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The Missing Stories: Three Big Issues the Media Is Missing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/08/missing-stories-three-big-issues-media-missing

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They don’t want to cover that stuff. They prefer going down the mind numbing impeachment rabbit hole, which people have just tuned out.

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“As bad as McConnell’s do-nothing Senate has been, it is only a symptom of a much more serious disease. Specifically, Republicans know little about governing, and care less. This is because they are essentially anti-government.”

…and anti-democracy.


Seems as though there’s a disconnect between section one and the last two sections.

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Had Bernie not been Wasserman-Schultzed in 2016 it would have been genuine populist versus faux populist and Bernie would have wiped the fake into the ground. I fear the same setup is already on autopilot this time. Nevertheless:
BERNIE 2020!


With the election of Sanders or Warren, do those overwhelming majority of right-wing Democrats disappear from office or do they remain in power to sabotage and water down any radical reforms, resulting in the disillusionment with any Sanders/Warren presidency?

Just how effectively strong are the left-leaning Justice Democrats that they will be able to add substantially to the Squad?

We The Peons are told by TV (or our phones) to worry about Putin; as taxpayer armed company thugs terrorize, beat or arrest us, steal our property and run lethal ethane adjacent to schools, nursing homes & hospitals. It’s a sick joke, that our media is by, for & about 10% of the richest speciously obtuse, obsequiously complicit and resolutely deluded narcissists?


SHhhh… perhaps, nobody’s realized he’s running, this time?


The only way to find out is to join the Justice Democrats, and “put your shoulder to the wheel” alongside them.


Thank you! This is why I refuse to watch MSDNC. I said four years ago that the only candidate who frightened Rachel Maddow more than Donald Trump was Bernie Sanders, and I still feel that’s true.


“SURPRISES like Donald Trump” ???

After decades of the duopoly screwing the 99% the only surprise is that Trump didn’t move into the white house sooner.

The way the Dimcritters are handling the “impeachment” Trump will win the electoral college AND popular vote in 2020 and his POTUS successor will be worse than he is.

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It is interesting that we can discuss the “abandonment of the middle class,” to say nothing of the poor, and yet still imagine that it is only when one particular stooge is elected that the population is punished or has lost for its behavior.

One wants to say, “A plague on both your houses,” but the disease has already riddled through side to side.

Regardless of a “progressive” wing within the Democratic Party, it and the Republicans, remain the butt-cheeks on the same ass.

Debs recognised the essence of the Democratic Party fraud a very long time ago. He may not seen FDR’s New Deal but he would have understood it was not an attempt to do away with capitalism but to save it (it took WW2 not reforms to save it) For Debs, socialism represented nothing if not opposition to the Democratic and Republican parties alike. The DSA in no sense maintains the legacy of the party of Debs who was clearly convinced of the necessity of independent political organization of the working class for the goal of socialism, not the DSA hangers-on. That goal is irreconcilable with the Democratic Party.

I’m a supporter of and occasional contributor to a miniscule organisation called the World Socialist Party of the United States.

The only way towards a genuine new society is to join them and put your shoulder to the wheel. There is no need to repeat the mistakes of the past and believe you can change the Democratic Party.

As Einstein is supposed to have said (he actually didn’t but there still truth in the saying attributed to him) “Insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

MSDNC is basically Comcast pulling a RussiaRussiaRussia protection scam on fahklempt, craven former CreativeClass™ yuppies, so monsters like David Brock can distract them from the awful truths: Hillary lost because all demographics in the country despise smug, sneering, dead eyed liberals. ALEC’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D: EZ Credit) is a drooling poster child of the FIRE Sector’s gnawing out the rotting carcass of their empire. When Schumer said they could “afford to lose blue collar voters, in Western Pennsylvania,” we already had more dead from his pal’s opioids, more deaths o’ despair than Philly, Boston or NYC and now they’re going to frac 1.9 million more wells in Cancer Valley (gas to NYC, plastics for foreign oligarchs). Meanwhile, $10.5 million/ year Rachel Maddow points and wails like in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Chomsky and Representative Pressley both mentioned the obvious nature of the Resistance™ was distraction from what the speciously oblivious 9.9% had been doing to the most vulnerable Americans. DNC’s cynical choice of Biden & now Bloomberg make it obvious, they’re simply repeating 2016.

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Funny. I read read articles like this from Atcheson and others here all the time.

These articles don’t miss the issues but they do miss the point.

Perhaps it is easier to just make a living writing about the problems while offering nothing but empty rhetoric if anything at all about what can be done about it.

Atcheson is aware of one possible solution, www.onedemand.org .

But for some reason it is never mentioned in any of his articles.

It is possible that he has tried to write about it and found that his articles on One Demand were not accepted for publication as all the articles on One Demand I have submitted to Common Dreams and other news outlets have been ignored despite their claims to provide the information and ideas that other news outlets do not provide.

Atcheson and Common Dreams are covering the issues- but they are missing in action.


Good article…BUT… the proverbial but. It is all about power and money at this point… Republicans want to keep their sinecures and paybacks…which is why they block legislation. The Democrats want to keep theirs too which is why they vote to enrich the MIC and no longer speak for people… Only a few Democrats do not ride the gravy train. Those are the few who fight for democracy, justice and a habitable world. . they might be considered the FDR strain of humans. The only way out of this is not to vote for the Corporate bribe takers or the billionaires who don’t give a shit about the rest of the people or the continuation of life on earth.


We’d just been discussing Kirsten disappearing Franken, then following the slithering trail of gore down to Harris trashing Biden, then Tulsi shredding her? Anybody, here, old enough to remember Godfrey Cambridge in “The President’s Analyst?” If Nancy’s using Impeachment to distract from helping Trump pack the Judiciary, worsen the Patriot Act, kill off renewable energy, EVs, efficiency standards, further indenture folks with drug prices… why would it matter, which slavering Kleptocrat they nominate? Just what will be Massa’s next unremitting reality infomercial? To quote Beavis & Butthead, “they’re not TRYING very hard?” Yuppies crave another coup, like in '63?

Fellow progressives, does anyone that is a lot smarter than me have any ideas how to stop the DNC from throwing Bernie under the political bus in 2020? It looks to me like the corruption of Biden is unstoppable.

Exactly. John, the country is not anti-government, it’s anti-democracy.

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