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The Militarization of American Streets


The Militarization of American Streets

Tom Engelhardt

In the part of Baltimore hardest hit by the recent riots and arson, more than a third of families live in poverty, median income is $24,000, the unemployment rate is over 50%, some areas burnt out in the riots of 1968 have never been rebuilt,


Amid a severe butter shortage the government has chosen guns…


Emphasis on brute macho force, armaments, aggression and militarism link back not just to Ancient Rome but more enduringly to the archetype of Mars, god of all these things. Unlike the programmed habit for oppositional frames, the ancient astro-logos reflects a circular blueprint. Within its 360-degree field are etched in the laws of Sacred Geometry. Based on 12 positions and 6 sets of polarities, a variety of offsets exist. These are important because through these geometric relationships it’s easy to find the key positions that offset deadlock.

Polarity often comes down to an irreconcilable opposition. Take the politically oppositional pair of Liberals and Conservatives or Democrats and Republicans. Any time a situation is based on polarity, there is no way out. It’s the political version of flatlands.

That’s why Einstein pointed out that “No problem can be resolved from the level of thinking that created it.”

There is a principle in astrology that represents rebels, inventors, iconoclasts, and cutting edge thinkers. That archetype accords with 3rd party candidates and any firebrand who refuses to remain inside the existing deadlocked paradigm.

Too many people take war for inevitable and given the stain of its long habit bleeding down the centuries–passed down from father to son like a curse–it might SEEM that it’s reflective of human nature. But as the wisdom of the Divine Circle and its 12 tribes/disciples/archetypes relates: there ARE other archetypes of equal value and relevance besides Mars.

Societies that put war and brutality first end up themselves maimed and broken.

I argue this point often because in spite of a plethora of Cable TV shows, not ONE grants a microphone to persons skilled in my field. There are pawn stars, and alligator hunters, fat people losing weight, all manner of cop and crime shows, sci-fi, fundamentalist religion, and what passes for news… but the voice of the mystic remains as marginalized now as it has since the era when the Church called any question to its patriarchal limited theology–a heresy punishable by death.

To rise above the paradigm that makes war possible, if not inevitable, taking in a stellar context proves inordinately liberating.

I will continue to speak up about the narrowness of Mars Rules and how the dominance of this archetype (along with war and far too much emphasis on things masculine) is MURDERING nature and all sentient life.

There is a new Age in early stages of manifestation… just as the Pharaohs of earlier times set out edicts to kill all firstborn sons in order to quell any Liberator or Liberation of The People, the crackdown on ideas that stand outside of those endorsed by patriarchy is underway.

First they came for the whistle-blowers, journalists, inconvenient truth tellers, free energy inventors, peacemakers, and spiritually awakened…


Please: make this into a bumper sticker now!


The author’s quoting Clinton on using arms in the streets drives home Einstein’s concern in his quote that you provided (“No problem can be solved by the problem that created it”) when you consider that Clinton legislation enabled systematic destruction of the US middle class, exacerbating racism, thereby assuring that more and more of the 99% of all colors will be taking to the streets with ever greater frequency in a nation where guns are the first response, not the default.


I had to stop reading this thing when I got the line:

“Give some credit to Hillary Clinton.”

Who gives a damn what Clinton says. She is more of a liar than Obama is. What does Engelhardt stand for in giving the she-devil even a nod?


The problem with some police officers is that they have developed an “us against the forces of darkness” (the rest of us) mentality. Plus, I think some really wish they were in the military. (I train cops). All the military gear without the military training and being accountable to military justice is a bad mix.


“Give some credit to Hillary Clinton…” for mouthing phony campaign platitudes that will amount to zero actual policy if elected.


I am waiting for an explanation from my congresscritter and senators where the hell is the department of homeland insecurity and the pentagon getting the money to pay for all of the equipment that they are selling and just giving away to a lot of these local police departments! In many cases the local police are getting grants from homeland insecurity so that they are able to buy this equipment! The congress must be aware that they are appropriating money for this equipment, if not, they are being negligent in their jobs! Another question is, why does the pentagon have so much excess equipment to give away to local police departments? Why is the US Congress appropriating money so that the military has such an excess of equipment? Sounds like the house and senate are doing a piss poor job of oversight!