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The Military Industrial Drain


The Military Industrial Drain

Robert Reich

As Trump stokes tensions around the world, he’s adding fuel to the fire by demanding even more Pentagon spending. It’s a dangerous military buildup intended to underwrite endless wars and enrich defense contractors, while draining money from investment in the American people.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower once noted, “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed."


Let’s not pretend that Hillary would have tackled the MIC. There was no way she could have even if she wanted to, which she did not. To have taken on the MIC would have made her look weak, a trait the first woman president could have never shown while expecting political success. There is also her record of blood thirstiness…


As long as American culture equates strength with military might, there will be no significant cuts to military spending. This culture is too immature and underdeveloped to consider any strength other than military or economic. It would be lost, dumbfounded and clueless as to an identity without this country’s obscene military might. Many in this country would rather starve than appear weak, militarily, and sadly, many of them are doing just that.


It important to add that Iran, China, North Korean and Russia combined , are still outspent Military wise by Japan, the UK, France, Germany and the other Nato nations without even factoring in the US spending. In spite of all that spending this club continues to insist it the Russians that are being provocative even as the NATO armies move ever further East.

It also worth noting that Israel claimed “self defense” when it launched its sneak attack on the Arab nations in 1967. This just another of those lies the Western Media told us, that being Israel was victim of aggression.Israel justified this because Egypt had moved a single division from west of the Nile into the Sinai WHICH WAS Egyptian territory.

How is this related? When NATO moves troops into Poland and Norway and Hungary it “self defense”. When Russia moves troops closer to those borders yet still in Russian territory it called “provocative” and a sign Russia wants to attack.

The USA sends its Navy to steam off China’s coast claiming they are demanding “Free passage” . They have no reason to do this but provoke. Russia sent ships from The Baltic down into the Mediterannean and the British press and its Military spokespeople all agog about how “provocative” the Russians are being.

The MEDIA in the western nations is little more then a propaganda tool intended to ensure this Military spending continues.


‘Blood-thirsty’ is putting it mildly. Next to Hillary, Count Dracula is a tea-totaller.


Reich, as many do, fails to mention the missing audits of the DoD, authorized/demanded by Congress, since the ending of Iraq War I. Did you realize that means they are defying Federal Law?
We taxpayers have been waiting for 26 years for a completed audit. Show us the money, please.
Taxpaying citizens are continually subjected to Continuing Resolutions. And, temporary budget gimmicks, by the false claims of Congressional leaders who are always in talks on reconciliation.
What a hot, steaming pile of barnyard kabuki, that is. The only Continuing Resolution that our present/current Congress is a capable of, apparently, is one in which they’ve resolved to continuing to obfuscate ( ‘effin’ lie ) to us. Like embezzlers always do, they would rather " cook the books " , than come clear and own up to the humongous theft going on in our MIC.The $$$ probably went to covert operations inside the Police & Security State apparatus. Or, was just skimmed by the Super-Patriotic forces of " evil fighters " we’ve come to love so much in the good ol’ U.S. of A ( Universal Suckers of America ).


Two articles today addressing the overwhelmingly military state of America. This one and the matter of a kill list.

Great, CD! Great start.


Either stop taking cues from the republican party playbook for idiots, or please consider some conciliatory caveat within any screed against democratic party leaders, who are corrupt I’ll admit, but nowhere near as immorally ruinous as the GOP.


Hey bro, that poster is criticizing Hillary, he is not praising the Republicans. Are you an NSA/Democrat troll, or are you genuinely so ignorant as to believe that a criticism of a Democrat is equal to praising the Republicans?


He might have mentioned (but never would) that Liz “The Senator from Raytheon” and a Dem frontrunner for 2020, voted for the $717 billion defense budget. This is the money that Reich mentions as so critically needed for domestic problems.


Conservatives’ God is Mammon, the money-power. A mindless eternal cult that lives off the blood of the young. Liberals and progressives are wasting their time trying to convince them otherwise and preaching to the choir here.

Direct Democracy


During the decline of the republic this is what happens. The artificially wealthy republic can no longer sustain it’s lifestyle and so seeks to maintain it by using their military to steal from the rest of the world. Organized army’s, not matter how well armed, never defeat determined militias defending their homelands and so like waves crashing against rocks, the republic, investing evermore resources in futile military excursions, collapses economically. We are not going to thwart this decline as long as the ambivalent and affluent don’t bother to vote. Tied into all of this of course is the ever widening income gap. The disenfranchised, under the mistaken belief they can magically return to the era of prosperity without being able to compete, in their ignorance, vote for anyone who promises them pie in the sky. Donald Trump aka Idi Amin promises the stupid the world and they follow him like children following the Pied Piper.


We never met anyone we didn’t kill, Irish Catholics against Irish Protestants and a 30 foot wall in Belfast not unlike the 30 foot wall in Belfast. The World Bankers run it. They fashion cults to employ religions, any of them for rape and pillage. Evil does not change but the delivery systems. Eisenhower was betrayed by the CIA and Pentagon to invade and overthrow Iran 1n 53, Operation Ajax, because Mohammad Mossadegh threw the British out and nationalized Iran’s oil after WW II because the Brits bought 51 percent of British Anglo Iranian Oil, today’s BP and treated the Iranians with racist contempt and reduced their profits to 16 percent. Mossadegh kicked them out and the Brits went nuts and told Truman to invade with his new CIA. Truman told them to shove it but Ike relented and it pissed him off the rest of his life. Following was the taking of American hostages, Iran-Contra, arming Saddam to murder Iranians from 81 to 88. SOOO it’s just World Bank shopping and ensuring the West steals the Arab’s oil and ship it on the Greek Mafia’s oil tankers and so it was done and is being done. The World Bank controls the heroin of the Golden Crescent and the poppies. The CIA is a factory. Every one of these spy agencies and the Pentagon is secret so we have no idea what they do or whom they kill. We only guess. We are played like an ole piano. World Bankes live in castles draped above the Seine or above Hong Kong and many of their families date back to the money changers of Jesus’ Rome. Old money and it is a sick, lethal game they play. We are the pointy end of the spear for the Western Hemisphere. We are the Romans.


Let me make myself clear, dood. The republican playbook rule is to always blame democratic party policy and officials. WiseOwl could be mistaken for a republican by his comment as could you for your irrational follow up. How could my “immorally ruinous GOP” comment give you the impression that I’m praising republicans?


I really don’t see any difference between Democrats and Republicans. Both war parties enriched to not rock the ripoff boat. Both controlled by non American entities. Two identical peas in a thoroughly corrupt pod where all outside voices of reason are slammed shut repeatedly.


We might have had a greater increase in military spending had Hillary been president. She is not popular for a reason, a number of reasons.


The media will focus on the differences, which is nothing more than an elaborate ruse. There is little difference and what difference there is grows smaller by the day.


Well said by Robert Reich. Is it even possible to rein in the MIC? I am very skeptical.


The MIC is a joint enterprise of Republicans and Democrats. Politicians from both parties fund the MIC; the MIC in turn ensures their re-election, which is why we have been at war somewhere for as long as I’ve been alive. Voting Democratic to curtail Republican war-lust is like asking Harvey Weinstein to rehabilitate Donald Trump’s sick libido.


She probably gained a bad reputation more on specious character defamation than incompetence. Republicans own the title of ruthless warmongers, but they want the public to believe democrats are equally to blame. Haw!