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The Midterms Prove It: Progressive Ideas Are Now Mainstream

The Midterms Prove It: Progressive Ideas Are Now Mainstream

Adam Green

Americans marched to the polls last week and validated a Democratic message that is a sea change from where the party stood just a few election cycles ago. The center of gravity within the Democratic Party and the general electorate has dramatically shifted in the direction of bold economic populism.

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If Conor Lamb is a progressive, I’m the fucking Pope.

  1. Connor Lamb is no progressive.

  2. Virtually every progressive ballot measure was shot down by large majorities.

Progressive is still far from “mainstream”. We still have a lot of work to do.


So, now, opposing regressive measures is progressive.

I love hearing the phrase, “fight for workers.” Is he going to punch the boss for us? We get arrested for that. Don’t try it. Yeah, sure, he is going to fight for workers.


Quick lesson in the political basics: Progressive politics isn’t a new invention. In the US, it goes back at least to the early 1900s. It’s about building a better nation from the bottom up – legit aid for the poor at one end, firm restraints in the rich at the other end. We have nothing like that today. Democrats obviously took a distinctly regressive turn by the 1990s. Today, the party is solidly pro-war, anti-poor, pro-corporate domination. Meanwhile, their followers have maintained an agenda promoting the middle class – a product of the capitalist state – while ignoring the consequences, our poverty crisis.


Effective communication explaining the historical roots and using facts.
This is something progressives can certainly improve upon.
Take the EPA for one. Contemporary republicans like to say they are against the EPA. Contemporary Republicans also like Nixon. Contemporary republicans don’t know that Nixon started the EPA. Since Nixon started the EPA, clearly the EPA is NOT some bleeding heart liberal overreach of gov’t. Why hasn’t anyone been saying this? Progressives can improve upon their communication skills. Improve your communication, clear the smoke and smash down the mirrors. Conservative think-tanks rely on an ignorant public that is easily swayed by fear and hate.


The gist of this article - for all its rosy optimism, and good intent and purposes - really paints such a sad portrait of the current state of affairs. We call progressive a party which only 65% of the candidates, in the 21 century, think of healthcare as a right - an issue already solved at the start/middle of the 20th century from most wealthy nations. And, the best thing to aspire to is: “And they are key to defeating President Trump in 2020.”

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Over 50% of the population in the USA cannot meet their basic needs- you are right. Pols target the middle class because the poor do not vote. Who is middle class now- someone making 250000 a year or more? That is who they are aiming for - ya better believe it. At any rate- how about if we get rid of the word class- right- or now about if we just say that we are all residents of the planet? In 1900- huh??? how about eugenics and forcibly removing kids from tribal families and forcing them to be “white?”

I guess these rethugican twerps do not care about their home- there is only one- the Earth!

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Even so called progressives like Helen Keller- yes that Helen Keller supported eugenics- ya see her kinds of disabilities were acceptable and she even stated that at one time- in other words she was bright and educated not “retarded.” She was an ardent supporter of eugenics for the people of low intellect and the poor .

Yes, but please keep fighting with me, and never give up! I will never give up. If we ever give up we will lose for sure. We can only win if we fight and fight as hard as we can because we are right. We are the good guys, and even if we are underdogs, we must keep fighting! All you cynical non voters and non participants please join us and try. The more people we get fighting the easier it will be and the sooner we can win. Vote out the old democrats and vote in the progressive candidates in the democratic primaries, vote for good progressive candidates, run yourselves or get others to run, and come out and get them elected in the general elections, donate, work for candidates. We must fight now for the green new deal and for universal health care and the rights of working people and for election reform. It will be a very hard fight, the opposition is entrenched, but we must keep fighting and never give up because this time it is a matter of life and death for ourselves, our democratic republic, and our planet!

Well, we must keep fighting! We need to get more people to participate. It was a bit better this past election, but we can do a lot better. Millions of Americans still didn’t vote or participate. Wake up everyone and come out and try. Do everything that you can to help. Vote, if you can’t do anything else. Vote for good progressives in the primaries so Congress will have even more progressives next time. We must keep fighting and never give up or give in. It’s a matter of life and death for us and this planet. We can’t win unless more of us try and if we don’t try we will always lose. So please everyone, do your part to make it happen. I will do all I can, and I will never give up or give in!

Helen Keller was not a modern progressive. Your post is irrelevant.

I really like what this kyle kulinski guy is saying in this video. He seems to think the DSA & justice democrats & other progressive groups have really started to turn the Democratic Party in their favor. But maybe he’s just letting wishful thinking totally cloud his judgement. What do you (whoever is reading this) think?:

The US population is and has long been to the left of either major party.

Even the Republicans get a lot of their votes because voters perceive them, however absurdly, as being against central government and therefore pro-worker.

Still, Adam Green makes a common but dangerous conflation here. Some Democrats did win by “positioning themselves as being for working people.” Positioning does not mean that they are for working anybody. Many Republicans also won by positioning themselves and being for working people. As of 2016, that includes Donald Trump. That constitutes no argument for a “progressive Donald Trump.” Whether our newer Democrats attempt to do anything for working people remains to be seen.

Of course Democratic candidates who did manage to both run and to position themselves as pro-worker did well. That would be the case in any event over most of the nation. The difficulty is and has been that the party itself largely does not allow those things to coincide. Of course, Winship does wish to argue that they should. But he frames the argument as though they wished to and some mysterious algorithm of practicality kept them from it. But no, politicians position themselves as being with the population, then work against it.

“The oldest trick in the book,” if I must quote Don Adams to say so.

Bold, progressive, economic-populist ideas are the mainstream.

Third Way is the enemy of our interests. Pass it along.

I agree, increasing progressive Democratic Party membership is making a difference - and also, living right next to Connor Lamb’s suburban district, had he campaigned as a further-left DSA Democrat, he would never had been elected. But if the party overall shifts left, Lamb will too.

But I still find the way the “mainstream” voters throughout the US rejected so many dead-obvious beneficial ballot measures, in the face of right-wing corporate scare-and-threat campaigns, to be troubling. At least the one in my county - a .25 mil RE tax ($25 per 100K) to support poor children’s early education programs almost passed.

He voted to affirm Bratty KavaNOT – that alone disqualifies him not only as a progressive, but also as a basic, caring human being!

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