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The Mexicanization of the United States


The Mexicanization of the United States

Chris Hedges

The neoliberal ideology that is the engine of corporate capitalism spews its poison around the globe. Constitutions are rewritten by judicial fiat in a mockery of democracy. Laws and regulations that impede corporate exploitation are abolished. Corporations orchestrate legally sanctioned tax boycotts. Free-trade deals destroy small farmers and businesses along with labor unions and government agencies designed to protect the public from contaminated air, water and food and from usurious creditors and lenders.


… I find your effort to discredit the CONTENT of the article before readers have a chance to take in the scope of Mr. Hedges’ assessment dubious.

This article is very important as what it says is that the same criminal activities undermining the rights of the People of Mexico (including their right and capacity to make a living) is also taking place inside the U.S. That in both instances, it’s criminal cartels “at the wheel.”

Definitely worth reading!


Hedges wrote “The continued reliance on established mechanisms of political participation and reform—the chief mistake made by the supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders—will not work. The entire system has to be demolished, as radicals in parties such as Syriza and Podemos understand. The effort is not only a war to bring down financial systems. It is a war to bring down political systems. It is a war that requires widespread and sustained popular revolt dedicated to overthrowing all the mechanisms of corporate power.”

Hedges has constantly written that he is a socialist as in his excellent column “What It Means to Be a Socialist” where he states “building of a socialist movement, is our only hope.” bit.ly/1LCMgkr

The “building of a socialist movement” must involve growing membership in socialist parties. As long as the capitalists can divert effort and votes away into the major capitalist parties or the minor capitalist reform parties, such as the Green Party, they will remain in control. Reform can only come through a socialist party not any individual or individuals within a capitalist reform party.

Although corporate power is the visible enemy the capitalist system that foisters it and that only allows temporary control and reform is what must be destroyed. I await for Hedges to support a socialist party that calls for the destruction, not reform, of capitalism.

Fascism is “a fusion between criminals and the ruling elites. It creates, as Polanyi wrote, a Mafia capitalism and a Mafia political system.” This is an inevitable progression in the terminal disease of capitalism that will only end with the death of the human race itself. The only cure is socialism.

The Mexican activists are right. Radical movements throughout the world must unite for without “global solidarity …no movement to take back power from rapacious capitalism can succeed.” The Fourth International has always been clear on this. “The socialist revolution is international in scope. As Trotsky wrote, ‘The socialist revolution begins on the national arena, it unfolds on the international arena, and is completed on the world arena. Thus, the socialist revolution becomes a permanent revolution in a newer and broader sense of the word; it attains completion only in the final victory of the new society on our entire planet.’” bit.ly/1XUv8hb

There are many ways to fight capitalism from subversion to outright revolt. But it must be clear that the goal is to destroy, not reform, capitalism. Unfortunately time for “a long process” has run out. Perhaps the anticipated world wide economic, ecological and technological collapse will speed things up. It will certainly force people to become more self sufficient if they are not dying. Simple lack of potable water will accomplish within days what bullets can. There is no peaceful way the “Mafia political system” will give up power much less any profit before people.

The future for the very survival of the human race will depend upon a massive international commitment to destroy capitalism. Only those commited to socialism will be able to fight while enduring the torture, suffering and death that is ahead.


Does Hedges attack Trump, the fascist? Does he attack Clinton, who never saw a war she didn’t like (except retroactively, so she could pretend to be a progressive)? No, he reserves his ire for Sanders, in favor of Hedges’ mythical popular uprising that will sweep all the corrupt powers that be away.

Hey Chris, we Sanders supporters are actually working for change. You’ve given up in favor of a fantasy revolution, we haven’t.

Instead of being part of the solution, you’ve become part of the problem.

Pity to see one of the greats go down like that, but there it is.


Maybe, Chris should start the Revolution by using his book profits to buy a few dozen AK 47s etc.? I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen. The masses he’s waiting for to rise up are too busy watching "Dancing with the Stars and “Downton Abbey.”


I no longer believe in his stuff because for one thing after speaking like an intellectual when defining the problem, his only solution is to speak in anti-intellectual generalities of what other people should do. He starts saying people need to ‘demolish the whole system’ and so forth and leaves it at that. Exactly how is that any different from some jerk ranting about how we gotta do this and we gotta do that and get rid of Washington and capitalism and Wall St and never says how this will be done. Hedges makes a point of mentioning Bernie which is really very odd considering the alternatives that somehow all of us can see but he seems blind to? How would letting fascism, evangelical fascism or oligarchic corporatism be better than Bernie’s people come first social message? What is with this guy? Is he a plant or has he gone back to the other side from which he came?

So we need to demolish the whole system do we and in the meantime we are supposed to let the one of the representatives of the powers that be (Trump, Cruz or Hillary) get elected but not at least oppose them by electing Bernie?

It really is strange that he talks about poverty and the masses and yet he doesn’t say Bernie supports a $15 min wage not $12 like Hillary, that he doesn’t take money from the oligarchs and isn’t one himself, that he has marched for civil rights and fights for benefits to the poor and seniors and all the good things that only Bernie would really fight to give to us…Hedges says no.

Follow Hedges and you end up with either Trump, Cruz or Hillary. What is with this guy?


Yeah Chris wants to direct others to man the barricades and storm the Bastille, to join the rebels in the mountains and make war on the forces of the powerful … And all from the safety of his TV studio and his home in America. Our leader … his new book - The Revolution From My Desk… book signings will be announced. Watch his book interviews on Hushabye TV.

Why he uses the plight of the suffering this way astounds me. It isn’t that what he says about the poor is incorrect because it isn’t… It is this other stuff that is deplorable… and he helps the other side which should frighten him as much as it does all of us. Fascism looms … But where is Chris in the struggle against it?

Bernie fights against it. I have no idea what Chris is up to.


I have to agree with you professor Johnson.
He could have signified the deterioration in other ways.

The metaphor could be akin to “Third Worldization” for example.


Chris, I do love ya…but please, shut up.
When you perfect walking on water, then start telling me who I should vote for, and who the most appropriate candidate is. Right now, you do all this “Bernie-bashing”, while not mentioning the incredible, pervasive and slick corporatized, ultra radical evil which inhabits the other side of this “coin” of current political choices.
Enough, already, for God’s sake!
You are a smart guy who has paid his dues. But you come across like a snob-and elitist who can’t find anything redeemable in a man like Bernie because he doesn’t pass YOUR high-and -mighty litmus test. He isn’t perfect-far from it. But what are we to do??? Vote for Jill Stein? OK,she is very good and smart…but she is NOT GOING TO WIN.She’s not on the ballot, as afar as I know. Damn Chris, do you want us to end up with Trump, just so you can sit back in your comfy, cloistered writing den at home and say, “See??! I TOLD YOU we were in a declining society!!”?
I can’t afford to subsidize your need for an “I Told Ya SO”!!! I am voting for Bernie Sanders, and after the primary we will see what happens. So go find us that PERFECT candidate that is hiding out there, and find him/her fast!!!


I agree with you man, 100%.


If we end up with Clinton (who continues to be one of the most handsomely rewarded benficiaries of the NAFTA Hedges allegedly despises) the path to US Mexicanization accelerates as soon as she signs TPP (January 21, 2017). If we end up with Cruz, we get Clintonization with a theocracy on top. Although we don’t really know what we will get with Trump, Mexicanization may not advance as rapidly as it will with Clinton or Cruz.

Other than third party candidates, Bernie IS the only hope of reversing Mexicanization.


"Third Worldization is very non-specific when you consider that hundreds of nations are third world with their cultures and economies all moving in different directions.

Mexicanization very specifically identifies a half century or more of abuse (by the US Government and corporations that own it) that has produced very quantifiable results, results that will in many cases be the same results we Murkins experience in the not so distant future.


Listed below are links to a few Socialist Parties in the U.S.:

Note: Membership is usually by application and subject to approval. Annual membership dues are common.


The more you use that term, the more insulting it becomes. One shouldn’t use any ethnicity as a pejorative and just because Hedges used it doesn’t make it okay. Yes technically it is a nationality but in fact it is also an identity and ethnicity. In this case it is used as a negative as it might be used by a right winger etc.


What results are specific to Mexico and not other third world nations? I don’t buy it. At least the term Third worldization carries an understandable reference it being an economic term whereas Mexicanization carries the sense of a negative racial overtone whether intended or not because it is ambiguous and ethnic specific.


I agree. Hedges does occasionally get himself arrested and chain himself to fences around DC. But of course he can afford a good lawyer and pay the huge fines. The rest of us cannot really do that - at least I can’t.


Thanks for providing the links. I did link the SEP “Statement Of Principles” from which I quoted. Here is the longer link which may take unlike the Bitink http://www.socialequality.com/story/statement-principles.

Choose, join and vote for any socialist party or don’t vote at all. “You’ve Got to Stop Voting” http://fubarandgrill.org/node/1172

The Socialist Party USA, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, the Socialist Workers Party, Workers World Party, are all fielding presidential candidates. Don’t vote for the Democratic Socialist Party supporting Sanders or any “socialist” party supporting capitalist party candidates.

The revolution begins when people stop wasting time and effort.


The best you can hope for is that Sanders will be Hillary’s Vice Presidential candidate. Will you vote for Hillary then as I suspect that’s the planned ticket?

You can keep up with the sham here:
2016 Delegate Tracker


The other way around would make a bit more sense. Bernie leading in ideas and she executing his vision.


I think you are repeating a robotic formula. I’m sure that you say the same thing about any election without fail. That is literally mindless and lacks real common sense considering what is at stake in this election especially. You content yourself with some illusion of making a movement but exactly how will that happen? I fully respect that someone might work to build a party that people might want to vote for but I don’t respect that anyone tells others to not to vote.

Do you have a party that people want to vote for or is that another formula? Any socialist party will do? Any of those candidates will do, as if there is no differences? Is that voting to you? That is more dumbing down stuff and shows no respect for the intelligence of people.

Plus you suggest people not vote at all like that empowers them? I love how people pretend that not voting sends a message or is supposedly more principled to not have a say in what happens to your country and your life in it. Isn’t that more of that dumbing down attitude towards people where you pretend that there is no difference between candidates but only this time it’s on the other side?

Do you really feel that there is no difference between Trump and Sanders? Do you really?

Or even between Clinton or Sanders? How does that work? Like you aren’t part of the capitalist system by living in it, working, paying taxes, sending kids to school, going to movies, whatever? You participate in it everyday but the one time you have a voice affecting it even a little politically, you spout a formula or tell people not to vote on principle? What principle? Is that the same principle that you show everyday, work, play, shop, pay taxes and all the rest? Where is that principle everyday or in not paying taxes?

Non participation in voting is not principled. Not paying taxes for principles like being anti war etc and fighting in court is principled. Not voting is about as principled as staying home with a bowl of nachos and watching TV. Millions of those ‘principled’ folks do that every election.

Someone is deceiving you, someone else is abusing you, another person is laughing at you, others are lying to you… But you are the only one pretending that they don’t.

You may not like the candidates you are offered but they are whom the rest of the country picked. That is an election!

Everybody gets together and picks some candidates and more people vote for one of them and then we live with the choice we all made.

But we chose. We considered who would be better than someone else and who would be worse. We decided based on how we see things in our lives. We had input. We help move the country one way or the other.

Forget the damn formulas and decide for yourself who you want to have the power of the presidency. It isn’t actually about who should have it but only about who will have it.

Like I said if you had the choice between Trump or Sanders… Which one would you rather affect your life for four to eight years?