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The Millennial Revolt Against Neoliberalism


The Millennial Revolt Against Neoliberalism

Jake Johnson

We have been told a story about the presidential candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders, a story perpetuated almost exclusively by centrist Democrats vehemently opposed to his progressive agenda.


I love it. Let the Millennial Revolt begin.


I don't know who Jake Johnson is, but there are excellent insights in this article and one can see by scanning the topics he writes on, that he has a strong grasp of the generational dynamics that we're all experiencing. First there was The Occupy Movement, and now the Bernie Phenomenon, it is clear that there is enormous pressure building against the neoliberal philosophy that the Democratic Party has pursued since The early nineties.
As an older person who personally experienced the crowd dynamics that one can see in the accompanying picture; there is a real and sincere energy there that will change the system in time. Hopefully...


Jake Johnson is becoming one of my favorite contributors.

We'll be stuck with Hillary the next four to eight years it seems, or worse. How long will it take for neoliberal Democrats to see the light, if ever. Things may have to heat up some more for that to happen.

Menwhile we could circulate a list of the Dems we need to vote against...


And if Clinton is elected all of these pompous, clueless pronouncements will balloon, making this whacked-out nation even more surreal.

As in destroying the Middle East to save it. The article by Kristen Breitweiser yesterday fully exposes the outrageous mendacity of the establishment.

One little complaint here Jake. This article apparently was posted originally here to CD. I can't prove this as I don't snoop around trying to find these things out, but I'm pretty sure the loyal base of this site tends toward the geriatric. True for myself at 63. We've been hoping and waiting a long time for someone - anyone - to say even a few of the things that Sanders hammered away at during his campaign. Yes, big disappointment that he did not more strongly condemn US militarism, interventionism, and destruction of international law, but the man walked a precarious tightrope for almost a year, and without a net.

Glad to find out that Green Party will be on Ohio ballot. Thought so, as a Green candidate was on the ballot in the last Congressional HR election here. No more donkeys for this grumpy old man.


I've known American Indians to express support for Sanders. And not just millennial Indians either but the older ones.


Thank you Jake Johnson, your articles never disappoint.
We have watched the rise of a very progressive candidate and Sanders' success has amazed many and angered the neoliberals. It's the best I've seen in my many years of watching politics.
One of the most important things to come out of this movement has been the waking and activating of the youth. The youth have the energy any movement needs and we need them to protest, vote and push for change. I for one don't have the energy to protest and get in the streets, I value these young people for they are doing the part of this push for change that I can no longer do. I thank them.
As Mr. Johnson said, the establishment won't give it up easily and the fight will be long. But when you have millions of young people ready to fight for their future you have power. Whether the establishment wants to acknowledge that they have lost the youth or not, they know they've lost the future.
While Bernie accomplished many things, the two things I think may be the most important for the future is the open door he has given to new candidates and old that want to be more progressive and win, and the youth that will be in this fight a lot longer than many of us. The old dogs in this government are looking down the barrel of a gun and surely they must know that the fight has already been won when the young turn away and refuse to be brainwashed into capitulation.
Long live the revolution!


Joan Walsh needs to be consigned to an assisted living facility for retired circus performers, rooming with Gloria Steinem whose "Girls are flocking to Sanders' campaign because that is where the boys are" puts both of them in the same three ring twisted logic circus that Trump performs in.

Barnum and Bailey's freak shows never came close to being as bizarre as the one we are witnessing in the 2016 election.

Being sixtysomething, I inhabit a world full of angry white males and most of the ones with whom I am acquainted voted Trump or Clinton in the primary. If Sanders had attracted as many angry white males as Walsh alleges, he would have won the primary.

Prepare to hear Walsh bashing Jill Stein with the same accusations she has bashed Sanders with.

Walsh is also rereading the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) play book so she can be in charge of the propaganda campaign to forever blame Sanders and his supporters if Clinton loses in November.

Thanks Jake, for reassuring me that millennials are not following Pied Piper Sanders to the dark side and WILL revolt against neoliberalism.


Anyone who doesn't understand the appeal of the Sanders campaign to millennials likely doesn't live in a household that includes millennials.


Millennials understand that we live in a global age, not an insular age.

They are disregarding the Dimcritter and GOP domestic anachronisms and supporting the Green Party, an international party.

Wouldn't it be great if 10% of the US Congress was Green Party members like they are in Germany's Bundestag ?


Very heartening and insightful article Jake Johnson. I second the comments above that express appreciation for your contributions here!

Cornel West was on Democracy Now this morning (and will be throughout the week). He was at his finest (as always) in calling out the truth about this election, neoliberalism and not giving in to fear by voting for Trump or HC:


West’s interview, together with this article from Jake Johnson, are making the start of this week feel brighter -----even with the “heat dome” ominously poised to spread throughout the u.s.

Daydream: the dangerous hot dome will coalesce, reduce its scope and descend over the convention center replete with a power outage at that very spot (which would mirror the reality of those in poverty who do not have air conditioning). Perhaps this would force the gathering of climate change deniers to wake the f up. Yet I realize they will most likely hold on to their destructive beliefs (all while clinging to their guns) until the end.


Great article. I just want to add that the author neglected to mention the origin of all of these smears and lies that were disseminated by the corporate media. They are attributable to David Brock, the diabolical mastermind of HIllary Clinton's propaganda machine superpac, "Correct the Record." Although "The Nation," whence Joan Walsh cast her specious aspersions on Bernie and his campaign, is not considered part of the Corporate Media, it certainly seemed as though the publisher had hired her to denounce Bernie, because that was her main focus until she did her part in helping to extinguish his campaign.

The main reason for the generational divide between Clinton and Sanders among millennials and older voters is based upon where they get their news. Millennials and most voters under 45 receive their information via the Internet, and older voters through traditional news sources, like CNN, MSNBC, CBS,NYT, WaPo, the LA Times, Boston Globe, etc. ALL of these corporate media sources repeated one or more of these smears and lies from "Correct the Record." Several, like MSNBC, CNN and NYT repeated them not only in multiple "opinion" pieces, but in "news" stories. They must have been getting a daily list of "talking points" from "Correct the Record."

Sanders was doomed by the Corporate Media, which has acted as little more than a propaganda tool for the Clinton Machine since HRC began her campaign.


10% would be an improvement, but we need 51%.


This showed up on Facebook, hope it works. It is so funny and really is what it feels like to choose between Trump and Clinton. I laughed so hard, just had to share it.



In the same way that money is becoming a greater and greater fiction due to the way currency is increasingly divested of meaning thanks to the printing presses of the black magicians (and associated fiscal alchemists) of Wall Street and the big banks...

something parallel is happening to words.

The appearance of a thing is being given more weight than its substance.

Hillary, in appearance, a female has her party hacks using this external status as a means to attack Sanders. However, HIS policies resonate more with the meaning of Feminism, humanitarianism, and justice than hers do!

But here's the real problem:

There are STRUCTURAL components (in society) of sexism that give women a much harder set of circumstances to grapple with than those that confront males.

It's the same with Racism. Black citizens have FAR more obstacles to jump to get anywhere, no less protect their actual persons!

When people like Mrs. Clinton invert the meaning of Feminism (Jill Stein sees it 100% the way I do--maybe I can find the clip where she explains what I have imparted to this forum for years on the subject) should that devalue feminism?

When white males make light of what they call "Identity Politics" they show little interest in or sensitivity towards very real plights that plague others. THESE should not be downsized or rendered irrelevant.

And this type of outlook and analysis do that very thing:

"Neoliberals, as Adolph Reed has noted, have long used gender and racial politics to divert attention away from class divisions.

"With the emergence of Sanders, the use of identity politics by corporate liberals as a substitute for class politics has become more urgent and, often, more ridiculous."

There are so many distortions that now operate.

The Democratic party taking on the personality and priorities of the former Republican party gives Democrats a bad name.

Those who CONTROL our system are offering up either Fascism Lite (Clinton) or Fascism Direct (Trump).

Jill Stein is a force to reckon with. Perhaps Her time has come?

Those who distort the chief currencies of our time:

Food (now it's genetically engineered "substantial equivalent")

Food for thought (a mass media awash in lies told often)

Finance (money being created out of thin air to enrich the already rich and indenture into inter-generational servitude, those with needs).

Deception is evil's most powerful tool and these distortions make for a climate of deception that enables EVIL to rule over good people, places, and events.

The center cannot long hold.

Watch for falling debris.

Here is the link (at the 2-5 minute part of the discussion):


Glad to see a fellow geriatric on CD which helps shoot down the DNC myth, not mentioned in the article, that "only the young" supported Bernie's campaign. I will be turning 60 next month. I also supported Bernie and all that he stood for. No more donkeys for me as well!


Yes, Bernie gave this noble group the time they deserve, although it will take generations to make up for the neglect and tragic treatment they have suffered. I especially liked his town hall on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.


Well, I have 10 years on both of you and I also have two Millennial sons. There's plenty of seniors in this same situation. Many of us experienced the 'good times' growing up and know all Americans deserve better. A whole lot better. It can be accomplished again once we reestablish the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party as the driving force to more 'good times'. But first neoliberalism must be stopped - and buried.


For sure. I am a boomer and one of them. Bernie visited many reservations, even ours, not just the token few large ones often on campaign stops. He also listened with an open mind. He impressed many, but many were aware and rooting for him long before his visits.


Yeah, my Baby Boomer generation is really a disappointment. There was a lot of promise for real change in the 1960's, but after Vietnam, things fell apart and they/we were totally co-opted into the corporate treadmill of wage-slavery, and further overpopulating an overpopulated World. The only choice now is to deny their ultimate symbol - Hillary, the highest office in the land. #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!