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The Media Never, Ever Gives Peace a Chance


The Media Never, Ever Gives Peace a Chance

Ted Rall

At this writing, President Trump is considering "the possibility of retaliation in Syria in response to a suspected chemical attack on young children and families in the Syrian city of Douma," reported CBS News. "If it's the Russians, if it's Syria, if it's Iran, if it's all of them together, we'll figure it out," Trump said. "Nothing's off the table," including a military attack by the United States.


Cindy Sheehan has never stopped speaking for peace against war, even when the democrats hung her to dry when Obama got elected. You want to know who took down the anti-war movement? Obama. She camped outside Martha’s Vineyard just as Crawford. There are a few of us who will never stop speaking against all war everywhere.


It’s good to hear from Ted Rall again. It’s been too long.


The media…what a joke.


There no money in peace. What Corporations on this Globe promote peace and generate profits off peace that would put advertising Dollars into the Media to promote “The Business of Peace” ?

There are NONE I can think of and that the reason the Media are never advocates of the same reveals their underlying role, and that to generate profits even if it kills us all. Let us first and formeost rid ourselves of this notion that the Media there to inform us. They are there to dictate to us what we should conform to and that is a world at perpetual war.

The elements of the media that still see their role as one of informing the Public, are being marginalized as “fake news” and being censored by the same media and tech giants like Google.


Well, to their credit (half sarcasm,) the MSM has at least gone out of their way to identify Democrats who support bombing Syria.

And while the points of pacifism and due process are valid, they are not necessary. Even if we were certain that war could solve at least some of the world’s problems, and even if we were certain that Assad had gassed his own citizens, no one that I know of has asked either of these two obvious questions:

  1. How is a bombing raid supposed to reduce the probability of future chemical weapons attacks on Syrian civilians?
  2. How do the Syrian people benefit from a bombing raid?


Turn Off MSM, Tune In To Peace, and Drop The Hammer On Trump.


How does American propaganda affect public policy?


Ask Donnie Demento as he watches FOX SPEWS.


This same MSM rallies the troops(the 95% of the voting electorate) by constantly and consistently mentioning the words, “Republicans” and “Democrats” to create the battle lines so listeners can self identify with one of those two groups.

Yes, the MSM is by design, as the Oligarchs order it to be, the seductive, “Debbie Does Dallas” cheerleaders for the Duopoly.


What is BSNBC doing to curb the influence of American propaganda?


One of the reasons we “heart war” is that The Owners never let us forget about the military. Whether it’s the NFL or NASCAR, etc., it’s frequently featured. Every year, we get the Blue Angels…no matter that the majority polled don’t want them, we get them nevertheless. The Owners remain silent, though, when a negative story about the V.A. emerges. The V.A. is a huge organization. The recently-departed head (David Shulkin) was fired for resisting privatization, but The Owners went with Donald’s line that he resigned. The Owners care so much.


Here is president (#35) who knew how to wage peace. How would Trump have handled the Cuban missile crisis?

Pretty good movie I just happened to stumble upon a while ago.


Give Peace A Chance (1969) - Official Video


visit his website for daily posts


Thanks. I shall do so.


Yup. Follow the dollars.

It is strange to find myself in a bizarre episode of the Twilight Zone where I have come to realize that everything I hear from our government is highly likely to be a lie. It is even more odd to realize that I mean nothing - absolutely NOTHING - to these people. If they could get away with it and killing me would make them ten cents, they would do it.

It is unreal to watch these sociopaths work.


Exactly. Peace is off the table.