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The Minimum Wage Needs An Upgrade


The Minimum Wage Needs An Upgrade

JoEllen Chernow

Seventy-eight years ago today, the Fair Labor Standards Act made a groundbreaking promise to Americans: the promise of a fair minimum wage for an honest day’s work.

That promise, however, has eroded badly over time. In recent decades, the federal benchmark has grown increasingly obsolete, guaranteeing a bare minimum that is nowhere near enough to keep up with the growing costs of rent, food, and other essentials.


"As minimum wages affect more and more workers, it is no wonder that more Americans are starting to get on board." So where is the Democratic Party?

Here's the great Platform Committee of the "peoples party."


Yet another reason I've always been an independent.


If Sawant and Sanders had not raised the flag on minimum wage, NOBODY in the 2016 election cycle would even be discussing it.


Why must people 'beg' for a living wage in 21st century America ? The richest nation wastes trillions on useless weapons but never bothers with the needs of the masses. Why will NO ONE in the media demand the texts of HRC's speeches to the billionaires ? What is this ----- hiding? We do know but the sheeple need it rubbed in their faces.


Sheeple, which suggests people who know nothing, would not beg for higher wages.

Your post insults fellow citizens.

Whenever I notice a frame that chastises fellow citizens as a means of downplaying the REAL corruption--which was fully on view during every phase of the Sander's campaign, and seen in how his ascension was blocked by mass media, the punditry class, voting rules and protocols that varied from state to state, A.P.'s "premature ejaculation" of a winner... and so much else--I have to wonder why this particular meme is the #1 premise circulated DAILY in this site's threads.

There is a need to diminish the value of fellow citizens. It's degrading to refer to them as sheeple. And using such a rhetorical device places onto innocent voters the systemic flaws in a system that is designed for NO ONE outside of Power's Anointed Circle to win major elections or gain access to the American throne.

For all the talk of Solidarity, the term "sheeple" suggests a form of elitism based on downgrading fellow citizens. Such a perspective is TOXIC to any form of solidarity.

Whatever this election outcome... its basis is in fraud, unfair practices, and lots of tactical devices... NONE of which present the majority's TRUE consensus.

  • Different places have different costs. Liveable in Mississippi or South Dakota is a starvation wage in New York City or San Francisco. And vice-versa makes employing people in Mississippi (or Puerto Rico) too expensive and unemployment results. (A statement similar to Paul Krugman's that Greece needs its own currency, so that it can devalue it and regain competitiveness vs. Germany.)
    -- This is a good reason to leave Minimum Wage laws to the states and the cities, and not try to enact a 'one size fits all' law in WashDC.

  • Different places have different concepts of 'fair'. I recall several years ago when I lived in metro Seattle that their minwage advocates, having achieved a minwage that is indexed to increases in the cost of living (but not to decreases) ... Those advocates, with one success, were talking about another measure to increase the minwage at faster than the cost of living, until such-and-so condition (not reported) compared to total wages was achieved.