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The Media Is Already Bungling Its Trump Re-Election Coverage

The Media Is Already Bungling Its Trump Re-Election Coverage

Ryan Cooper

Hillary Clinton's email scandal was the single most-covered story of the entire campaign in 2016. Trump was key in this process: As the story went on, he would seize on any new development and blast it as part of his Crooked Hillary narrative. The press would then write stories about Trump's statements and tweets. Rinse and repeat.

Closing paragraph:

“As for the [Democratic] party rank and file, it might be worth considering not nominating someone [Biden] who has 50 years of baggage.”

While the “party rank and file” who vote in the primaries could be framed as “nominating Biden” if it boils down to that at the convention, it is certainly NOT the rank and file who are pushing him forward now. It is the corrupt leadership of the party doing so, and that’s who should “consider not nominating” Biden. This process has not been driven by the “rank and file,” who also were not the ones who propped H Clinton up as the “inevitable” nominee in 2016, but again by the corrupt (and stupid) party leadership.


It has been 50 years of deceit and corruption mainly by the republicans with enough demos to help them along.

In all that time the dem party, dccc, dnc have not learned a thing. Why? Good Cop/Bad Cop? I can bet there are dems in bed with this corrupted party.


The Uniparty, like Ricky and Lucy, sleep in the same master bedroom but in separate queen-sized beds, apparently. So, I’d say in context about 65 years, instead of 50. Or, about the time of the rise of Fidel Castro in Cuba and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.

I don’t have a link, but I heard yesterday that Bernie’s old Mayoral TV tapes have surfaced, and someone had them digitized and available on youtube.
These old recordings should make up a good share of his campaign , imho.

Yeah, there’s no corruption there with Hunter and Ol’ Delaware Joe. Just move on.

Get ready for this vaccination shot- ok, anything you hear now about this corruption of the Bidens and Ukraine is just propaganda by Trump, so you will dismiss it from now on.

Problem is I knew about this long before Trump and Gulliani started doing anything about it and I don’t Esharping care what Trump does or doesn’t do on talking about stuff- it doesn’t determine my thinking- got that?


Oh, and the idea that there was only some sleaze with Hillary Goddamn Clinton and her private server, her “you mean with a cloth” cleansing of it, and the Clinton foundation is absurd.


The MSM is not in the “News” business, they are in the entertainment business.
The more they can entertain the people, the more their ratings go up.


They’re in the propaganda and persuasion business. That’s the only business they’ve ever been in.

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You are both correct. They are in the ‘profit’ business. Sometimes that means entertainment, and at all times that means accepting the bribes of the establishment.

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Donald Trump’s dementia is irreversable and it’s progressing. There isn’t going to be a Donald Trump re-election campaign because the Donald is going to be incapable of answering an unrehearsed question in a debate format, even if he gets high tech cue cards so he can just read the words and pretend that there isn’t any cue card system.

To quote my favorite Rep, “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.” Do you really think neo-McCarthyite Rachael Madcow is going to buck the network execs and sacrifice her $7million paycheck?