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The Medicare-for-All imperative: Beyond "Saving" the Affordable Care Act


The Medicare-for-All imperative: Beyond "Saving" the Affordable Care Act

RoseAnn DeMoro

Sen. Bernie Sanders' CNN health care debate with Sen. Ted Cruz Tuesday night was a case study of the competing visions of social justice and free market fundamentalism.

The ostensible frame of the debate was on the expected repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

But the presence of Sanders on the stage changed the discourse to a broader contrast of compassion or a ruthless you’re on your own society.


"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." - Frederic Bastiat, 1848

In the US the "course of time" was interrupted by the New Deal during the 30s. With the right ascending during the sixties and seventies, the subject legal system and moral code accelerated during Saint Ron's 1980s reign and concurrent Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation. With the GOP now being handed more control in federal and state government than has been the case since prior to the New Deal, the sinister corporate legal system and moral code goals will be achieved 100% before the 2018 midterm elections.

Nobody could glorify plunder better than Trump does.


Wow, some of that I didn't even know about the ACA, such as children's dental and vision coverage. Definitely another point on which to question the "replacers."


Great quote.


We need a national day or even a week long single-payer health care teach-in. The Tea Party GOP and corporate Democrats will resort to every mendacious use of language to distrot and confuse the public.


Glad that Bernie has a voice.


I could be wrong, but my impression has been that people are grappling with how to establish something like universal health care for some -- contradictory concepts. We do want to maintain a separate health care system for the jobless poor. It wouldn't make sense to provide more than emergency room or Medicaid (limited) health care to our very poor, since lack of adequate food and shelter take a very heavy toll on health. Maybe call it the Current Workers' Medicare plan? Something that tied directly into your current job?

Also, note that Medicare without Medicaid would be of limited use to low wage workers. Medicaid covers doctors' visits (checkups, etc.), immunizations, as well as any prescriptions, for low-income retirees and the disabled.


These are complicated issues. For example, what came to be called AFDC (the primary former welfare program) was actually first included in FDR's Social Security Act (the New Deal), later separated to focus on the specific needs of young families in poverty. The Clinton administration ended actual welfare aid (TANF is a short-term, marginally subsidized job program, only for those with children). Little attention was paid to the fact that Clinton also began similarly "reforming" Social Security as well, targeting the disabled.

I think the US is simply reversing history. The Great Society grew directly from the New Deal. It was necessary to end that, before we could begin dismantling the New Deal. The agenda goes well beyond the poor alone, of course, as we've seen the steady phasing out of labor unions for years, for example. I read recently that only roughly 10% of workers still have union representation. We've been racing back to the 1920s, setting the stage for the Great Depression ll.


Sorry, DH,

But is that sarcasm?

It's why universal health care needs to be paired with a universal income, with both an upper and lower limit, both the same. Think we can get the Republicans to approve those?


RoseAnn. YOU ROCK! Bernie Sanders. You Rock! Jill Stein. You Rock! Keith Ellison. You Rock! Can we come together? Black Lives Matter. We Stand With Standing Rock. Must I go on? I guess so. lol - Bring in The Dreamers & LBGTQ Community. Let's take back our country, starting with occupying the DNC. Then challenge the cold-hearted s.o.b.'s that call themselves patriotic Americans - the so-called Republican Party. Common you so-called Independents; we can't just watch our Planet burn into a chaotic climate, civilization-killing, hazardous alien landscape. Let's get back into the "Dance". The Dance of loving living, again!