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The Media Myth of the Working-Class Reagan Democrats


The Media Myth of the Working-Class Reagan Democrats

Neal Gabler

Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, we are likely to get all sorts of mainstream media analysis about how his narrow pathway to Election Day victory runs through white working-class America, the way Ronald Reagan’s did, while the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, must corral young people, minorities and the well-educated.


Couldn't agree more with your analysis. Eloquently and well stated.


Actually Thomas Frank as a brilliant rebuttal of Bartels here: http://web.archive.org/web/20080309095606/http://www.tcfrank.com/dismissd.pdf


Thanks, I've been trying that link for fifteen minutes.


Thanks again. The reason I left as is is because on one of my tries it came up blue but went to a way back machine or some such.


Kshama Sawant is a great one for this: movement4bernie.org.

She is a socialist, iirc, but I am wondering what might happen if we all join that already large and already left leaning Independent Party. Even if Sanders does win (please dear god) it will give him a separate platform to run on and meet the debate and ballot requirements, unlike the Greens or Socialists, who truly have an uphill battle in getting on the stage.

I'm open to the smaller parties, but hoping we can all join in one that has clout and presence. It's too late to keep banging our heads against the wall.

Go Bernie.http://movement4bernie.org


Found this link: https://brandnewcongress.org/ over at DKos on the BNR diary by LeiparDestin.

Apparently, these people are from the Sanders campaign and are hoping to keep the movement going.

I am firstly knowing that Bernie will win, but secondly (just in case and even in addition to) wanting to do this thing! We've got a lot of great thinkers here and resources.

I'm wondering if there might be a place we could gather online dedicated to ensuring that we have a large enough party to get into debates and to really push our candidates up and down the ticket. For now just mulling it over....


I watched a clip of Trump being sexist at one of his rallies and found myself thinking, "really? This is the guy we're supposed to be afraid of?" He's a bufoon who will be ineffective as a general election candidate and if Hillary (should she become the dem nominee) should somehow blow the election through scandal and voter disgust, then Trump will be ineffective as president. At worst he will be a four year embarrassment. Hillary will be an eight-year catastrophe. We should get fear off the table and proceed with clear-headed logic. And Bernie is still in the race. A few more primary wins would change everyone's thinking and attitudes going forward.


Advice to the "Reagan Dems..."

"We Southern Democrats are just like you Republicans.... except that we let in a few Blacks and a few women. Then everyone thinks things are just fine the way they is."

Tokenism to serve the status quo while granting the (superficial) appearance of diversity: that's how the Democratic party came to serve the same pro-war, pro-business status quo that's operated as the feeding trough for the Republican high donor rollers for some time.


From the article above:

"The percentage of low income voters going democratic has actually risen since the 1980s."

Oh, that is nice. Why are they still low-income?

"Fat lot of good it done 'em, eh?"


The vote totals in the last six presidential elections suggest that the country is moving left toward the Democrats but with Republican governors being elected in 31 states this suggests the opposite is true. Maybe people want a more liberal federal government and more conservative state government. The effect of this has been that many federal programs don't function that well when the states get involved. This was a criticism of Sander's college tuition plan since it needed funding at the state level. The presidential election is now about which way the swing states will go and which blue and red states can be turned into swing states, if not to win them than to get your opponent to spend valuable time and money trying to keep the lead in red and blue states, leaving less time and money to battle for the swing states. It appears the Obama has turned Virginia and North Carolina into swing states and Clinton is now working on Georgia. Texas could follow. That could in effect end the Republican's southern strategy and force them to tryu to find another strategy for winning presidential elections.


I grew up in Western Kansas in the 80s. Frank was essentially right in his book. So much so that reading the book produced no moments of Revelation. lts conclusions were obvious. Anyone who doubts them should try not flying over the state for once and stop in the state. A few conversations with people in the rural counties can confirm Frank's thesis.


And from the excerpts I've read and the summaries, it sounds like Listen Liberals! is another spot on book.


I read Listen, Liberal. It's excellent too. Unfortunately, since it doesn't fit the official Democratic party narrative, it's not getting the attention it deserves in the MSM. Should be required reading for liberals.


Thank you. I'm curious how the article got chopped, and grateful for your including the concluding paragraphs.


"Killary" undermines any authority your post may have had. It essentially reduces its value to zero. Too bad you decided to be "funny." It ruined what might otherwise have been an interesting post, but I will never know, because I stopped reading at the childish idiocy of "Killary."


Bit of a shame, really: I like CommonDreams, but this sort of sloppiness hinders its effectiveness.


Thanks for the link. Glad you got it sorted out. Good info. It inspired me to order a copy of "Listen, Liberal" by Frank.


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Instead of asking whether the glass is half full, we need to ask what's in the glass.