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The Middle East Is Worse Off in Trump's Wake


The Middle East Is Worse Off in Trump's Wake

Emile Nakhleh

As President Donald Trump revels in his diplomatic foray into North Korea, he doesn’t have any comparable diplomatic “success” in the Middle East. None of the optimistic promises he made upon assuming office in January 2017 regarding the region has come to pass.


Trump is negotiating behind our backs with dictators and strongmen, about his eventual takeover.

We the People must contact the Military and secure their support.


Trump inherited a mess in the Middle East. The article is correct in saying he has made it worse. Taking the side of the Sunnis is beyond stupid. His siding completely with Israel is in the same category. Will Americans be dumb enough to elect Trump again or will they finally realized he is incompetent and only helping the interests of China and Russia as they benefit from America’ self-inflicted fall?


The Middle East is worse off in the wake of the USA. It really does not matter what the name of the current President is.

This was also the case when the prior Colonial powers running the place, from France to the United Kingdom. The region can only have progress when ALL of those foreign powers stop meddling .


Unfortunately, from Colonial times to the current Neo-cololinal times (corporate colonization) the plan has alway been to impede progress in the region. Divide and conquer. The lines in the sand drawn by the Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 purposefully ensured that tribal rivalries (primarily Sunni vs. Shia) would destabilize the region ensuring that local power could and would not meaningfully be able to resist the Anglo-Franco and now American dominance. Peace ain’t coming soon. The traditional fires of hate that were inimical to the region were purposefully stoked for the love of cheap oil.


It’s not really Trump’s fault. It all started with Bush.

Some idiot analyst at some think tank thought the people of the Middle East are capable of creating and sustaining a democratic society if the US would just help them get rid of the dictators that were ruling the area. Totally wrong. The first thing they did was turn the whole place into a fundie shithole.

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan after Soviet withdrawal should have been a dead giveaway.

Democracy needs a certain state of mind. Those guys don’t have it. Baby steps, let women drive, let them go to school, stop imposing some religious rules on everybody and slowly step into the civilized world where the rest of us live.


“The good news: the Trumpian international order is not expected to outlast Trump once he leaves office.” All Hitler needed was 6 years before beginning WWII began and left all of Europe in its wake of destruction. Starting WWIII in the middle east has the potential of destroying all the world.

And if you think that the 2020 (or even the 2018) elections will make any difference, just take a look at all the candidates seeking to oppose the trumpbots currently in the rubber-stamp Congress and Senate. One clown posse seeking to replace another.