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The Military God of America’s Losing Wars

The Military God of America’s Losing Wars

Tom Engelhardt

I recently read Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. No book -- that antiquated object that displays writing on pages of paper -- has gotten news attention quite like it in a long time. Of course, that’s what happens when only one person truly matters anymore -- and you know just whom I mean. Wolff’s account is claustrophobic in a way only imaginable in the age of Trump.

The United States military, yes the one I was once part of, has become what I like to call
"Legends in their own minds".

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Every time I see Petrayus I am reminded of the intellectual travesty of the Counterinsurgency Manual and the Network of Concerned Anthropologists publishing the Counter Counterinsurgency Manual required reading to put the poseur in his place. At $12.95 this slim little volume should be required reading.

Preceded by the Military’s Human Terrain System
" (…) Ever since its launch, HTS has been surrounded by controversy.[4][7][8] While the program initially received positive coverage in the US media, it quickly became the subject of heavy criticism – particularly from anthropologists, but also from journalists, military officials and HTS personnel and former personnel.[9] Most notably, on 31 October 2007, the Executive Board of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) published a statement opposing HTS as an “unacceptable application of anthropological expertise” that conflicted with the AAA’s Code of Ethics.[10][11][12] Following the publication of a report on HTS by the Commission on Engagement of Anthropology with the US Security and Intelligence Services (CEAUSSIC) in 2009,[13][14] the AAA released a further statement of disapproval, which they re-iterated in 2012 after rumours that the controversy had died down (…)"

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The American military isn’t losing wars. It’s fueling profits for the MIC.



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In an age when winning American generals are like polar bears in the tropics, after 16 years of constant warfare across the Greater Middle East and parts of Africa, he’s the best this country has to offer.

What Tom? The US ought to have already “won” those wars?

Stop the whole “losing war” meme, as a critique of the MIC.

The message gets lost.

Mr. Sjursen needs to write another book: THE WAR PROFITS THAT NEVER END ( for the military industrial, political, congressional fascist, complex.

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