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The Missing Three-Letter Word in the Iran Crisis

The space just above the earth is already full of human trash, a short fifty years after people started going there. The moon is likewise getting littered. Seems i read recently that one of the newbies to the moon is recycling the trash. :slight_smile:

I have read that Iran and Russia are working to diversify their economies so that oil doesnt dominate.
I also think that the pipelines being installed around Eurasia should take pressure off oil tankers, if those pipelines can be protected from, um, sudden leaks.

Hi PonyPony:
LOL , but then we also know of that famous quote: “The evil that men do lives after them.”
sigh—oh maybe they would get flesh eating bacteria from waters at Mar- A- Largo." Then all their tongues would fall off we would hear—silence—which is from another great quote ------ " silence is golden."

Hi Helen:
The coming horror is mining on the moon and I’m sure that some awful company will put up giant letters that could be read from the Earth all the while advertising that mining company! : 0
And there would be more than one giant advertising sign as they would have to take advantage of the phases of the moon to get all that advertising up there.
THEN: another dystopian thought comes: With so much of the moon carved up, the weight of the moon will be affected and the moon is suddenly forced by a passing asteroid to come pummeling onto Earth -----and the moon and the giant BUSINESS AD signs crash into the planet------Like the dinosaurs, we too have a nuclear winter—and like the dinosaurs, we earthlings all die in a frenzy without Peace or a planet! That’s what happened to humans and wildlife , when the romantic and beautiful moon is mined and sold off by the Titans of Hubris!

Hi johnaxe:
Since GW Bush majored in cheerleading and drinking in college, he probably spelled his war title incorrectly…I think he meant to write " Operarion OILY Freedom