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The Menace of a Mad King

The Menace of a Mad King

Robert Reich

Trump is moving into a new and more dangerous phase.

Before, he was constrained by a few “adults” – Rex Tillerson, Gary Cohn, H.R. McMaster, and John Kelly – whom he appointed because he thought they had some expertise he lacked.

Now he’s either fired or is in the process of removing the adults. He’s replacing them with a Star Wars cantina of toadies and sycophants who will reflect back at him his own glorious view of himself, and help sell it on TV.


Ultimately we shall discover if “checks and balances” are more effective than “thoughts and prayers”, but the waiting is a bitch, ain’t it.


As Retired 4 Star General Barry McCaffrey showed this week, the country is in danger “because” of Donald Trump.

The Military has an obligation to the country to do the right thing.


If there are going to be consequences for Trump they will be manifested in the upcoming election. The people can have their say. It is really comes down to priorities of voters. How much does it mean to them to vote Republicans out of power so Congress can operate to counter Trump rather than going along with his efforts to destroy the safety net, remove science as a base for government decisions, treat the press as an enemy of the country, move toward authoritarian rule, elevate white supremacy into the mainstream of American life, etc? We will find out in November whether or not their are consequences.


Malignant narcissism is destructive and potentially deadly----in this case, catastrophic. The only way to deal with a malignant narcissist is to not have any contact with them. How to do this in a country filled with other narcissists and not enough critical thinkers?

How to defuse and render benign the enablers of trump who feed him narcissistic supply? That would include the msm.

Obviously dt did not morph out of nowhere. As discussed here on CD, his arrival was primed by the oligarchic duopoly and the system of pathology in general that is the u.s. who currently ranks as one of the most narcissistic countries in the world.

We who have empathy and are critical thinkers cannot ignore the other factors at play here in the u.s. They are overwhelming factors and may expedite the demise of life on this planet. I am not sure what it will take.
Collapse may be inevitable

“The U.S. is the second-most narcissistic country in the world, with a huge 23.4-point gap between its internal and external valuations. The Reputation Institute posits that that may have something to do with the global reaction to our current commander-in-chief, who may land among the most narcissistic presidents himself.”

From way back in 2009 these authors could see the trajectory that, in part, brought us trump:

In their new book, “The Narcissism Epidemic,” psychologists Jean M. Twenge and W. Keith Campbell explore the rise of narcissism in American culture


I wrote right after the (s)election of the orange dictator that “given enough rope he and his regime would hang themselves”; that hope has been too long coming but is getting nearer.

The enormity of the destruction, crimes, odious behaviors, political/social divisions sown in America, and the threat of new wars by this malignant nutter have become so destructive, and so pervasive, one might think the daily routine could not persist. Millions seek the so-far tepid wide condemnation of his clownish antics, and very dangerous/destructive actions by trump himself and his chosen agents. That such a malignant agenda would precipitate wider, stronger, opposition and demands from most all sectors to limit and/or end his destruction. Unfortunately neither the R’Cons or the DINO DP, nor corporate complicit media/press has rallied to the cause of defending America, common decency, or calling-out trumps egregious being and actions!

The only agency focusing on this with any respect is the Mueller investigation that is apparently closing-in on the trump presidency vis a vis “Russia”, presidential campaign, business crimes, corruption, and conflicts of interest. “Stormy” Daniels and the other sexual assault victims/crimes alleged may be a thorn in trumps side, but the real meat of criminal enterprise is Muller and the trump organization colusion, etc that will hopefully finally put a stake thru the heart of this most odious utterly destructive, truly malignant, sociopath!

The bottom-line is trump will do anything to evade responsibility, shift/divert attention, hire lawyers to muddy the waters (read lie) and drag-out his hoped-for prosecution, removal as prez, and eventual incarceration - trump’s first, most pressing antagonist being the Mueller Investigation as the only force to perhaps bring trump to justice, given the obvious corruption, complicity, and collusion of AG Sessions & other sycophant stooges.

The most dangerous diversion used by presidents and dictators over millennia are foreign wars - today’s being destructive unto genocide and potential extinction, and domestic atrocities on minorities.


With all due respect to you, the linked “Most narcissistic Countries in the World” is written - or dreamed-up by Jess Bolluyt
“Jess is a Gear & Style Writer and obsesses over everything from social networks and their data and policies to the latest apps to download and try out. She graduated from a women’s college in Pennsylvania and is a recent transplant to the south, where she enjoys learning about local startups, exploring small towns, and living in a USDA zone conducive to growing tropical plants”

If you still have the time I suggest you delete that utterly sophomoric rubbish before you embare-ass yourself even further - the entire thing is crap…

McCaffrey is a loon who pushed the failed war on drugs from the WH. Doubtful anyone in power will notice or care about his comments, even if they were the smartest words he’s has uttered in his life.


Foreign wars are surely a diversion from an administration’s headaches at home.

That said, Trump, the Republican Congress, and the Oligarchs on both sides of this fight being televised each and every fucking day, has created a war right here at home that has engulfed everyone, will not go away.

Retired 4 Star General Barry R. McCaffrey has already articulated the “danger” our country is in, solely because of Trump.

Mad Dogs are put down. Mad men in powerful positions deserve no less. Waiting to act on this is a mistake.


His stint as “Drug Czar” is less than stellar I admit, and his ties to corporate business relations during military conflicts are subject for concern as well.

However, the truth in his words about the danger Trump poses for the United States of America demand attention.

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As long as Trump is seen as representing the interests of white people he will maintain political support no matter what he does. He keeps blaming everything on the Democrats which I think his supporters take to mean the party that supports the needs of blacks. Trump was elected by being a white supremacist and that is the only way he can maintain power. He has brought out the worst in people and it is clear that there is a lot more ugliness in America than most people realized. The ugly side of America could triumph. There is no guarantee the better side of America will win out.


Trump appears to be purging the FBI with full cooperation, or silent consent, from lunatics in Congress. He’s at war with the last three leaders (one acting) of it, and is stacking agencies with outright conspiracy mongers, like Pruitt, and grifters. That some on the Left refuse to see what’s in front of them amazes me to this day.

He’s not exposing a thing. He’s doing what I expected him to do, run government like a criminal enterprise with himself at the top. He likes dictators and fossil fuel oligarchs like Putin, he’s mimicking what he likes.


Absolutely. Progressive goodness is not inevitable, people can be bad. All one has to do is look at the Reconstruction period to see that.

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A very succinct and salient synopsis of the situation, Dr. Reich!

I just hope things hold together until November. Events could potentially escalate very quickly.

That is the truest paragraph that any of us could possibly write! Sad, but true, I believe.

You and I are on the same page in relation to the article, and for once in my life I agree with McCaffrey. My point is, because of his past transgressions (as you pointed out), his credibility is zero. Not the type of person we need to reference in these terrible times, or expect anyone in power to listen to.

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Reich is worried about Trump seeing Kim man to man not because Trump might get angry and start a nuclear war. Like others of the Deep State, Reich is more worried about what Shupak said here in CD, that peace breaks out.


After 10,000 of our men and women in uniform died in Vietnam in 1968, I took the next 5 years of my life, to work towards Peace.

Becoming politically active at the age of 17, I and many others hoped that, Peace would break out.

What a concept Peace is. The opposite of Hate and War. Imagine what our country could do, could accomplish, if we didn’t spend $1 Trillion a year on Hate and War.



“Feeling insulted and defied by Kim, an unconstrained Trump could order an attack on North Korea – precipitating a nuclear war.”

Not too worried about that. Trump is a conservative who surrounds himself with conservatives. Studies show that conservatives are cowards. They only start wars when their asses are not on the line, as in a nuclear war.