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The Militarization of 'Officer Friendly'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/03/militarization-officer-friendly

A couple of years ago, I went to our town’s Independence Day “fest” to give my aunt a ride home after her volunteering gig. While looking for her, there was a local (woman) police officer in a bullet proof vest, sporting an AR-15. I asked her if she knew I was going to be there, or was she just expecting trouble. We had a good laugh, as she was very cheery, yet professional. She said, well, we never know what to expect. I understood, as I often described the annual hot air balloon fest a “redneck Woodstock”. It’s been pretty quiet recently, though, and nothing much happened.My aunt caught a golf cart ride home, with the volunteer supervisor. Local cops really don’t need long-magazine automatic weapons, though.


The situation we have now was planned decades ago, and has done exactly what the elite wanted. Shore up their defenses and mow the public down. This needs to get better Fast, or it will get much, much worse.


Waiting and expecting you to answer my response to your assertion there is no law restraining Israeli settlements on the Occupied Territories from the “pompeo-reups-threats-to-icc-over-us-israel-war-crimes-probes” piece… No time like the present.

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Free stuff from the DOD! It’s like Christmas for local and state police departments.

I’ve read more than a few times a statement made by a police official who didn’t know the department had that kind of stuff. I think they may be embarrassed by having someone notice and ask them about it. C’mon, they know what they are doing.

An armored personnel carrier was on display during a Halloween Trick or Treat in downtown Lansing MI. Why? Kids could check-it out inside and out. They thought it was cool. The real reason is to normalize the use of military equipment, weapons, protective equipment, clothing, and tactics by the police.

This and the military-style training police officers receive are part of the reason for the increase in police brutality, woundings, and killings.

All of this is part of the militarization of the US. This has happened gradually since the end of WWII. Now, it is entrenched. I don’t foresee an end to it any time soon.


There is one aspect of military training that our police forces would benefit from…disciplined trigger control. It’s drilled into most new recruits’ heads that they do not fire unless fired upon…and preferably only with a direct command from a superior officer. If military members around the world acted like our police…where any chill up their spine results in pumping someone full of bullets…that would be an international incident that could likely lead to war.

Regardless…isn’t it strange, how the police don’t brandish their weapons of war to a bunch of white supremecists toting military grade rifles and blatantly threatening violence? Instead, they save the weapons of mass destruction to use on unarmed civilians who are sick of being terrorized by “public servants.” When did breaking a window at Target and walking out with a tv set become a crime worthy of declaring war?

And the dying American Empire marches a few more steps toward it’s inevitable demise.


And might that town be the same town famous for their own, unique variety of barbecued pork and chicken, by any chance? Just curious.

Good catch–and good question–I missed that, but I get your point. Still, lack of technical knowledge on the author’s part doesn’t (necessarily) discredit the article–and I would argue that their oversight (here) takes nothing away from the import of this article.

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Nope. The next town East.

Police in America were originally created to protect private property from and oppress the public. And nothing has changed.

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Part of that “private property” was black slaves.