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The Meek Be Damned on Global Warming

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/02/meek-be-damned-global-warming

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Having devoted my professional career (from which I am thankfully retired) in environmental research and education, I often remark that I felt like my research efforts, along with those of so many of my peers, were basically part of a pre-“autopsy” of the planet. It was quite dejecting. Somehow, knowledge that the sun will ultimately end in a spectacular death that will cook off whatever is left of life on earth is reassuring in that I could have never “saved the world” after all. Still, my morality wants to give life on earth the best ride possible for the time it might have. Now I embrace my inner stoic and enjoy the time that I have left on the earth, contributing where I can, but with constrained expectations. Politically, I hope that some version of my morality will prevail. Wishing you Peace and Progress friends.


I remain both curious and astounded by the common assertion that the issue is whether humans will be extinguished by climate change. Even the above article, which first notes th4 a million other species will ALL die , is primarily concerned that the most widely dispersed multicellular organism on the planet as “going” extinct.
ALL ecologists and population biologists understand that the incomprehensible numbers and worldwide distribution of the solipsistially solely self-concerned omnivore is the least likely of all vertebrate species to blink out. Even if it were to lose 99.9% in the increasingly probable great dying, it would retain sufficient diversity to escape.Minimum Viable Population of humans is as little s a bit over 5 to under 10 thousand moderately genetically linked individuals. this number is a millionth of the present population.
Although some SW Asian cultures flirt with average first cousin matings, such traditions are unlikely to hold.
Right now, the humans of several high seas-exploiting nations are bringing you both extremely low and high trophic levels to swill, or have your domestic food slaves eat.
Without elaborating, you are likely to be among the LAST of all large organisms to suffer extinction. IN USA’s Georgia, fishermen have already introduced dried jellyfish snacks for you.

It is the OTHER, more essential organisms, who will suffer the desolation of extinction. many of those others have minds and intelligences of which almost NONE of you have any understanding. this, even as you psychopathically claim their lack of intelligence because they do not communicate through your particular self-referential and highly, intentionally confabulating symbolic languages. You pollute so many habitats in the wasteful creation of rockets to escape the earth you continue to foul, you callously ignore the deaths you impose for your “technologies” that serve only to proclaim th e SAME squabbling hierarchical scrabbling you nearly all do.

With only a minor exploration of the vital symbioses necessary for your personal body to live, which would experience the collapse of any ecosystem which has too many of its species removed, upon your leaving earth, you would begin to understand that your immune, digestive, and other systems would go more haywire than the present autoimmune and systemic responses to impoverished flora (and even viruses! More virus species than you understand affect bacteria and other symbiotes inhabiting you), really quite soon resulting in your demise.

Nevertheless, tragedy is defined as avoidable loss. Because you WILL NOT avoid, the ancient Greeks taught, you WILL bring your doom upon yourself.
This is the fate of denialists, but for the sole saving grace of the compassionate, the intelligent. Oddly it is more often the young who have those two saving graces, losing it only due to malevolent instruction and modeling by their elders.

Those who deny reality in favor of their confabulations, exist like cancers or organisms that only become virulent when they achieve sufficient quora. Right now, they have achieved ascendance, but are getting some flak.

They still carry their loads, fueled by almost all of us, ready to firebomb our very home.

The tiny, the meek WILL inherit. Prokaryotes still run this place, forever outevolve us. These invisible rulers live from the deeps of kilometers of earth, depths of seas.
Consumption of all earth’s greater beings by a termitish humanity WILL hit upon numerous ecologically keystone species (not all of which are predators, although without predators, your fate WILL be prion disease, parasitic microbial communicable disease, and other invisible controllers). Tragedies mount, and the human solipsism ignore these signals, even as they become more intensive, more cruel, more hurtful to the innocent.

I merely happen to have been in playful and respectful contact with many large and small innocent minds in forest, desert, sea, air. I have been desolated by long and recent past destruction of them and their homes and oases they have mapped and traveled for perhaps eons.

My most beloved, and beloved strangers, bullet-holed, crushed by human juggernauts, have taught me through their passing that the only sure occurrence is change.

That your desire for social status symbols having no value - “wealth” has laid the greatest living beings on earth, I know, having walked a couple children among the slash and wreckage of those beings whose lives lasted longer in nature than your entire recorded history.

I really do await ANYONE who will voice concern equally for those others.

Once an old whaler and commercial fisherman asked me “what good are they?” of the sea mammals he accused of taking “their” fish.
I could only respond:“they don’t owe YOU anything. You have no ‘right’ to [“ownership” of] anything outside your own body.”

He voted for the destruction of forests entire, the poisoning of atmosphere and water, the mining and privatization - the very things that directly CAUSED his profession to collapse.
But he had used his gains to collect some human domiciles, so that he could parasitically live off other humans who as a result of this parasitism called ownership and rental, could never, will never, have a chance at a home of their own.

This, finally, parasitism, is how humans are choosing to view and treat the earth and every other life upon it.

I’d sure love to be out on that far reef, or bodysurfing in those waves where the dolphins once scanned and surprised us in play .

I would sure love to once again watch and hear the Wolf wend his way in dark, and eagerly pursue his job, his prey, balancing life so that more could thrive than ever without his presence. Almost none of us has ever heard the low woof of the returning wolf greeting pups, who gabble and rush eagerly to lick the muzzle, both loving and seeking nourishment. It is one of the voices , the wisdoms I have hardly and but once, heard. It is a statement greater, more profound, than any book.

They, these other, more innocent and aware beings, have languages, cultures, traditions, taught by elders, learned from peers, aware with some greater Theory of Mind than ours co conflated with deception as it is.

The emotions of repeated loss bring me here these days, to address the solipsistic humans, who oddly and erroneously believe that cement, artificial power, and another’s adulation are all that has worth.

Deniers arguing over how many imaginary advocates or enemies can exist on the head of a pin, in their various forms, such as ANY solipsist who fears only for his own kind or offspring, attract my overt criticism.

I am not on a mission, but only have the impulse to voice between you and more innocent and necessary beings, whose direct communications you care nought for, except as targets, or things to be swept out of the way of your “advancements”, your economic well-being.

Such a miniscule sphere of compassion is evident in nearly ALL writings I experience in the present time.
I believe that that lack of recognition of relationship is called narcissism.

This from the article rings true; “Just as women and African-Americans had to liberate themselves from being treated as “property”. All of nature must also be emancipated.”

All of nature must have her right to exist and flourish in law in the communities/counties/States in which they exist. That means that all ecosystems must be liberated from harm and degradation by industrial farming, mining, forestry, fracking, drilling, water extraction/pollution by industrial use, and of course the poisoning of everything by pesticides and pollutants/waste.

Ultimately human existence on this mud ball requires that the rights of nature be recognized and enforced by an amendment to the constitution. In the meantime, since communities and States act as the laboratory of democracy, we need to start passing citizens initiatives to protect the environment were we live by recognizing the rights of rivers, forests, lakes, ecosystems, etc. It is already happening all over the USA.

If you want to find out more, go to celdf.org. Lots of info there and news about what your neighbors might be doing to help protect the places that they love against the corporate interests that are destroying them.