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The Media Has a Huge Blind Spot on Terrorism


The Media Has a Huge Blind Spot on Terrorism

Jim Naureckas

Shortly before the United Kingdom’s “Brexit” vote, the shocking murder of Jo Cox — a member of parliament and a vocal Remain supporter — exposed the racist roots of elements in the victorious Leave campaign.

That much you may have heard.


No right turn onto Terror Street


I find it odd that the obvious REASON for this omission isn't mentioned:

"This lack of curiosity about the influence of the violent far right is a long tradition in U.S. corporate media."

If white guys do it, it isn't terror! That's the basic underlying theme.

Men beat up their wives and too often judges give them a pass.

College boys rape girls and most of the time, judges give them a pass and that's IF the matter gets to court at all.

White police murder Black kids in custody and no one is ever TRULY held to account.

U.S. military personnel bomb hospitals, use drones to shoot at innocents, and dig the bullets out of massacred bodies... but they're all heroes, right?

And the McVeigh matter may well have been another FBI-sponsored event even though it was pinned on McVeigh.

Just as Hollywood has made common cause with the MIC and CIA and shared not just physical resources, but also scripts; it's likely that Hollywood insiders are the ones who come up with PLOT DEVICES like leaving wholly unscathed passports at the scene of major burns and site destruction; or that McVeigh just happened to have that text on-hand when he enacted the dire deed; or any number of odd "coincidences" that look too much like PLANTED EVIDENCE to be seriously considered anything else.

So long as Mars Rules, acts of brutality by white males will be considered consistent with the War Business As Usual... and therefore exonerated (when not celebrated) rather than penalized or punished.


I also believe that the MSM has some major fear, whether consciously acknowledged or not, that by confronting domestic terrorism they will cause a violent backlash from the very demographic they've so cleverly worked to nurture. There is no question that media respond to public opinion, and who yells the loudest? The hate mongers . . .


Aren't that interested? BULLSHIT, it is more so than ever due to the main stream media being owned by the same group that owns the pre-stage to the worlds' a stage - Hollywood. As such there MO is as follows, "In with the stage (as they stage real world events), out with the show (as they then report upon only their staged events)". Like clock work it is in with the stage, out with the show. Just as Hollywood director Aaron Russo was told by his pal Rockefeller when he asked Rockefeller, "How are you going to get the American public to believe this thing (911) is a terrorist attack?". Rockefeller answered, "You of all people should know Aaron, if you want to get the people to believe something you simply play it over and over and over again to them. Eventually, they believe it". They call it radio and television, "PROGRAMMING" for a reason people. Because it programs people and social systems!


P.S. Two worldly figures of our past independently describe the same sole source. This makes for an unlikely and unheard of Brotherhood. Sit down before you read the next line.
JFK and Bin Laden were brothers, but they weren't just ordinary brothers, they were brothers in arms. This can clearly be seen when we match up the speech by JFK that got himself killed, along with OBL's (Osama Binm Laden) first statement following 911.

The JFK Bin Laden Connection - Unbeknownst to and even of each other, they were brothers onto the same target.

The speech that killed JFK:


Bin Ladens 1st statement after 911:
Bin Laden Statement