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The Mission of E. Scott Pruitt


The Mission of E. Scott Pruitt

Lukas Ross

The mission of the EPA is to protect our air and water, but it’s clear that the mission of Scott Pruitt is to end the EPA as we know it.

"This in turn gave federal agencies like the EPA a free hand to skew the cost of carbon pollution and make their climate-killing deregulatory agenda seem like an implausibly good deal."


The mission of Trump is to dismantle the administrative state. In other words, to destroy our government and leave us at the mercy of corporate oligarchs who will fleece us, sack our treasury, steal our public resources, further war profiteering, lead us to a dystopian future like “1984”, continue to pollute the earth and drive remaining species to extinction in the name of Mammon. These fascists are a minority, but they have the money, the power and the guns.

"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. Mao Tse Tung


Right. Lukas Ross somehow missed Bannon’s CPAC speech in Feb. 2017, when he publicly said that the then-Cabinet nominees were selected “for their ability to deconstruct the administrative state.”
Hello? Will we ever stop being shocked? Please.


we all knew pruitt, and all the others nominated by trump, were only there to dismantle whatever agency they “represented” to run. trump just pulled in every swamp dweller he could find for his cabinet.


I think that’s called “sedition, insurrection, mutiny, treachery, disloyalty, betrayal, treason”, or similar.


They are in the minority but they can also win elections because of gerrymandering, voter ID laws, and other actions to tilt elections in their favor.


Apparently, references to “climate change” are disappearing from the EPA’s web site. Sorry, Scotty boy, a well-known ratite (flightless bird) has been using that ploy for a long time. That’s probably why the world is not overrun by ostriches.