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The Missing Three-Letter Word in the Iran Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/11/missing-three-letter-word-iran-crisis


Who here would give their blood to protect Foreign Oil?

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The government is in perpetual freakout that there won’t be enough fuel for it’s naval armada, it’s growing number of planes, it’s millions of land vehicles and other engines that run on petro products.
So, what would trump do if Iran, China, Russia,etc, would put sanctions on the U.S.?
It’s banking, tariffs, overseas labor force etc?


Hi PonyBoy:

I don’t think that anyone with a functioning brain would.: ) But—apparently that is not a qualification for being an America military leader. : (
This is all so ridiculous… first they try to steal Venezuelas oil, and that was a bust— so now t’s back to Iran —again! I’m standing with Iran on this. It’s their oil and America has been F**king with Iran since Eisenhower.
I am amazed that military people seem to think of destroying, destroying, destroying----but they don’t seem to realize that this planet is not that big and after 18 years on Afghanistan and the ME----is there any water on the planet that is unaffected by their war poisons—or any food not contaminated, or soil or air left pristine—anywhere?
I have decided that wars are all begun by suicidal people—who love nothing at all—except seeing buildings and nations collapse without realizing that the Winds of Change take war poisons form one area and move it into another. We are all eating and drinking the effects of every war that has ever happened on Earth. I hope we never get into space because offing the Universe would be somebody’s plan for sure! : (


It’s aggravating that Klare has to tarnish a solid analysis of US motives in the Middle East by giving credence to contentless claims of Iranian shipping attacks, and parroting baseless accusations of “Tehran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons”.


Can we also mention the word “petrodollar.” What was the U.S. trying to accomplish with its murder of Gaddafi? With its murderous sanctions and attempted coups imposed on Maduro’s Brazil? The flow of oil wasn’t threatened. The threat was that a competitor to the petrodollar might emerge – in the form of a pan-African currency supported by Libyan oil or in the form of non-dollar trading of Venezuelan oil. And whar do we think will happen to the House of Saud (or at leasr it’s MbS faction) if Saudia Arabia begins really large-scale sales to China in rials. The U.S. can’t afford any challenge to a petrodollar reserve currency or it will have to reduce its enormous deficits that are used to fund the military-industrial complex. Better to blow up a country’s oil industry in its entirety than let a rival to the petrodollar emerge.


The attempt to overthrow the Maduro government in Venezuela is also about oil and only about oil.


We are in a living nightware, Sister Stardust.

Perhaps we’ll all wake up soon and find Trump and Pence were in a three way love affair with Mitch McConnell, and they all realized they couldn’t share themselves with each other, and all three died in a suicide pact, taking poisoned kool-aid.

O’Bomba sez:
“… the world still depends on the region’s energy supply and a severe disruption could destabilize the entire global economy.”

Oh, no! You mean, like your Wall Street pals did during your brief stint in the Senate and subsequent presidential run?
Yeah, that would be horrible.

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Iran is the next target of World War 3 with its roots in the PNAC papers and begun full out with the American invasion and occupation of Iraq.


“We will ensure the free flow of energy from the region to the world.”

With his tolerant demeanor, command of the language, and absence of overt behavioral problems, Obama was the most skillful of our empty suits. “Free flow”? There is little that has come for free during the Petroleum Age, and the big bill is on the table now. One way or another, we all risk choking to death on it.


My most nightmarish theory about a 2nd term Trump-led eruption of World War III is for a genocidal extermination of the world’s poor and people of color. The more dependent every nation becomes on longest-distance shipping and trucking and personal travel to obtain food, clothing and household commodities, the more vulnerable they become to the simplest disruption of oil fuel/energy supply. WWIII will first lay siege upon all nations that leads to starvation, disease, mortal conflict to secure dwindling local resources, for the purpose of population control. Sanctions today have this same effect. Trump promotes himself as ‘great’ because he believes he will be the last US president and history rewritten touting him as benevolent. Trump is a traitor serving a racist fascist ruling class who consider the rest of humanity no more than consumers, wage-slaves and canon fodder.

The Iraq War was called Operation Iraqi Freedom, NOT Operation Iraqi Liberation.

Not quite: it’s about at least two other things:

  1. Venezuela has gold and other valuable minerals.
    That’s partly why Canada is acting as Bolton’s stooge on Venezuela.

  2. The threat of a bad example must be halted in its tracks.
    Especially in the Americas, no country should devote its
    natural resources to benefit its own people instead of
    enriching a few plutocrats and corporate moguls.


Notably, lapdog Britain seized an Iranian oil tanker off Gibraltar last week pretending it wasn’t because of Pompouseo etc. While Iran is denied any retaliatory action.

Britain, and the rest of Europe, are also pretending to uphold the nuclear deal with Iran.


Welcome aboard…

BINGO! The petrodollar is the invisible elephant in the room that is never mentioned! What do Iraq, libya, Venezuela and now Iran have in common? They all have been a threat to the petrodollar! When Saddam and Gaddafi wanted to use a basket of currency’s for oil purchases they signed their death warrants. And once Maduro threatened the petrodollar he was also put on the Fascists radar screen. It is not Iran’s nuclear bombs that scare the hell out of the fascists…what really terrifies them is Iran’s petrodollar damage.



Why else would Trump pull out of the Iranian agreement?

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And the retaliation will be on the white population. Guns and bombs kill indiscriminately. There are more ways in the modern world to use revenge as a war weapon.
We don’t want to share the experience of waking up to the sound of explosions and debris showering your roof.
Just ask soldiers of war and citizens of WW2 London.

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My fall back explanation for why wars occur is class warfare; the ruling class against the middle class and the poor. Racism, ethnic tensions and religious division too are the means to pit lower classes against each other. Politicians maintain allegiance to the ruling class more than to a majority of the population nor to even a minority of their own political party members. I’m not any sort of anarchist such as masked Antifa or Occupy. Rather than focus on human failings, my career cause of transportation system reform addresses how inanimate technology is abused and misused by everyone. The dire situation we face today is mostly due however to the fascist ruling class interests of big business and polluting industry.

A small but vital correction to the penultimate paragraph of Klare’s article: “Yes, Tehran’s ALLEGED pursuit of nuclear weapons and its support for radical Shiite movements throughout the Middle East will be cited as evidence of its leadership’s malevolence…” (By the way - how about Riyadh’s alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons and its support for radical Sunni movements throughout the Middle East - and elsewhere…? See, for example, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saudi_Arabia_and_weapons_of_mass_destruction)

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