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The Menace of a Mad King

Prof, this is a bit overheated, considering that we all knew about Donald going in. The far more pressing issue is what we are (allowed) to do about the occupation of our government.

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Caroline has a good point… We wouldn’t be saddled by a narcissist president if he didn’t resonate with this narcissist country. We only speak one language (rather poorly, much of the time), we are afraid of and ignorant about other peoples to a remarkable extent, believe religiously in our “exceptionalism” (ignoring the fact that everyone is exceptional in their own way) and our right to police the world and create it in our corporate-friendly image. Such arrogance! This can only be cured by being humbled; again, Caroline nails it: a collapse may be the best thing that could happen, not just for us, but for us all.


The New York post recently featured a comment made by a former “friend” of the Donald. He said that the Donald would gleefully destroy everything and everyone around him just to save his own ass. That opinion is shared by many that have had any personal or business dealings with Trump.
Some people just want to watch the world burn. I don’t believe the Donald cares ether way, just so long as his finely polished shoes don’t get any ash on them.


Wag the dog anyone?

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These studies provide insight into properly constructing arguments the conservative mind can absorb, but people don’t fit neatly into categories. I know plenty of liberals whose fear and anxiety stop them from acting or embracing the obvious solution, because it’s scary and/or hard. Plus there’s a lot of misinformation out there, which has been disproven but is still accepted as the truth; among it a perception that Democrats are anti-war, or more anti-war than the GOP. If that’s true, it’s a very recent development:


I can’t call Trump conservative in any way, which is why I’m so surprised conservatives keep supporting him. They could easily point at him and say he’s not at all conservative, considering the waste he has lain. The problem is today’s liberals (the Dems) are yesterday’s conservatives, and today’s Republicans are fascists. The left is not represented in a cohesive and viable political party, or in legislatures, and most definitely not in our Constitution.


Thanks Steve for taking time - I do agree with Caroline in what she wrote generally, my comment was pointed toward the first of two linked articles I found sophomoric drivel, lacking in many ways - the “Most narcissistic Countries in the World” was to me at least, ridiculous claptrap - an exercise in vapid expression, as much else from the same source.appears to be, empty waste of space from a shallow source - nations are not “narcissistic” people are, and the most malignant, evil, and obvious example of such is the “Mad King” Donald Trump…not America or any other nation per se. It is also not accurate or helpful to speak of "American’s as “we”, or others as “they” - there’s a vast gulf between “us”…the problems lie with wealth, economic system, arrogant leaders and corrupted governance…usually, not “citizens” lumped together as a “we”…it just rubbed me wrong. I see ignorance and shallow social values - lack of education, religious indoctrination/brainwashing, wage and debt slavery, and vulture capitalism and jingoism breeding grounds that create narcissistic personalities and values, or lack thereof - “national narcissism” is a canard.

The second article Caroline linked: “Me, me, me! America’s ‘Narcissism Epidemic” was essentially on the mark, it pointed out the behaviors of citizens - people, not a pronouncement on “nations” - such rubbish is like labeling any group with an over-reaching status or identity - men, women, ethnic or religious groups, whites, blacks, Latinos - it is ridiculous and demeaning garbage, such as “we” get from trump himself - I reacted to the first article, perhaps too energetically… My bad…

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Thanks and welcome to Common Dreams Andrew, I hope you will express your views here often, they will add to the conversation/dialogue.

Not only flying solo, but also without instruments and in a dense fog at night.

But we probably have more to fear from the unelected Mad Adults behind the scene and in positions of high power, who seem hell-bent on a direct conflict with Russia. Trump’s true purpose as a reality TV-bred public distraction is playing out to a full house, with the wildly successful performance egged on by ‘fake news’ and social media. What a show!

Gotta keep your eye on the ball here.


Our naked Emperor is certifiably insane, but enjoys a wide following, including his sycophantic Republican handlers. Gawd only knows what lies ahead for our country and the rest of the world as his madness asserts itself in decisions yet to be made. We are playing a very dangerous game by tolerating him as POTUS. It will take years, even generations, to undo the damage he’s already done, let alone what he will generate in the future. His bizarre behavior negatively affects the entire world community.


“Conservatism unfettered leads to fascism”.

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His ace is Pence - keeps those anti- choice Christians” happy. Makes sure all are born so they are fodder for gun wielding patriots exercising their 2nd amendment rights by mowing down students, or dying from polluted air and water as all environmental safeguards are removed, or going down in nuclear flames with the rest of us when we attack Russia

You want “way back”? Try this:

The art of crisis management, now widely acknowledged to be the essence of statecraft, owes its vogue to the merger of politics and spectacle. Propaganda seeks to create in the public a chronic sense of crisis, which in turn justifies the expansion of executive power and the secrecy surrounding it. The executive then asserts his “presidential” qualities by conveying his determination to rise to crisis, whatever the crisis of the moment happens to be–to run risks, to test his mettle, to shrink for no danger, to resort to bold and decisive action even when the occasion calls for prudence and caution.

That’s from Christopher Lasch’s The Culture of Narcissism, from waaaay back in 1979.


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I think a collapse of the American Empire is inevitable. It’s just a matter of when and how hard it will be.

The other day, I overheard someone use the acronym PIGS, which used to refer to, in a quite unflattering manner, the struggling economies of Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain. All four of those countries used to be great empires–indeed, the very structure of Western Civilization is held up by the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian orders of ancient Greece and Rome. The mighty empire fallen to dust. Some poet wrote about that, I think.

Of course, I’m ultimately pessimistic. I do believe that we have entered into the sixth mass extinction event in human history. It will take time, I will probably be dead before it gets to the panic stage, but that seems inevitable. We have over-populated, over-polluted, over-harvested the planet; it’s time that it rests and recovers from us. And in a few more million years, maybe humanity, or some replacement, will get to try again. As Kurt Vonnegut once put it: “So it goes.”


The picture of Donigula with ths article makes him look like a pouting 5-year-old.

What “checks and balances”? Do you see something I don’t?

V, you outdid yourself on this one. Too bad we can upvote only once.
As for Caroline’s post, she, too, got it right on the narcissism, both of the orangehole and the country. I didn’t pay any attention to the links. Amerika’s hubris is A+. Ergo, narcissism, A+. We can break it all down to evangelical exceptionalism, oily oligarchs, MIC, etc. later…

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You nailed it.

What is the line that has to be crossed before we’re in full-on Sieg Heil? You know what I mean…it’s late and I’m tired…

Agreed. Mad IQ45 is dangerous, the proverbial loose cannon on deck, but he’s also a very, very useful tool of some evil folks behind the scenes. The slickest ones have figured out how to manipulate him (because of his narcissism and lack of true ego) and use his impetuousness to get what the fascists want…and I include the vile Kocks, Mercers, ALEC, et al. in that group.

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And thank you for the time and clarification. I’m with you, on all the points you make.

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Cogent observation. Think Trump is a shining example of misdirection. Let him tweet and rant, the news cycle will slavishly follow it, the “two sides” will sling mud at each other and accuse each other of “spin” and “fake news,” and meanwhile dark money flows into Congress unreported.

When Fire and Fury reported that much of Trump’s “working” day is spent in :“Executive Time,” I had to ask myself, “Who is the president? Because Trump is only the reality-TV version. Who is running the country?”

As you noted, Kochs, Mercers, ALEC . . .