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The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex Is Fascism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/11/military-industrial-congressional-complex-fascism


Nice historical references to note the long-term tendencies and development of fascism in the USA, not as some sort of sudden aberration erupting with Trump.


The US has been a corporate fascist state since at least WW2. In fact, it can be convincingly argued that WW2 was precipitated by the corporations precisely to seize control of the western economies. After all, they sold to and supported both sides in the conflict. It didn’t matter to Standard Oil or IBM whether the Allies or the Axis won. Either way they, the corporations (and more specifically the military industrial corporations), would (and did) win.


There are still far too many Americans and people around the world for that matter, who are in denial when it pointed out that the USA is Fascist and all those armies they cheer that go abroad are fascists , defending “Freedom and Liberty” just as the Waffen SS defended “freedom and liberty”.

They also fail to understand the role the Democratic party had in turning the USA Fascist starting with FDR who refused to prosecute Fascists who attempted a coup in the USA followed by Harry Truman who imported Fascists and their ideology by the thousands under “operation paperclip” and launched the Cold war so as to entrench that Fascism.


This Veterans Day, if you wish to honor the troops and humanity as a whole, vow to break with or challenge the MIC. Do your part, and help create a better world for all.

Christian, thank you for a well written, truthful article.

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Face it folks, “The Hippies are dead.”

Peace and Love is dying under the weight of this Duopoly driven Military Industrial Complex.

It entices normal Americans with high paying jobs and benefits. And our youth succumbs to it.

Honor what was, not what is.


You “forgot” to mention Ford and GM support of Hitler by helping to build all the war machine equipment to invade France and then bomb London. Really nice guys, the antisemitic industrialists back in the 1920’s and '30’s…


Peace died the minute white, European white men set foot on Turtle Island…


Famous photo of Henry Ford receiving the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the highest NAZI honor available to a non-German, in 1938.



PB dig my grave

Always good to see the enemy within, but with the
“rebels” you forgot to mention Julian Assange; who
did so much damage to MIC that torturing is too
good for him. And not to forget, that president elect
Biden called him a “high tech terrorist.”


If only there were more articles on this extremely important topic. If only there were a few discussions on this during the presidential and all other public office debates.

This article reminded me of the Italian fascist youth organizations (surely the same in Germany), when they offered uniforms (black shirts) and paramilitary training to the very young, and most importantly scholarships if you joined the ranks. And that reminder lead me to another one, about our ROTC programs.


Hi telos2:
BUT---- truth telling is the highest art------- Julian Assange is a truth teller a patriot for humanity!


Please don’t ask that of me. Get cremated.

Spread yourself around a bit at the end.

How ironic is it that we elect liars and warmongers that murder innocents to our government, and persecute those who tell the truth in oder to protect life?


Do not forget Prescott Bush and his partners in crime. They were huge investors in Thyssen run companies and extracted tremendous profits from those investments through the use of Slave labor. Some 20 percent of the German population were rounded up as undesirables and worked to death in camps working for businesses Prescott Bush owned. This guy was also involved in the 1930s coup yet his son and grandson became President.


hear -hear

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I am beginning to believe that fascists are born - not made SP.

When times get tough - they come out into the daylight.

Yuval Harari has another name for the MIC - he calls it the MISC:

The Military Industrial Scientific Complex.

Operation Paperclip might have included both fascists and anti-fascists - I would guess the proportion is roughly half - half, if this election is an indicator of the latent fascism in a large and diverse population.

Speaking of Mussolini, Madeleine Albright writes:

"Thomas Edison hailed him as the ‘genius of the modern age’; Gandhi, as a ‘superman’. Winston Churchill pledged to stand by him in his ‘struggle against the bestial appetites of Leninism’. Newspapers in Rome, host to the Vatican, referred to him as ‘the incarnation of God.’ "

  • Ch. 2, “Fascism: A Warning” (2018).

I am on the last chapters of Ernest Hemingway’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, about the anti-fascist fight in the pre-WW II Spanish Civil War.

Here a superb artist, Hemingway, who was there in Spain, brings home the actual murderous side to what is right now a mostly political discussion. Once the gloves are off - you choose sides and kill the enemy.

Trump always has a plan - and we are always playing catch up for underestimating this man.

The focus right now seems to be on the election results and court challenges here.

Beware - Trump may have other plans.


When Trump told the Proud Boys to " stand by" until I need you, that was a most ominous sign. Beware the next two months!

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I agree !

What Trump has already done and said is certainly enough to have him not only removed from office - but put on trial.

Why that has not happened is itself ominous.