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The Measure of Our Happiness

The Measure of Our Happiness

H. Patricia Hynes

For the past seven years ago, the United Nations has issued a report titled the World Happiness Report. While this report may sound somewhat lightweight, it actually ranks countries by serious measures including income, freedom, trust in government, social support, life expectancy and how happy citizens perceive themselves to be. The highest-ranking countries are those, we learn, that have “strong social welfare systems and an emphasis on equality.”

The decadence of our ruling politboro, and there move towards facism will never allow the elite to lose power and a strong social welfare state to replace them.

A complete revolution of the people is the only answer.


“12% cut in Health and Human Services, despite the opioid addiction crisis.”

Opioid addiction has plenty to do with self medication from the despair felt by people in poverty, living in a dysfunctional society and the profitable War on Drugs.

Our orange terrorist in chief now says windmills cause cancer:


A good article seriously degraded by feminist misinformation. Fact is, 99.99999% of “white males” despise the extremely rare Caucasian men who commit violent crimes. And males are twice as likely to be victims of violence as females. Lacing feminist agenda frauds into important matters like Gross National Happiness just poisons an otherwise constructive dialogue…and empowers counter bigots like Trump. I would have reposted this article but the racist, sexist bigotry makes it toxic.

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OK, show of hands: How many people here were shocked–SHOCKED!–to learn that “most policies adopted by our government are those that favor the economic elite and business interests”? Or that USians are less happy than people in some Third World countries? Or that we should vote for “alternatives”?

Back under the regime of George II Jim Hightower wrote a book titled If the Gods Had Wanted Us to Vote, they Would Have Given Us Candidates. Apparently they still don’t, but they’re taking extra measures just to make sure.

The U.S. has only dropped one place? It’s amazing that this country is as far up the list as it is!

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Yes – I though that was quite shocking as well.

This is the same link to Richard Wilkinson that I have left here at CD many times before. I find it worth repeating here so that any who have not seen it might.

17 minutes gives a well documented overview of the reasons that class conflict is central.