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The Media's Quadrennial Eclipse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/17/medias-quadrennial-eclipse


“We’re coming up on Giving Tuesday. How about you take a look around and support the media that sees you back?”

Good point. So much of neoliberalism’s power rested in the corporate media sphere, which drove the minds of far too many. For just one example we were trending toward more fuel efficient vehicles when the soccer-mom meme was invented to push toward guzzling SUVs that boosted profits for oil and automobile corporations. But gee, those moms and children were always smiling as they encouraged the Planet to burn!

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It’s that eclipsing of the demos that leads me to think that neo-liberalism’s not dead yet. Neoliberalism as you’ll recall, is that governing theory that came of age with Reagan and Thatcher by which society is seen purely as a market and the needs of humans are second to profit. Some—progressives mostly—have started saying that after Covid, Trump and climate catastrophe, it’s in trouble.

Neoliberalism is in trouble. It will be in worse trouble with the next capitalist collapse resulting from the infusion of make believe money into the pluto-sphere and the decoupling of stock market performance and reality.

If a grassroots, community-based movement doesn’'t spring into action, things could get worse. There are powerful (rich) forces pushing for techno-capitalism to take its place:


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Love to see more TV media that focused only on stories about issues and solutions and ZERO on politics (as defined as repub vs Dem OR anything involving the word bipartisanship.

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“The Media”, it seems to me that they are doing what they have always done, desperately trying to feed the preference of their audience for fantasy.
Literally, it is necessary to intellectualize the elemental, unfortunately it does no more than obfuscate the simple and obvious. We prefer fantasy to reality, it has become a product. Without it we are not who we are. It is not sustainable.

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