that Trump has learned that there are Mexicans in Canada, will he want to build a wall on the Canadian border and send the bill to Trudeau ?