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The Military-Industrial Complex Strikes (Out) Again


The Military-Industrial Complex Strikes (Out) Again

William Astore

Did you know the U.S. Air Force is working on a new stealth bomber? Don’t blame yourself if you didn’t, since the project is so secret that most members of Congress aren’t privy to the details.


This mindset that is addicted to ever more sophisticated and powerful weapons of war by our military is part of the same mindset that encourages and promotes civilians to own, and even carry in public, military style weapons. It’s all part of the warrior mentality run amok in this country. It’s an adolescent male’s dream. It’s part of why we now have one as a President.


Don’t watch this in its entirety without a barf bag at the ready:


"As a colleague who’s still on active duty in the Air Force puts it, “‘What makes today worse than the Carter days is our flag-humping, military-slobbering culture. We can’t even have a discussion of what the country’s needs are for fear of ‘offending’ or ‘disrespecting’ the troops. Today, Carter would be painted as disloyal to those troops he was consigning to an early death because every procurement decision centers on a ‘grave’ or ‘existential’ threat to national security with immediate and deadly consequences.’”

Witness the “honoring” of “our troops” before every NHL game, where a veteran or an active duty soldier or airman is paraded out into the spotlight and the announcer states solemnly: “Thank you, for your service!”

Everywhere in public we see veterans proudly wearing their ball caps proclaiming their demand to be honored and praised for their service to the Empire and its war machine. Every craft show has that booth with the caps for sale, so you, too, can brag about your service to your country, and the fact that you “fought for my freedom” by working in the motor pool in Iraq. The line in the old song: “Ev’ry heart beats true/Under red, white and blue/Where there’s never a boast or brag…” is relegated to the dustbin of history as we demand our discounts at the hardware store as thanks for “our service.”

I was born in the midst of WWII, and even after Korea, most people, including myself, saw military service as a duty to country. It was not until the debacle that was Vietnam that some Americans began to see what was really happening. The war to defeat the Axis powers was indeed about the freedom of many, many millions of people, and it gave the MIC the opportunity to make all war about “freedom and liberty,” even when it was actually all about taking that very thing away from someone else, along with any resources that their countries may have contained.

Most of all, in the early 1940s it was discovered, as manufacturing was converting from automobiles for domestic consumption to tanks and planes for warfare, that war is very, very profitable for those in the weapons businesses. Yes, it provides jobs, and thus you can propagandize the gullible to believe they are patriotically supporting their country’s security while earning a good living, but the reality is that it was and still is only the owners who get enormously rich, and thus have every incentive to continue and expand on the killing and destruction.

Not until the wars are brought home, as they were to Germany and Japan, will there ever be a change in the mindset that believes that we are invincible and as such have a God-given right to visit destruction on anyone, anywhere, whenever we choose. This country was founded in war, has been at war in some fashion ever since, and will only stop when it is soundly defeated in war. Unfortunately, with the weapons of modern times, that war may end not only the ambitions for world dominance of U.S. leaders, but life on Earth as we know it.


“The military industrial complex strikes out” implies that the complex lost something when this article highlights the ever expanding stranglehold they have on US taxpayers.

Not to mention that during Saint Ron’s reign the complex morphed into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) that assures the support the troops spin penetrates deep into all facets of US culture.


Remember the stories our parents and uncles told us about the cowardly Nazi and Japanese snipers, who fired from ambush, hidden from sight and easily picking off helpless GIs who had no chance against them? I do.

Fast forward to today, where we make movies like " American Sniper," the story of sniper Chris Kyle, who heroically hid in buildings and rooftops and picked off unsuspecting people, probably many of whom were non-combatants, from 100 yards or more away.

Then, after he was killed doing what he loved the most (shooting guns) by a veteran suffering from PTSD, (he thought it would help him get through the hard times if he gave him a gun and let him pretend to kill things) he was even further lionized as having died heroically, because why? Because he was a veteran, and because he died as every hero wants to die—shot with his boots on.

But did the movie show how he came to his end? Of Course not; that scene was cut from the movie, because Clint Eastwood didn’t want Kyle’s death to be “hanging over his kids for the rest of their lives.” It was fine and noble to let his kids witness him killing over and over again, because those lives were worthless, and they deserved to be killed. But showing them his own death would be far too traumatic.

Double standards are what drive this hapless nation today, and I don’t see that changing as we “Make America Great Again.”


From the article:

“Will the Bomber Go the Way of the Dodo?”

Given the gung-ho pro-war madness rampant across Washington’s political “spectrum,” we should ask:

Will the Human Species Go the Way of the Dodo?


As we sit back and watch the insanity happen before our eyes. The evening news just said food prices are set to rise. When they are already ridiculously high priced. You have to give it to the American people, the reply to the tyranny is pathetic. Bombs away!


Yet there is no enemy. We must manufacture an enemy.

Scale back the mission. Scale it back to one half or one forth the present size. It will still be too large and wasteful. Tell Israel and Saudi Arabia, “You’re on your own.”

Find another way to make money. Use your imagination.


Another boondoggle, along with the F-35, designed to provide funding to industries across the U.S., in order to keep Congress tied to another unnecessary military jobs program that primarily supports the 1%ers on the back of the taxpayers and more unnecessary U.S. debt for future generations. This one-sentence assessment of this was written BEFORE reading the subject article on the proposed B-21 … Having worked on the F-111, F-16, F-35, and having assessed deficient hardware for an ailing B-1 aircraft design (by Rockwell’s engineering neophytes ), I’ve been there, done that! ~ Don